Palmyra Wolves

A pack of wolves similar to the Palmyra Wolf Pack. Photo: IC You Photograhy

The Martin family in Palmyra, Maine had a terrifying experience being trapped in their home by five giant wolves that walked on two legs. What were these strange creatures?

The Martin’s Encounter with the Palmyra Wolves

A pack of wolves. Much smaller than the Palmyra Wolves. Photo: Unsplash.

Eric and Shelley Martin and their family lived in a quiet farm in Palmyra in rural Maine. The farm is surrounded by dense woods which the family loved to venture into for hunting. The family had an extensive collection of hunting weapons stored in their barn, locked away in a strongbox.

Eric headed out into the woods to investigate with his son Sean. As they got closer to the lights they suddenly went out. The men suddenly felt a feeling of extreme fear and decided to return home.

The following day The Martin’s daughter Chelsea and her boyfriend came to visit and went for a walk in the woods with the dogs. While they were walking the dogs caught on to a scent and ran after excitedly.

When Chelsea and Nathan caught up to the dogs they were sniffing around a big round hole in the ground that looked to perfect to be natural.

Nathan was curious and wanted to investigate further but Chelsea was too frightened and the couple returned to the farmhouse.

A few weeks later on Memorial Day weekend Shelley was making her evening coffee as usual. It was a particularly misty evening. Eric was trying to put the dogs in their kennels for the night but they didn’t want to leave his side. Something was frightening them.

Suddenly Eric heard a strange noise coming from the woods. Eric yelled out to Shelley to get back in the house. Shelley saw five sets of eyes stating back at them from the woods. They both rushed inside and locked the door.

The couple peered out the window to see five huge wolf-like creatures stalking around their garden. They were huge and Eric knew they weren’t bears. They alternated between walking upright on two legs and running on all four.

Shelley ran around the house closing all of the windows and locking the doors. The dogs were hiding together in a corner. Eric wanted to go to the barn to get his guns.

Eric went on the porch, heading to the barn. He saw the creatures standing there staring at him in the dark. He waved his arms around to get the security light to come on. The creatures lunged towards him but when they reached the light it was like something was holding them back. Eric abandoned his plan to get the guns and ran back inside.

The Martins called the police hoping to get some help but there was none to be had. The police refused to send anyone and told the family to just stay inside and keep all the doors and windows locked.

The Martins woke up the kids, grabbed any sharp instruments they could find and huddled together on the Eric and Shelley’s bed. When morning came the creatures were finally gone.

The following morning the family went outside to investigate. There was no sign of the creatures just huge footprints with enormous claws left in the mud. Many of the footprints belonged to a creature walking on just two feet.

The Martins aren’t the only people to have had experiences with very large, bipedal wolf-like creatures in rural Maine. There have been several very similar reports over the last few decades that are yet to be explained.

A video telling the story of the Palmyra Wolves

What were the Palmyra Wolves?

It’s possible that the Palmyra wolf pack and others that have been seen are a new species of bipedal wolf that has yet to be classified by science.

Some people theorise that there is a connection between cryptids and UFOs. Some even believe that these creatures could be coming from another dimension. In many stories including the Martin’s there were strange lights seen in the weeks before the wolf attack. Could these be related?

A more mundane explanation could be that the Martins simply encountered a normal wolf pack that just behaved a little strangely. Maybe the wolves had been poisoned or had brain issues that caused them to be unusually aggressive and walk on two legs. Wolves are often much bigger than people expect them to be if they have not encountered them often.

The Martin’s were experienced hunters so it seems likely they would be familiar with normal wolf behavior and be able to identify them.

What do you think the Palmyra Wolves were? Let us know in the comments.

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