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Voice of the patient in the head of the nurse: “Dying is not scary”



A TikTok user named Julie, who works as a hospice nurse, posted a video in which she talked about a mysterious incident that changed her attitude towards death.

One day, while on duty, she heard the voice of a dying patient in her head.

Hospice patient was afraid of death

Hospice care is a type of health care that focuses on the palliation of a terminally ill patient’s pain and symptoms and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life. Hospice care prioritizes comfort and quality of life by reducing pain and suffering.

In other words, hopeless patients who know that they are going to die soon end up in the hospice. Among Julie’s wards was a middle-aged man who was very afraid of dying.

For some reason, many people believe that death is associated with unbearable pain, or at least with very strong negative feelings. Although, in fact, the sensations before death are individual for everyone, many do not even “notice” the transition to the other side and easily die in their sleep.

“Our team had a lot of conversations with him about death, over time we became very close friends,” says Julie.

“Seemed So Alive”

When the process of dying began, the nurse suddenly found herself “hearing” the voice of this patient in her head. First, the man warned her that he was dying, and then he began to “broadcast” his feelings to her.

“I felt that he was well – it was satisfaction, joy and freedom,” recalls Julie. Then the dying man said that he would not be so afraid if he knew how easy death is.

“I started crying, he seemed so alive, even though he was dying at that moment,” the hospice employee admits.

After some time, the “voice” in her head ceased to sound, and soon Julie received a message about the death of this patient.

“This story changed my attitude towards death and helped me overcome the fears associated with passing away,” says the nurse.

Death Communication

The case with Julie is quite unique. There are many stories about what happens to people before they die. For example, they see their deceased relatives and friends or strangers who are guides to the next world.

Sometimes people make themselves known to relatives or friends at the time of death: for example, they see their image or hear their voice. But usually it is one or more phrases. And in Julia’s case, the dying man delivered an entire telepathic speech.

Some might say that the patient had some kind of psychic ability, or that Julie herself has such abilities. But it is not always the case.

One way or another, this episode shows that communication between people can also take place in a non-verbal form, and even if a person’s consciousness fades away.

It is possible that over time these processes will be studied by scientists, and we will understand how they function.

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Scientists Now Fear Bird Flu Is To Blame For Mysterious Dolphin & Whale Deaths




Scientists now fear that bird flu is responsible for the string of mysterious dolphin and whale deaths that is sweeping across America’s east coast and elsewhere.

According to data from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, 22 dolphins and five humpback whales have washed ashore in New Jersey since January, but there are dozens more stretching down to North Carolina.

Scientists are now testing carcasses for the bird flu virus,that is now jumping to mammals adding to fears humans could be next.

Of course, the whale and dolphin deaths couldn’t possibly be caused by polution, military sonar, barotrauma, underwater earthquakes or some other reason?

A spokesperson told the Daily Mail that the dead marine animals are currently being tested at a lab for the cause of death.

The newspaper reports: One dolphin in Florida was killed by bird flu last year.

Fears about a potential bird flu pandemic in humans has intensified in recent weeks after the first tor through global populations. 

The virus has already killed more than 330 seals in New England in 2022,and several other mammals including foxes, raccoons and bear.

The concern is that as the virus spreads to more animals, it will acquire mutations that allow it to infect humans.

Highly pathogenic H5N1 has spread around the globe over the past 18 months, causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of domestic birds and countless wild ones.

While experts in the US are still analyzing the recent deaths, a bottlenose dolphin found dead in Florida last year tested positive for the virus.

More recently, the UK confirmed bird flu had killed two dolphins and these incidents are causing concern about the mammal deaths along the US east cost.

While it is not clear how the dolphins were infected, the University of Florida suspects the marine mammals likely interacted with a wild bird killed by the virus. 

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center rushed to Sea Isle City in New Jersey Wednesday after a call came in about eight dolphins stranded on the beach.

Rescue crews who spent hours trying to hydrate the stranded dolphins called the lifesaving efforts ‘agonizing’ as they watched the animal’s health decline.

Despite lifesaving efforts two were pronounced dead at the scene. The remaining six dolphins were euthanized several hours later.

While the Marine Mammal Stranding Center reported five humpback whale deaths, a total of 16 have perished from North Carolina to New York from December 1 2022 to March 1, 2023, the highest number ever recorded during that particular three-month period. 

Officials are testing the whales found in the northern east coast, along with several on the west coast, for bird flu.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center Director Sheila Dean told NBC News: ‘This could be a big thing for all marine mammals. If this is what’s happening.’

(Article by Niamh Harris republished from

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Huggies Says Pedophile Code Symbols on Disney Diapers Are Meant To Be ‘Fun and Playful’




Internet users have discovered that diapers made by Huggies in partnership with The Walt Disney Co. are covered in imagery identified by the FBI as secret pedophile code symbols.

In a viral tweet with millions of views, Vincent Kennedy (@vincentcrypt46) circled two clearly distinguishable pedophile code symbols which mean “Boy Lover” and “Little Boy Lover” respectively, according to the FBI.

Once you truly awake you ain’t going back to sleep.

— Vincent Kennedy (@VincentCrypt46) March 20, 2023

What are the odds of having two separate pedophile code symbols being used on the same child’s product? The use of these symbols seems an odd choice for the company given what WikiLeaks emails reveal the FBI has to say regarding their true meaning.

After the tweet went viral, Huggies responded to the allegations, stating that the company takes the welfare of children very seriously and the suspicious symbols are meant to be “fun and playful designs.”

Kimberly-Clark and Huggies® take the safety and well-being of children seriously. Our products and its’ designs are in no way meant to represent anything other than fun and playful designs.

— Huggies® (@Huggies) March 20, 2023

Twitter users were not convinced by Huggies’ claims and warned the company to pay attention to the plight of Balenciaga after the fashion giant was exposed promoting child abuse material in advertising campaigns.

Seems like “fun” and “playful” in the world of Huggies is an exact match to the list of pedo codewords and symbols released by the FBI.

What a coinkydink.

— TheATrain (@TheATrain1776) March 20, 2023

What are the odds of having not 1 but multiple pedo symbols on this child product?? I am thinking slim to none, kinda like the chances of anyone buying this product ever again.

— c0ri (@c0ri) March 21, 2023

@Huggies just remove the designs from production and apologize. Simple as that.

[email protected] (@abovewallstreet) March 21, 2023

 The Walt Disney Co. has not responded to calls for an explanation regarding the use of pedophile imagery on its licensed product.

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