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Higher Spheres and UFOs: Who Invisible Lives Above Our Heads



We talk and hear a lot about the mysteries of the deep sea, about the monsters that lurk there, but we forget that we ourselves live at the bottom of a huge and little-explored ocean. It’s called the “atmosphere”.

It seems that this world is simple and clear – because it is always above our heads. And the only danger that threatens us is sudden precipitation.

But we are wrong. The air above us is as mysterious as any other – the Atlantic, the Pacific, or the Indian.

The Terror of Altitude

“Our world is very poorly protected from the strange and sudden dangers that threaten it. There are also jungles in the upper atmosphere, and they are inhabited by creatures worse than tigers.”

This hypothesis is expressed in a fantasy story by the famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle under the characteristic title “The Horror of Heights”, first published in 1913.

The hero of the story, pilot Joyce-Armstrong, was attacked and torn to pieces by monsters living in the upper atmosphere.

Conan Doyle imagined these monsters to be composed of gelatinous matter. They had two eyes and a beak and were held in the air by dorsal bubbles filled with light gas.

The writer also provides data on the size of the celestial monsters: each was several hundred square feet in size. Seemingly ordinary fiction, but some strange catastrophes make you wonder if Conan Doyle’s fantasies have some scientific foresight.

In 1939, a military transport plane took off from San Diego Airfield on a regular flight to Hawaii.

Three hours after takeoff, the radio operators picked up distress signals from it. Then the transmitter went silent. But soon the control tower in San Diego saw the ill-fated plane returning to the airfield.

It barely made it to the runway and landed on the bottom without releasing its landing gear. When rescuers arrived at the scene of the emergency landing, they saw a horrific sight. Although the cabin itself was unharmed, the entire interior was covered in blood. The pilot and flight engineer lay dead.

The lacerations on their bodies looked as if the pilots had been attacked by sharks. The co-pilot, who had brought the plane to the airfield, was bleeding to death. He died without uttering a word.

A closer look revealed that the floor of the cockpit was littered with shell casings. There was not a single round left in the pistols of the dead. There was a heavy smell of hydrogen sulfide in the plane.

A quarter of a century later, two pilots took off in a small private plane from Nome, Alaska. A few hours later, the voice of one of them came over the airwaves: “Help! Help! We’re surrounded by blinding light! Both engines have failed! That creature…” Then the connection was suddenly cut off. No explanation could be found for what had happened. The plane disappeared without a trace.

On September 8, 1970, an F-94 military plane disappeared in the night sky over Binbrook, England. Shortly before it disappeared, the radar operator received a very strange message from the pilot, Captain Scheffner:

“I have a visual contact… It’s something vague, without a clear outline. It’s a bluish light. Damn, what brightness! It’s very bright… I’m right next to it. That cone… Hey, wait, there’s something else here!

“It looks like a big glass soccer ball… Maybe there’s a magnetic connection between it and the cone. There’s a glowing haze. Yellow. A second… It’s turning. Heading straight for me… …makes a deflection maneuver… I can firmly…”

The connection was cut off. Only two months later Scheffner’s plane was found at the bottom of the North Sea. It looked undamaged, as if someone had carefully lowered it under water.

Heavenly creatures

The history of aviation accidents knows many cases of how aircraft collapsed and fell for no apparent reason. Some of these accidents were explained as the result of inept (and sometimes simply criminal) actions of the crew, but over the years and years information has accumulated about completely mysterious disasters.

A lot of such events occurred during the Second World War. For the first time in the history of mankind, tens of thousands of aircraft of various designs and purposes took off into the air. Unexplained cases have also become more frequent. It got to the point that in the folklore of pilots there appeared small evil men – gremlins, destroying aircraft engines.

However, no one managed to see the gremlins in reality. But here the Italian researcher Luciano Boccone claims that he managed to photograph creatures invisible under normal lighting that simply overwhelm the space around us. Boccone dubbed them “critters”, which means “creatures”.

Above Figure shows a 4 frame progression of an invisible “Spinning Jenny” possible bio-form, part of a much larger group filmed moving from right to left. It was moving above the trees at Hayes’ research area on the afternoon of October 2nd 2011. The footage is taken from infrared movie-mode footage recorded at 30 frames per second on an infrared converted Canon G10 camera, with an internal 720 nm infrared pass filter.

Specialists in anomalous phenomena disagree on the nature of “critters”. Some believe that these are special “ethereal life forms”, others tend to see monsters as the embodiment of people’s nightmares, and someone defends the idea of ​​parallel worlds, whose inhabitants become visible to us under certain conditions.

Whatever it was, but “quitters” are directly related to the issue we are discussing. Some researchers suggest, that these are obviously living creatures moving in space without the help of mechanical devices.

They are not perceived by our senses and, apparently, are very dangerous if the combination of some circumstances unknown to us leads to a direct collision of man and monster.

Angel Hair

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) do not look like living beings. Our imagination tells us that these are, most likely, some kind of aircraft – the creation of the hands of intelligent beings. However, imagination is not the best tool for analyzing facts. The latter, in turn, say that UFOs often behave like living beings, and not like objects of artificial origin.

For example, UFOs can leave behind a strange kind of discharge called “angel hair”. This is a kind of gelatinous cobweb-like substance that falls to the ground after the passage of the “plate”.

According to the data given in the book of the famous ufologist and popularizer of science Siegel “Observations of UFOs in the Soviet Union”, “angel hair” sometimes covers the earth with a fairly dense layer, but disappears without a trace after a few hours. When touched with hands, they turn into lumps of radioactive mucus with a distinct smell of hydrogen sulfide.

Academician Petryanov-Sokolov, director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, once gave the following conclusion on samples of “angel hair”: “The sample is of interest as a very fine-fibrous substance and has no analogues in terrestrial nature.”

Another case of laboratory analysis of this phenomenon is known. On October 27, 1954, during a training session of the Fiorentina football club at the stadium in Florence, several oval luminous bodies appeared above the city, making zigzag maneuvers.

When they disappeared, a strange snow began to fall on the ground, resembling disheveled shiny cotton wool. People tried to catch the threads with their hands, but they instantly melted.

One of the fans present at the stadium guessed to wind the threads on a stick, after which he placed them in a jar and took them to the chemical laboratory of his university. It turned out that “angel hair” consists of a strange combination of boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium

Amazing metamorphosis

In addition to the ability to leave secretions, UFOs have a number of other features that indicate their biological nature. One of the most unusual properties of UFOs has been their strange transformations. They are expressed in changes in shape and size or in splitting into parts and then flying each part separately (reproduction by fission?), and sometimes, on the contrary, in combining several objects into one.

There are many cases when UFOs were split into two or more parts before the eyes of witnesses, which then flew in different directions. In September 1980, 200 miles southwest of Gibraltar, the crew of the research ship “Victor Bugaev” observed hanging over the stern of a white cigar-shaped object with a black stripe, which emanated two yellow rays.

Before the eyes of the witnesses the object split into two parts, one flew to the north-east and the other to the north-west. The entire sighting lasted 4 minutes and was recorded in the logbook.

In November 1968, in the French Alps, Dr. X. saw two completely identical disks, about 65 meters in diameter and 16 meters high, approaching the house at a low altitude. Their tops were silvery white and their bottoms were red.

The discs rotated around their vertical axes and flashed every second. Then they began to shorten the distance between them, until finally they merged into one disk. It flew toward the house and stood on the edge, pointing a beam of light at Dr. X. Immediately there was an explosion and the UFO disappeared.

In February 1974, in Valeni Munte, Romania, ten children from an orphanage watched as two still-hanging glowing orange spheres slowly approached each other and merged into one ellipsoidal object about 7 meters in diameter, which increased in speed and disappeared.

And here are the observations of the specialists. In July 1977, astronomer Tikhonov in Baku noticed through a telescope moving at a high altitude yellow-green object, which, after making two stops, split into two halves. A few seconds later, one of these halves also split into two, with each separation accompanied by an explosion.

Soon one of the smaller units joined the whole half, and then moved away to its previous location. Then all three parts moved closer together without joining, and after a while separated again and disappeared from view.

Ufologists cannot find a suitable explanation for such transformations. This is understandable, because they believe that UFOs are artificial objects, and there are no analogues in earthly technology to the effects that demonstrate to us flying saucers.

However, it is worth imagining that UFOs are of a living nature, and many things become clear. All these metamorphoses we can observe through a microscope placed over a Petri dish, where a colony of the most ordinary bacteria lives and develops.

Thus, we can assume that people who observed unidentified flying objects witnessed manifestations of life activity of some, so far unknown to science, animals living in the upper layers of the atmosphere. And, at least, this hypothesis is no worse than the one according to which UFOs are alien spaceships.

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Alien space debris stuck in Earth’s orbit, researchers say




Recently, a group of experts from Harvard University, led by physics
professor Avi Loeb, announced the possible presence of alien space
debris in Earth’s orbit, reports the Daily Star.

space research expert Professor Loeb is confident that the discovery of
such “interstellar objects could help expand our knowledge of possible
alien civilizations and technologies. A team of scientists is conducting
research to confirm that some of the objects in our orbit may be
connected to other star systems.

During an interview with Live
Science, Professor Loeb explained that these objects could enter the
solar system from interstellar space, defying Jupiter’s gravitational
pull and occupying limited orbits around the sun.

Some of them may
have technological origins similar to the probes sent by mankind into
interstellar space, such as Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, Pioneer 10 and 11
and New Horizons.

despite these interesting assumptions, Professor Loeb did not specify
what specific objects he was talking about. In his research report, he
notes that there could be “a significant number” of potentially
detectable objects in Earth’s orbit.

To confirm their assumptions,
the team of scientists uses computer simulations and the Vera Rubin
Observatory (Chile) with a high-resolution camera of 3.2 billion pixels.
This will allow for regular observations of the Southern sky and the
possibility of detecting several captured objects about the size of a
football field.

It is assumed that these interstellar objects passed through the
boundaries of the solar system and may carry unique information about
other civilizations and their technologies. If we could confirm the
origin of these objects, the mysteries that open before us, this would
be a real breakthrough in space exploration.

Professor Loeb
expresses hope that the new research will not only help expand our
knowledge of extraterrestrial technologies, but may also lead to the
discovery of new alien civilizations . Answers to such questions can be
of global significance and influence our understanding of the place of
mankind in the Universe.

while there are still many questions and assumptions, the study by
Professor Loeb and his team opens a new chapter in space exploration.
Each new discovery can be the key to deciphering the mysteries of the
cosmos and the possibility of encountering alien life forms.

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Betelgeuse is acting strange again




Betelgeuse, a red giant on the brink of death, continues to show
unusual behavior. After the Great Blackout, which occurred in late 2019
and early 2020, the star became unusually bright. It is now the seventh
brightest star in the sky, while it normally ranks tenth. This has led
to speculation that Betelgeuse is preparing to explode in a
spectacularly large supernova.

However, scientists believe it’s too early to tell, and it’s likely
that this behavior is due to ongoing fluctuations after the Great
Blackout of 2019, and the star will return to normal within a decade.

Betelgeuse is one of the most interesting stars in the sky. It is
about 700 light-years from Earth and is a red giant in the last stage of
its life. It is also an unusual star for a red giant because it was
previously a monster blue-white O-type star, the most massive class of

Betelgeuse has changed its spectral type because it has almost
exhausted its hydrogen reserves. It now burns helium into carbon and
oxygen and has expanded to a gigantic size: about 764 times the size of
the Sun and about 16.5 to 19 times its mass.

Eventually it will run out of fuel to burn, become a supernova, eject
its outer material, and its core will collapse into a neutron star.

Before the Great Blackout, Betelgeuse also had periodic fluctuations
in brightness. The longest of these cycles is about 5.9 years and the
other is 400 days. But it seems that the Great Blackout caused changes
in these oscillations.

A new paper by astrophysicist Morgan McLeod of the
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics has shown that the 400-day
cycle appears to have been halved. This pulsational cycle is probably
caused by expansion and contraction within the star. According to
simulations carried out by MacLeod and his colleagues, the convective
flow inside Betelgeuse may have risen and become material that separates
from the star.

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