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“Trump Is the Most Towering Political Figure in Living Memory” – Claremont Institute Chair Tomas Klingenstein Delivers Historic Remarks on the Virtues of President Donald Trump (VIDEO)



Tomas D. Klingenstein is the Chairman of the Board at the Claremont Institute, a prominent conservative think tank. Tom recently gave a 17 min. speech about Trump titled “You Know His Vices, But Do You Know His Virtues?” He explains why Trump is the most towering political figure in living memory. It’s one of the most stunning insights into Trump, his virtues, and the current crisis Americans face. This speech should be a training tool for conservatives and sent to every liberal and RINO. It was featured on Mark Levin’s Radio Show this week. Watch it., listen to it, or read the transcript below.

While making the case for a 2024 Trump, Tom relives history and targets Republican doubters. There’s simply no other person that has the resolve and virtue of Trump. In short, Trump is perfectly built for the warlike fight we are faced with. Trump’s personality, work ethic, and manhood are what sets him apart, making him the ideal warrior against woke communism and corruption.

When people say “I like Trump…but..”, they should understand those “but” characteristics they dislike are the very traits that make Trump the best champion in our lifetime, for this current “cold” civil war.

Klingenstein explains: “If not Trump himself, his virtue must be the standard by which we judge any other Presidential candidate”. Given the destructive forces coming from inside America, we are truly lucky to have Donald J. Trump as a leader. “Doubters shouldn’t be bothered by a President who says Haiti is a shi_hole behind closed doors, or that Maxine Waters has a low IQ . Doubters should be worried about a candidate who can’t say it, won’t say it, or lies about saying it.”

Below are a few Trump reminders that Tom makes in his speech.

Trump knows the media can’t be negotiated with, or reformed. It must be defeated.Trump smoked out rats from hiding places. We now know our intelligence agencies are corrupt.We watched Trump loosen the grip of political correctness, while Repubs wouldn’t engage.Trump made it clear it’s a privilege to enter our country, foreigners should assimilate to us.Trump wants back that nostalgic America guided by relentless optimism, grit, and determination.Before Trump, politicians hid from the public that China is our mortal enemy. Now we all know.Trump’s virtue, backbone, and fortitude are the new standard to judge candidates.Trump’s supporters, and the spirit they embrace, are the new life force of the Rep Party.Trump was born for this current crisis, the life and death fight against woke communism.The “cold” civil war divide in our country was exposed by Trump, not created by him.In war you need strong men to make a stand. Trump is a manly man, with resolve.When you’re in the right, you fight to win. Sometimes this means doing distasteful things.Leadership strength is in short supply. Trump understands there are no clean hands in a fist fight.Trump wants people to learn how to love our country, not be taught how to hate it.

While making the case for a 2024 Trump, Tom relives history and targets Republican doubters. There’s simply no other person that has the resolve and virtue of Trump. In short, Trump is perfectly built for the warlike fight we are faced with. Trump’s personality, work ethic, and manhood are what sets him apart, making him the ideal warrior against woke communism and corruption. When people say “I like Trump…but..”, they should understand those “but” characteristics they dislike are the very traits that make Trump the best champion in our lifetime, for this current “cold” civil war.

TRUMP’S VIRTUES (Transcript)
Speech by Tom Klingenstein

00:00:00 – Many leading Republicans and conservatives want someone other than Donald Trump to run for president in 2024. They say we need someone with Trump’s virtue, but without his vices. Fair enough. But this formulation does not get us very far unless we have a proper accounting of his virtues.

00:00:37 – Other Republicans say some version of……I like Trump’s policies, but I don’t like the rest of him. This gets it almost backwards. Although Trump advanced many important policies, it is the rest of him that contains the virtue that inspired a movement. Trump was born for the current crisis, the life and death struggle against a totalitarian enemy, I call woke communism.

00:01:15 – The woke Coms (communists) clenched the Democratic Party by the scruff of its neck. They tell us lies, and they silence those who challenge the lies. Like most totalitarian regimes, they have a scapegoat. White males. And they have a narrative – America is systemically racist. And they have a utopian vision of society where all identity groups are equal, in all areas of American life.

00:01:54 – The woke Coms (communists) control all the cultural and economic powers in America from where they ruthlessly push their agenda. That agenda rests on the conviction that America is bad.  As Trump once said, their goal is not to make America better. Their goal is to end America. Make no mistake, we are in the midst of a cold Civil War. Trump awakened the public to this fact.

00:02:39 – You cannot win a war unless you know you’re in one. Trump’s critics say he caused or exacerbated the divide in this country. No he DID NOT! He revealed, not caused, an existing divide. In war we must make a stand. For that we need strong men. Weak men do anything to avoid admitting the hardest truth because they lack the resolve to do what truth demands of them.

00:03:17 – Trump is a manly man. In present time, when manhood is being stripped of its masculinity traditional manhood even when flawed is absolutely essential. Trump ripped apart people he thought were weak. Sometimes he went overboard. But his supporters excused this excesses because strength is in such short supply. Trump plays to win. When you’re in the right, you have a moral duty not just to fight, but to win. And sometimes that means doing distasteful things. There are no clean hands in a fist fight.

00:04:15 – If there is one thing people know about Donald Trump is that he, unlike the woke Coms (communists), loves America. He wants to preserve the American way of life. Trump is unreservedly, and unquestionably pro-America. He makes no apologies for America’s path. Trump is a refreshing break from the guilt and self-loathing that marks our age. The America Trump wants to recover is the America of his youth. Not out of nostalgia, but because this was in America guided by relentless optimism, and supported by grit and determination. An America that had done great things in the past and was eager to do more. An America that was properly confident.

00:05:27 – Trump is still confident in America. In this time of national doubt, this too is just what the doctor ordered. Trump thinks we can vanquish all-comers if we just put our mind to it. And he’s right. Trump has the courage to defend his own people. A large and impressive political fact. And courage never demands perfection.

00:06:03 – Trump stood up for America every time he violated the structure of political correctness. He said over and over exactly what political correctness prohibits one from saying. We have a culture, it’s exceptional, and that’s the way we want to keep it. Trump has made it clear that we have no duty to allow anyone to come into this country. And no one has a right to come here. This is our country. And when we do allow foreigners the privilege to come here, they must, as Trump once said, support our values, and love our people.

00:07:06 – Trump said Haiti is a shithole, and that representative Maxine Waters has a low IQ. These were not racist lies. These were uncouth politically incorrect observation that most of us would agree with. But would not dare say. Conservatives no less than liberals, are reluctant to criticize black Americans for fear of being called a racist. Trump, on the other hand is an equal opportunity criticizer. We used to call that color blindness. From morning to night we were told that Trump is a racist. But endless repetition does not make it true. It isn’t!

00:08:01 – Trump’s contempt for political correctness showed patriotic Americans that it’s ever tightening grip could be loosened. As Trump and his supporters know, political correctness cripples our ability to think clearly, and act decisively. It is difficult to overestimate the significance of Trump’s fight against political correctness. A fight which most Republicans are reluctant to engage. Only if Americans and their leaders stand up to political correctness, and show it the contempt it deserves, is there any chance of preserving the American way of life.

00:09:00 – Trump treated the woke media with the same contempt he treated political correctness. Provoking their outrage, and revealing their utter corruption. It seems only Trump understands that the media can neither be negotiated with, nor reformed.  It must be defeated. Unlike most politicians, when Trump sees a problem, he goes out and fixes it. He fixed our porous borders. He moved our Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem after decades of inaction. He eliminated the “hate America” critical race theory in his administrative agency. He developed a vaccine in record time. He achieved energy independence. And much, much, more.

00:10:09 – Trump is guided by fact and common sense. He has no use for theories. Because he knows that slavish devotion to theories leads to nonsense. For instance, that children should be able to change their sex. Or that it is wise to defund the police. Or that biological boys should be able to compete with girls in athletics. I am certain that Trump finds it impossible to believe…..that a woman…can be a He.

00:10:52 – With Trump, what you see is what you get. Authenticity is something you have, or you don’t. But it takes courage and independence to live authentically. In politics, most find it almost impossible NOT to be phony. Not Trump. Trump taught a crucial thing. For starters, that China is a mortal enemy. Before Trump, the public did not realize it. Now the public does. Likewise, free trade, accepted as a dogma by Republicans and Democrats, is now highly contested. These changes in public sentiment are big accomplishments made possible by qualities other than policy.

00:11:54  – Trump smoked rats out of hiding places. Because of Trump, we know our intelligence agencies are corrupt. We know also that the mainstream media is not just bias. But it is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. A large part of Trump’s appeal was that he was a bona fide outsider. He distrusted the experts, who believed they know better than the average American, how to run the country.

00:12:34 – This distrust was appealing to Trump’s base who believe, and with good reason, that it is the experts who have created the despotic mess in which we find ourselves. Although his own administration sometimes made it difficult for him to get done everything he promised. His supporters knew he was on their side, and was trying his damnedest, not to let them down.

00:13:10 – Against the advice of most in his party, Trump has not let go of the claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him. His base backs him, and well they should. They know that Republicans will lose all future elections until they get to the bottom of the last one. Trump connected to his audience as Reagan did. Because each spoke as a citizen, to fellow citizens, without a trace of condescension. It wasn’t an act, and Americans knew it.

00:13:58 – Trump may not have worked on a construction site, but he knew his way around one. One can imagine him trading gaudy jokes with his construction workers. Other presidents have represented the middle class. But none with Trump’s common touch. Trump understands, as does the outsourced American worker, that a cheap smartphone is no replacement for a job, and a life that it supports. Trump also understands that what Americans of all races and creeds desire are stable communities, and the opportunity to raise their families in a culture that values hard work, self-reliance, patriotism, and freedom.

00:14:59 – Some will say Trump is a bad man and that disqualifies him. I do not think Trump is a bad man. But for those that do…I remind them that a bad man, in some circumstances, can be a good president. If you’re dying of thirst and there is only one person offering you water, you accept the water gratefully, without much concern for the character of your rescuer.

00:15:36 – This enumeration of Trump’s virtue does not fully capture his uncommon courage, and firmness of purpose. Trump is the most towering political figure in living memory. He had, like it or not, defined the politics of our age. In 2016 and 2020, he was the political leader most fit to lead in our warlike circumstances. Trump inspired a movement. If properly deployed, this movement might challenge the woke Coms (communists), and God willing, save the country.

00:16:34 – Republicans however, should not forget that it is his support, and the spirit they embrace, that has become the life force of the Republican Party. Among the seen talked about alternatives to Trump, I have not yet seen anyone who possess it, or even fully understands Trump’s virtue. Nor have I anyone with his backbone and fortitude. One does not appreciate the strength of relentless gale force winds. until one is in the eye of the storm.

00:17:08 – I am not suggesting that it is time for everyone to make way for Trump. Rather, that it is much too early to throw him overboard. If Republicans do choose another leader to lead the Trump movement, they must do so in full confidence that he will embody Trump’s virtue. If not Trump himself, his virtue must be the standard by which we judge other candidates. Thank you.  [Applause]

Here is the full video of Tomas Klingestein’s speech.

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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The Dark and Mysterious History of Yosemite’s Tenaya Canyon




Tenaya Canyon is a trail-less and treacherous part of Yosemite
National Park that runs from Tenaya Lake down to Yosemite Valley. It is
known as the “Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite” because of the many
accidents, injuries and deaths that have occurred there over the years.

people even believe that the canyon is cursed by the spirits of the
original inhabitants of Yosemite, who were violently displaced by the
Mariposa Indian War in the 1850s.

The canyon is a challenging and
risky route for adventurous hikers and climbers, who have to navigate
smooth granite slabs, steep rappels, mandatory swims and precarious
ledges. The canyon also offers stunning views of waterfalls, swimming
holes and rock formations.

However, the park officials warn that
“a trip into the unforgiving terrain of Tenaya Canyon…should not be
taken lightly.” There is a sign at the entrance of the canyon that

of the most famous incidents in Tenaya Canyon happened in 1918, when
John Muir, the “Father of the National Parks,” fell and was knocked
unconscious while exploring the canyon.

He later wrote: “I was
suddenly brought to a standstill by a blow on the head that confused my
senses for a moment or two without wholly stunning me.” He managed to
recover and continue his journey, but he never returned to the canyon.

Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County, CA

“Tenaya Canyon is one of those places where you can feel history all
around you,” said Scott Gediman, a park ranger at Yosemite National
Park. “It’s a very powerful place.”

Another notable explorer of
Tenaya Canyon was Ron Kauk, a legendary climber who lived in Yosemite
for decades and scaled some of its most challenging walls.

He camped on the side of a rock face in Tenaya Canyon and felt a mysterious force pulling on his sleeping bag.

He told SFGATE:
“It was like something that came around in a teasing kind of way or
something. It wasn’t anything too dramatic, no lights flashing around or
flying by you. Just to acknowledge that there was something else

He speculated that the canyon might be “the holding place for the original spirit of the place and the people (of Yosemite).”

Canyon is named after Chief Tenaya, the leader of the Ahwahneechee
tribe that lived in Yosemite Valley before they were driven out by the
Mariposa Battalion, a group of armed volunteers sent by California’s
governor to subdue the Native Americans in the area.

battalion captured Chief Tenaya and his people and forced them to
relocate to a reservation near Fresno. However, some of them escaped and
returned to Yosemite Valley, where they were attacked again by the

Chief Tenaya’s son was killed in the battle, and he
reportedly cursed his enemies and his homeland before fleeing into
Tenaya Canyon. He was later killed by a rival tribe near Mono Lake.

historians and locals believe that Chief Tenaya’s curse still lingers
in Tenaya Canyon, causing misfortune and tragedy for those who enter it.
Others think that the canyon is simply a dangerous place that requires
caution and respect.

Tenaya Canyon has had more than 110 people
killed there and many more injured. It is known to the Park Service as
the Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite.

of people go missing at national parks across the United States every
year. Some of these disappearances are never solved. Yosemite National
Park holds the notorious position as the national park with the third
most missing persons per year (233).

Either way, Tenaya Canyon
remains one of Yosemite’s most fascinating and mysterious places, where
nature’s beauty and history’s brutality collide.

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Vatican investigates potential miracle at Connecticut church




The Catholic Church is reportedly investigating a potential miracle that occurred at a church in Connecticut, reports

The supposed miracle took place at St Thomas Church in Thomaston, Connecticut, according to the Hartford Courant.

Revered Joseph Crowley, who heads St Maximilian Kolbe Parish, which
includes St Thomas Church, reported that the wafers distributed during
the observation of communion multiplied while sitting inside the

“God duplicated himself in the ciborium,” Rev Crowley
said after communion, referencing the metal storage containers used to
house the communion wafers. “God provides and it’s strange how God does
that. And that happened.”

response, the Archdiocese of Hartford began an investigation to
determine whether or not a miracle had occurred at the church.

then, the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith, a group dating
back to the 1500’s tasked with promoting and defending the Catholic
faith throughout the world, has been notified and has begun its own

A spokesman for the archdiocese, David Elliott,
issued a statement to the Hartford Courant saying that “reports such as
the alleged miracle in Thomaston require referral to the Dicastery for
the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome. The Archdiocese has proceeded
accordingly, and will await a response in due time.”

Miracles are
an important part of the process of becoming a saint within the Catholic
Church. Sainthood considerations typically begin five years after the
death of an exceptional Catholic.

number of criteria must be met, including “verified miracles” — Vatican
officials must determine that the miracles are a direct result of an
individual praying to the candidate saint. They must come to the
decision that the miracle was a result of the dead potential saint
interceding between the petitioner and God, causing the miracle.

Catholic Church defines a miracle as a “sign of wonder such as a
healing, or control of nature, which can only be attributed to divine

While duplicating thin bread wafers may seem like a minor
use of divine power to those unfamiliar with Catholic theology, the
Eucharist — often called communion or the lord’s supper — is arguably
the holiest and most important sacrament — or ritual — in the faith.

typically believe in the idea of transubstantiation, or the idea that
the bread and wine given during the ritual literally become the body and
blood of Jesus Christ upon consecration, as opposed to simply symbols
of his presence.

O’Neil, who goes by the moniker Miracle Hunter, authored a book called
Science and the Miraculous: How the Church Investigates the
Supernatural, spoke to the Hartford Courant and gave examples of
previous eucharistic miracles.

“There are various types of
eucharistic miracles, but the ones that are most remarkable, in my
opinion, were on some rare occasions, the host is said to bleed human
blood,” he said.

Reverend Michael McGivney, the founder of the
Knights of Columbus, ended his clerical career at St Thomas, where the
alleged communion miracle took place. He has been in consideration for
sainthood and requires one more verified miracle before he moves on to
final consideration for sainthood within the Catholic Church.

Leonard Blair explained to the Hartford Courant that “what has been
reported to have occurred at our parish church in Thomaston, of which
Blessed Michael McGivney was once pastor, if verified, would constitute a
sign or wonder that can only be attributed to divine power to
strengthen our faith in the daily miracle of the Most Holy Eucharist.

would also be a source of blessing from Heaven for the effort that the
US Bishops are making to renew and deepen the faith and practice of our
Catholic people with regard to this great Sacrament.”

“Blessed” is a title given to saint candidates who have had “verified” miracles attributed to them by the Vatican.

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