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Former CIA Pilot John Lear: There are Millions of Aliens Living on the Moon



In an interview, former CIA pilot John Lear stunned the world by disclosing appearances, names, and details about the location of millions humanoid aliens residing on the moon.

Lear has abundant evidence that these beings visited our planet and continue to do so today, and he also said that there are underground cities beneath the surface of the Moon where gray aliens reside. According to the former CIA pilot, there are laboratories in these underground towns where genetic experimentation are carried out.

But back to the beginning.

Former CIA officer John Lear and four of his associates organized a recruitment of people with advanced extrasensory perception. There was a strict selection of five stages. Each of them required to name the items that was hidden in the box. Out of 2,800 people, only two managed to do it.

There is no need to rely on luck here, since the objects were very specific – a pyramid of malachite, a dog figurine, a feather of a bird of paradise, a handful of pumpkin seeds and a tuft of coyote wool.

Agree, it is impossible to guess such a set.

Recall that in a highly classified project conducted first in a California research lab in the 1970s, and later at an Army base in Maryland, the CIA, Army and Defense Intelligence Agency recruited men and women claiming to have powers of extrasensory perception (ESP) to help uncover military and domestic intelligence secrets.

Those tested by Lear were Colorado resident Mark Stevenson and Washington suburban resident Amelia Leeds. But John Lear did not complete his research on this. The next stage consisted of several questions about the mother of the former CIA officer.

The questions were as follows: “Date of her death”, “Cause of death”, “Her profession”, “Her favorite musical group”. Surprisingly, both participants plunged into a half-asleep state, and returning from it, they gave the correct answers. Both psychics coped with the task.

This selection was intended for a further interesting experiment, which was conducted in 2012.

The task was very simple: to find out from people who have the ability to plunge into a state where the answers to the questions posed are revealed, whether there is a civilization on the Moon.

Neither Mark Stevenson nor Amelia Leeds knew about this beforehand. The survey was carried out simultaneously in two different rooms in order to exclude forgery.

Here is what the psychic man said: “The moon was inhabited more than 100 thousand years ago. Then in the depths of the earth’s satellite there was an ocean, and large cities were located around it.

“Small creatures lived there. Among them were gray dwarfs, pale thin humanoids, winged miniature creatures – five civilizations in all. These creatures cohabit today deep below the surface of the moon.

“There is much less water there, but for now it is enough. Dwarfs from the earth’s satellite have visited our planet more than once. Their settlements are located in South America, Central Asia, Siberia and Africa.”

Gray dwarfs are lunar inhabitants.

Amelia Leeds was no less aware of the mysterious civilizations of the moon: “About 110 thousand years BC, a catastrophe occurred on the moon that destroyed the atmosphere and actually made the surface of the earth’s satellite uninhabitable.

“The original inhabitants of the Moon were ready for this and descended into deep hiding places. At the same time, water seeped deep into and filled the cavity in the center of the cosmic body. There, the cities of fairies, gnomes and dwarfs were formed.

“Many of them still live and develop there. Unfortunately, these small creatures have almost no conditions for a high technical leap – the extremely meager variety of substances on the Moon does not allow building a large number of spacecraft.

“However, they managed to create a few and fly to Earth. Now some of them settled in the earth’s cavities on our planet, and some live on the moon.

“Sometimes you can see how small disk-shaped objects take water with plankton from the ocean to breed similar life in the depths of the moon. In addition to water, the lunar inhabitants are mining metals on Earth.”

Mysterious spire on the Moon

Two people, not knowing in advance what will be discussed, practically, one to one, described the existence of civilizations on the moon. John Lear wrote a whole book about it and claims that the whole experiment from beginning to end was real.

As for the fate of psychics, Mark Stevenson died of illness in 2009. But Amelia Leeds opened her school in South Korea, where she trains Asian geeks to connect to information flows, which, in her opinion, psychics use.

John Lear began his creative biography in the 1980s and 1990s when he began to speak publicly and disclose confidential information. And here is one of his statements:

“In 1953, an alien ship crashed and there was an alien on it, which we called EBE 3, and who then helped the US government build a spaceship using alien technology.

“In 1962, we had vehicles that could not travel faster than the speed of light, like the alien vehicles, but were fast enough to reach the Moon in 60 minutes and reach Mars in a few hours. The first flight to Mars took place in 1966,” says Lear.

In the 70s, before NASA allegedly began to destroy the photos taken by Apollo 8, 10, and 11 and published in the 1971 NASA book “SB2-46”, it was possible to see the city, the space base, pipes, roads, vegetation, lights, mining facilities, and a nuclear reactor.

This required extraterrestrial cooperation, as many structures on the moon, were already there before the operations began. This has been done for the last 40 years.

According to, John Lear’s father was also not an ordinary American but was involved in anti-gravity technology programs in the mid-1950s, which are now completely secret technology.

According to Lear, everything we know about the Moon is a lie invented by the government for the specific purpose of hiding its extraterrestrial activities and programs. It also suggests that the fact that there are many habitable planets in the universe, such as Earth, has been hidden.

“I can’t prove it, or I’d be dead by now. I can’t show you a photo of the Enterprise right now, even though it exists. But these are exactly the technologies that emerged after the US government invested billions or trillions of dollars in all of Tesla’s research,” says Lear.

Most striking of all, however, is the statement made by Lear that Earth is actually a planetary prison and acts as a correctional facility where prisoners must reach a higher level of consciousness.

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“Alien bases” may be hiding off the coast of Alaska, researchers say




An organization of civilian volunteers dedicated to the study of
unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has issued a statement based on
decades of studying eyewitness reports. According to Mutual UFO Network,
“alien bases” may be hiding off the coast of Alaska, reports

say the deep waters in this region may hold something surprising. After
analyzing reports from the ship’s crew from 1945, they hypothesized
that alien objects could be lurking underwater, off the coast of the

Alleged sightings of alien spacecraft nearly 80 years ago
have become a key point in research. Members of the organization believe
that UFOs move over water and may have “bases.”

allege crew members on a U.S. Army transporter ship sailing past Island
Adak saw a massive UFO sized 150 to 200 feet emerge from the water.
Although these reports are nowhere to be found, UFO enthusiasts believe
the unidentified flying vehicles likely were used to commute to
different supposed alien bases hiding in the deep waters.

the “secret reports” of the sailors aren’t available, investigators
have taken it upon themselves to unravel the mystery surrounding the
unidentified flying objects and they believe the ocean has alien bases
that humans aren’t aware of.

Enthusiasts claim that UFOs may be
using “underwater networks” or wormholes as superhighways to travel
between points in the universe. UFO researcher Johnny Enoch added that
such objects could serve as a vehicle for aliens.

There are also
theories that other places on Earth could serve as bases for alien life.
A mountain in Seoul, South Korea is believed to be hiding a UFO,
according to Dr. Steven Greer.

An episode of the series “The
Alaska Triangle” features satellite imagery that claims to show one of
the “alien bases” in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California.

another researcher featured in the program showed markings from the sea
bed that she claimed could have been roadways for aliens.

the mysteries of the ocean remain unsolved, researchers continue their
search, trying to unravel the mystery of what may be hiding in the
depths of the waters off the coast of Alaska.

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Enormous City-Size Comet Racing Towards Earth Grows ‘Devil Horns’ After Massive Eruption




A volcanic comet the size of a mid-sized US city has
violently exploded for the second time in four months as it continues
racing toward the earth. And following the massive eruption, the cloud
of ice and gas sprouted what looked like a pair of gigantic devil horns.

The city-sized comet, named 12P/Pons-Brooks, is a cryovolcanic — or
cold volcano — comet. It has a solid nucleus, with an estimated diameter
of 18.6 miles, and is filled with a mix of ice, dust and gas known as
cryomagma. The nucleus is surrounded by a fuzzy cloud of gas called a
coma, which leaks out of the comet’s interior.

When solar radiation heats the comet’s insides, the pressure builds up
and the comet violently explodes, ejaculating its ice-cold innards into
space through seeping cracks in the nucleus’s shell.

Live Science report:
On Oct. 5, astronomers detected a large outburst from 12P, after the
comet became dozens of times brighter due to the extra light reflecting
from its expanded coma, according to the British Astronomical Association (BAA), which has been closely monitoring the comet 

Over the next few days, the comet’s coma expanded further and developed its “peculiar horns,”
reported. Some experts joked that the irregular shape of the coma also
makes the comet look like a science fiction spaceship, such as the
Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

The unusual shape of the comet’s coma is likely due to an irregularity in the shape of 12P’s nucleus, Richard Miles, a BAA astronomer, told Live Science after the comet’s previous eruption.
The outflowing gas is likely being partially obstructed by a notch
sticking out on the nucleus, Miles said. As the gas continues to expand
away from the comet, the irregularity in the coma’s shape becomes more
defined and noticeable, he added.

12P is currently hurtling toward the inner solar system, where it
will be slingshotted around the sun on its highly elliptical 71-year
orbit around our home star — similar to the green comet Nishimura, which
pulled off a near-identical maneuver on Sept. 17

12P will reach its closest point to Earth on April 21, 2024, when it
may become visible to the naked eye before being catapulted back toward
the outer solar system. It will not return until 2095.

This is the second time 12P has sprouted its horns this year. On July
20, astronomers witnessed the comet blow its top for the first time in
69 years (mainly due to its outbursts being less frequent and harder to
spot during the rest of its orbit). On that occasion, 12P’s coma grew to
around 143,000 miles (230,000 km), which is around 7,000 times wider
than the comet’s nucleus.

It is unclear how large the coma grew during the most recent
eruption, but there are signs the outburst was “twice as intense” as the
previous one, the BAA noted. By now, the coma has likely shrunk back to
near its normal size.

As 12P continues to race toward the sun, there is a high probability
that we will witness several more major eruptions. It is possible that
those eruptions will be even bigger than the most recent one as the
comet soaks up more solar radiation, according to

But 12P is not the only volcanic comet that astronomers are currently
monitoring: 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann (29P) — the most volatile volcanic
comet in the solar system — has also had several noticeable eruptions
in the last year.

In December 2022, 29P experienced its largest eruption in around 12 years, which sprayed around 1 million tons of cryomagma into space. And in April this year, for the first time ever, scientists accurately predicted one of 29P’s eruptions before it actually happened, thanks to a slight increase in the comet’s brightness in the lead-up to the icy explosion.

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