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US soldier about alien technology: “A heavy stone slab hovered in the air”



A US soldier who allegedly saw one of the advanced alien technologies
in a secret military bunker says there was an attempt on his life.

Former US military DC Long claims
that the Men in Black made an attempt on his life to prevent him from
talking about US government ties to extraterrestrial forces.

to Long, when he served in the army, he once got into a secret hangar
and saw a strange “anti-gravity experiment” there. It looked like a
monolithic stone slab, 6 meters long, which effortlessly hovered in the
air on its own.

According to Long, in order to keep him silent
about what he saw, he was tried to be intimidated by both current and
former military personnel associated with this secret project. And he
says that once he was attacked while skydiving, because of which he
almost died.

David Grasch’s sensational claims, Long contacted ufologist Sean Ryan
and told him about what he saw while serving with the 18th Airborne
Headquarters at Fort Bragg, Northern California.

During his
service, Long traveled to North Carolina to help his father, who was a
military contractor and was hired by the authorities to build a building
where soldiers were trained in the use of weapons.

When he
arrived there, he was led by local soldiers to the development site,
passing through the secret hangar Range 19. And there, Long became an
accidental eyewitness to a strange anti-gravity experiment with heavy
stone slabs.

“I saw this giant monolithic slab just standing
there. At first it didn’t cause any alarm, I didn’t attach much
importance to it, but the closer we got to it, the better I could feel
its intense vibration.”

saw that this monolithic huge slab hung silently in the air with no
visible means of support. And he felt a powerful energy emanating from

“It was like being in a concert, standing next to one of the speakers penetrating your body… but without the noise.”

soldiers led Long through the hangar very quickly and soon he was at
the construction site, where he met his father. He was taken back about
half an hour later by the same route. And when they walked through the
hangar again, Long now saw three slabs there already, next to the first
there were two more of the same size.

Long saw how these
heavy-looking slabs were carried away without the use of special
construction equipment, as if they weighed almost nothing.

very next day, after Long observed the floating stove, his father’s
offices were looted and his company went out of business. Long and his
father were always close, but their relationship became very strained
after that.

When Long asked his father, “Do you think this has
anything to do with the Range 19 hangar?”, Long replied sharply, “Never
f*cking mention that name to me again.”

“And that was the last time I was face-to-face with my father,” Long says tearfully.

Long’s father soon died of a sudden onset of aggressive cancer. And then Long had his own chilling encounter with death.

a practice parachute jump, Long suddenly noticed that one of the people
he had seen in Range 19 was among the other skydivers in the same plane
with them.

And when Long was already preparing to jump, this man
came close to him: “He winked at me, and as soon as the signal to jump
was given, I felt his arm go down. I felt something hit me in the face,
and it was like a static shock. This person then jumped from the plane,
twisting my neck along the way.”

Long lay in a coma for a month,
and when he woke up, he was recognized as disabled and dismissed from
the army. For a long time he remained silent about his experience, but
then changed his mind: “I can deal with the loss of my [military]
career, I’m fine with that, I didn’t think I’d be doing this forever.
But I won’t have people in this country just giving away their freedom
and thinking the government is doing them a favor.”

Many other
former US military officers have said they have been threatened or
offered bribes to keep quiet. Steven Greer himself claims that General
Albert Stubblebine personally offered him two billion dollars for
cooperation with the US government.

July 26, 2023, the first public UFO hearing will be held in the US
Congress, where many whistleblowers are expected to speak, including
David Grasch.

“We had a hell of a lot of objections to this
hearing. There are a lot of people who don’t want this to be known,”
says Tim Burchett, a Republican congressman from Tennessee who is one of
the leaders of the UFO investigation.

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‘October Surprise’: Russia To Launch Nukes in Space




The ‘national security threat’ announced on Wednesday is
about Russia planning to launch nuclear weapons in space, causing some
to speculate whether it’s really an election year ploy.

The panic began when House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner
(R-Ohio) asked President Biden to declassify information about a
“serious national security threat”. reports: The weapon would reportedly be designed to be used to take out satellites.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) responded by telling reporters he wanted “to assure the American people, there is no need for public alarm.”

The big, scary threat is serious business and involves a space-based nuke controlled by evil dictator Putin, but it’s also “not an immediate crisis,” according to what three members of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee have told Politico.

Okay, then. Just for election season, is it?

Zero Hedge reports: “So, the question is – was this:

a) a distraction from Biden’s broken brain, or

2) a last desperate attempt to get more funding for anything-but-the-US-border, or

iii) a path to pitching Putin as the uber-bad-guy again after his interview with Tucker Carlson.”

Just by coincidence, Mike Turner recently returned from Ukraine having lobbied for billions more in weapons and aid for Zelensky’s government.

Some questioned the timing, suggesting it might all be a deep state plot to keep American voters afraid when they hit the ballot box.

Speculation will now rage as to whether this is “the event,” real or imagined, that billionaires and elitists the world over have been building underground survival bunkers in preparation for.

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Earth has built-in protection from asteroids




Asteroids are not just wandering space rocks, but a potential threat
to Earth. But what if the Earth already has its own built-in defenses
against them? Recent research published on the preprint server arXiv puts forward an unusual theory: Earth’s gravitational forces may serve as its secret shield against asteroids.

planet uses powerful gravitational interactions with other celestial
bodies to break apart asteroids that approach it. These tidal forces,
akin to those that explain Earth’s tides caused by the Moon, can be so
intense that objects undergo tidal disruption, causing them to be torn

Observations of fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 after
its collision with Jupiter in 1994 provided the first confirmation of
this phenomenon. However, for decades astronomers have been looking for
evidence that Earth or other terrestrial planets could have a similar
effect on asteroids and comets.

Planetary scientist Mikael Granvik
from the Swedish University of Technology, Luleå, led the research that
came closer to solving the above phenomenon.

discovery is linked to the search for gravitationally disrupted
near-Earth asteroids (NEAS), and provides compelling evidence that our
planet’s gravitational forces are not just an abstract concept, but a
factor capable of breaking asteroids into small pieces.

Based on
modeling of asteroid trajectories, Grunwick and colleague Kevin Walsh of
the Southwest Research Institute found that collisions with rocky
planets can cause asteroids to lose a significant portion of their mass,
turning them into debris streams.

New data shows that small
asteroid fragments, while not posing a threat to life on the planet, may
nevertheless increase the likelihood of local collisions like those
that occurred in Tunguska and Chelyabinsk.

Granwick assures that
asteroids smaller than 1 km in diameter are not a critical threat, but
increase the likelihood of incidents. However, it is worth remembering
the additional risks that may arise due to the formation of new debris

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