Stanley Hotel Ghost Pictures: Photos of Ghosts Captured at the Hotel from ‘The Shining’

You may not have heard of the Stanley Hotel but you will definitely recognize it if you have seen ‘The Shining’. The Stanley Hotel is where most of this classic horror movie was filmed but it has a reputation in it’s own right as a haunted place.

Ghost tours are regularly held there and people come from all over the country and the world to try and capture pictures of ghosts. We’ve collected some of the best ones for your viewing pleasure.

The Ghost Girl on the Stairs

A family captured the ghost of a young girl in their picture at the Stanley Hotel

A family were on the ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel when they captured this photograph on the stairs. A ghostly young girl in white appeared in the picture. The family states that there were no young girls present on the tour.

2. The Woman on the Stairs

A ghostly woman stands guard over the stairs at the Stanley Hotel

CNN reported that tourist Henry Yau snapped this photograph of the famous stairs only to have his picture be photobombed by a ghostly lady in a flapper dress.

3. The Woman in the Mirror

A mysterious woman appears in a photo of a mirror taken at the Stanley Hotel.

One woman and her husband were on the tour when she felt a shove from behind. She decided to take a picture behind her and captured a photo of what looks like Flora, the wife of the previous owner, standing right behind her. The couple also noticed a distinct smell of Roses appeared at the same time.

4. The Ghost in the Window

A ghostly women appears in the window of an abandoned section of the hotel.

One visitor snapped this picture of a woman standing in the window of a section of the hotel that has been closed off for some time.

5. Johnnie Guilbert’s Ghost Friend

Johnnie Guilbert’s ghost friend

Youtuber and musician Johnnie Guilbert was visiting the Stanley hotel when a spooky image appeared behind him in a photo.

6. Mysterious Black Blob on the Stairs

During the show Staying OVERNIGHT in Haunted Stanley Hotel viewers noticed a black blob that suddenly appeared during one of the shots. A Twitter user slowed down the footage to get a good look at it. It really does seem to appear out of nowhere during the shot.

7. Ghost Woman in the Hallway

A ghostly woman appears behind a girl in this photo taken at the Stanley Hotel.

Another twitter user captured this photo of their friend in the hallway at the Stanley Hotel only to find he had also captured a ghostly woman in behind her.

9. Another Ghost in a Window

A ghostly man appears in a window at the Stanley Hotel

The same twitter user that captured the last hallway ghost also captured this ghostly man in a window at the Stanley Hotel.

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