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Climate Crusader Bill Gates Flies Private Jet From Switzerland To Australia To Watch Tennis Match



Globalist billionaire Bill Gates flew one of this four private
jets from the World Economic Forum summit in Davos to Melbourne,
Australia – the other side of the world – to watch a tennis match at the
Australian Open.

Despite lecturing ordinary people about their carbon footprints, Gates
appears to believe he is justified in flying his fleet of four private
jets around the world to attend parties in Europe and sporting events in
Australia in the same week.

— illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) January 21, 2024

Gates recently told the BBC that he is doing “much more than anybody
else” to fight climate change, therefore he is justified in flying
around the world on private jets while normal people are forced to live
in 15 minute cities without freedom of travel.

Gates claimed that because he continues to “spend billions of dollars” on climate change activism, his carbon footprint is not an issue.

“Should I stay at home and not come to Kenya and learn about farming and malaria?” Gates said in the interview with Amol Rajan. The globalist billionaire didn’t mention parties or grand slam tennis tournaments.

“I’m comfortable with the idea that not only am I not part of the problem by paying for the offsets, but also through the billions that my Breakthrough Energy Group is spending, that I’m part of the solution,” Gates added. Watch:

NEW: A BBC reporter asked Bill Gates directly why his climate activism should be taken seriously, as he continues to fly private all over the world:

Gates tried to assure the reporter that, despite his private jet usage, he is not part of the problem, he’s part of the solution.

— Will Hild (@WillHild) February 7, 2023

Last year, Gates flew around Australia on board his $70 million dollar luxury private jet lecturing people about climate change and ordering them to stop flying on planes.

Gates, who has declared that the energy crisis is a good thing because it will force many people to stop driving and flying, owns no fewer than FOUR private jets at a combined cost of $194 million dollars.

A study carried out by Linnaeus University economics professor Stefan Gössling found that Gates flew more than 213,000 miles on 59 private jet flights in 2017 alone.

Gates emitted an estimated 1,760 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, over a hundred times more than the emissions per capita in the United States, according to data from the World Bank.

Elsewhere during the carefully constructed interview, Gates said he was surprised that he was targeted by ‘conspiracy theorists’ for pushing vaccines during the pandemic.

Bill Gates new interview with the BBC recovering his image over “Conspiracy Theories.” Let’s just ignore the Epstein stuff altogether. Btw, how can he be “accused” of profiteering when that’s exactly what happened?#BillGates #COVID19 #conspiracy #epstien

— Kaira (@ashkairaa) February 3, 2023

While the BBC interview was set up to look like Gates was being challenged or grilled, he wasn’t asked about his close friendship with the elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from

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CNN Anchor Claims Dangerous Filthy Slums in America Are ‘Vibrant Expressions of Democracy’




CNN host Fareed Zakaria aired an astonishing rant this past
weekend arguing that major US cities are filthy and dangerous because of
“democracy,” and that makes them more “vibrant.”

Zakaria was attempting to provide a counter argument to Tucker
Carlson’s recent report that Russia’s subways are nicer than America’s.

CNN host Fareed Zakaria asserts that democracy goes hand in hand with living in a complete shit hole, and argues dirtier and chaotic cities are more ‘vibrant’ than clean cities which are usually run by ‘authoritarians’. Report:

— m o d e r n i t y (@ModernityNews) February 19, 2024 reports: “American cities are expressions of democracy,” Zakaria asserted, claiming they are “places where people have to negotiate differences and find ways to live together, that makes them messier and dirtier and sometimes chaotic.”

He then argued “perhaps that is what has made these cities so vibrant and innovative, and why they have been at the forefront in making America the country that leads the world in economics, technology, culture and power.”

Is rampant crime, homelessness, and drug use part of said vibrancy?

Fact check. American cities were not shit holes when the country emerged as the envy of the world. 

Zakaria continued, “Carlson speaks enviously of cities like Tokyo, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and they are indeed wonderful in their own distinctive ways. But what’s striking about all of them is that they are somewhat tame and subdued. The product of authoritarian governments or conformist culture, or both. American cities are different.”

He appears to be seriously claiming that you cannot  have a clean and safe city without some kind of evil dictatorship overseeing it.

Zakaria continued “Carlson put forward a bizarre hodgepodge of assertions he thought the architecture, food and service in Moscow was better than in any American city. Really? Moscow?”

“Outside of a small historic center, it is filled with drab Soviet era concrete buildings. And while the food in Moscow can be quite good…Better than New York or San Francisco? You need to get out more” Zakaria concluded.

Has he been to San Francisco lately?

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Jacob Rothschild: “My family created Israel”





Israel is a fake state created by evil globalists.

Jacob Rothschild: “My family created Israel”

Israel is a fake state created by evil globalists.????????

— Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) February 18, 2024


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