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The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter



Cisco Grove, California where the UFO encounter took place.

In 1964, Donald Shrum went hunting with friends in California and got lost in rugged terrain. As darkness fell, he climbed a tree to protect himself from predators and saw what he thought was a search helicopter. It turned out to be something more sinister.

Donald Shrum and Friends go Camping at Cisco Grove

A Map of Cisco Grove, California

In September 1964, Donald Shrum, a welder and painter at Aerojet General Corporation, went on a bow hunting trip with his friends in an area located slightly over an hour northeast of Sacramento, California.

Shrum was skilled in using a bow and arrow for hunting, and he preferred it over firearms, which were prohibited during that time of the year. Despite being from Arkansas originally, Shrum had been working in the Sacramento area on various missile-related projects.

On a Friday in September 1964, Donald Shrum, along with his two friends Vincent Alvarez and Tim Trueblood, left Sacramento and headed towards Cisco Grove, which is located approximately three-quarters of the way to Lake Tahoe.

Everyone was in high spirits and looking forward to the hunting weekend. Since they didn’t have any electronic communication devices, they stayed close enough to shout to each other.

At some point, Shrum ended up on a ridge, while his friends were down below, prompting them to suggest that he walk around and come down. On his way down, Shrum ventured too far from them and became a bit lost.

From what he recounted, it didn’t initially seem like a life-threatening situation for Donald Shrum. However, as darkness set in, he realized that he was unlikely to find his way back to the campsite.

Although it was only one or two miles away in a straight line, it required navigating over rugged terrain and several peaks, which made it challenging. As an experienced hunter, he knew that it was not safe to wander around the isolated area, especially with potential predators such as bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and cougars.

Shrum needed to find shelter to spend the night safely. He decided to climb a tree, which is what many hunters would do in a similar scenario. The tree he found wasn’t very large, but it was suitable. Although the first branch was about 12 feet off the ground, he was able to use the cliffside rocks to climb up to it. The higher he climbed, the weaker the branches became, but he hoped that if anything were to come after him, he would have a chance to defend himself until morning.

Donald Shrum’s UFO Encounter at Cisco Grove

The Astonishing Legends Podcast have covered the story of the Battle at Cisco Grove in a very in depth and informative podcast episode.

Don saw a light in the sky to the north around 9:00-9:30 PM, which appeared to be moving up and down like a flashlight but eventually went above the treeline. Don thought his friends must have alerted the Forest Service, who sent a helicopter to search for him.

Don knew he needed to signal the helicopter for help, so he climbed down from the tree and used matches to light signal fires on top of three large rocks close together, spaced about 10 feet apart. The three fires would indicate that they were intentionally created and would be more visible from a distance.

He waved and shouted towards the light, fearing that the pilots might not see the fires. Eventually, he managed to catch the attention of the approaching aircraft. However, something seemed off. The aircraft was coming towards him at an unusually high speed and without making any noise.

The situation was perplexing since the aircraft had a bright light on the front, perhaps a landing light or headlight, but it appeared smaller than it should be.

The aircraft was black, an extremely dark shade that almost seemed to absorb light. It was difficult for him to determine the full size of the aircraft at that moment, as he could only see a small point of light at the front.

Don realized that something was amiss and began to feel afraid. He was well aware of the capabilities of modern science, having worked on advanced missile technology at Aerojet. He knew that the object he was witnessing that night was not of human origin.

The object was both speedy and soundless, and it seemed to be intrigued by Don or the signal fires he had lit. Realizing that he needed cover, Don remembered the tree and decided to make his way back to it. He hoped that by hiding in the tree, he could avoid drawing any further attention from whatever was piloting the mysterious object.

Once he reached the tree, Don threw his bow into it and began to climb. Although he knew that climbing the tree wasn’t the best form of defense, it was still better than having no cover at all. Don was dressed in full camouflage attire, and he climbed up and remained motionless, hoping to remain unnoticed in the dark branches. He wasn’t entirely sure if the object had spotted him.

As the object looped around, it drew closer to Don, and he was able to observe it more closely. At this point, he noticed what he described as three windows on the side of the craft.

The windows were staggered and arranged in a checkerboard pattern, without touching.

Don realized that the distance between the small light he initially saw and the first of the three windows was approximately 50 feet. This indicated that the entire craft was up to 150 feet in length.

The windows themselves were not typical windows; they shimmered like aluminum foil, according to Shrum. Although Don could not discern the overall shape of the object clearly, he did notice that something oval was blocking the stars in the sky.

The craft exhibited movement that defied the laws of physics, covering great distances silently and instantaneously without being affected by fluid dynamics. Don felt safe in the tree for the time being, until a smaller craft emerged from the middle of the three windows, which he called a module. Don lost track of it as it shot out of the larger craft into the darkness, but eventually, it settled on a hill a short distance away from him.

Aliens emerge from the Craft at Cisco Grove

The smaller craft landed about half a mile away from Don, settling into some bushes. Shortly after, Don heard the sound of something, or several things, moving through the dense brush towards him, getting closer and closer.

Eventually, a being emerged from the brush, appearing short and stocky, dressed in a silver or white uniform or suit. The being had a black void for a face, but Don could make out their large, dark, round eyes, which resembled welders’ goggles.

Although the beings appeared to be moving towards Don, they also seemed to be easily diverted by their surroundings and were curious, often stopping to investigate the flora and fauna.

Eventually, the two beings approached him, causing Don to feel a sense of intense panic. It was now undeniable that whatever was happening, it was not of this world.

At this point, Don heard the beings communicating with each other in a way that sounded like doves cooing or owls hooting. He realized that they were likely receiving messages from the mothership because they would take new actions after hearing the sounds.

Despite being initially distracted by their surroundings, more of them appeared, totaling around six. Don wondered if this was all they were doing – collecting samples and leaving.

Before long, a new visitor arrived, a larger being with bright red eyes resembling flashlights. Don called it the robot and described it as metallic in appearance with a different face, featuring a large mouth and hinged jaw.

It moved mechanically and stopped under the tree where Don was hiding. The robot didn’t seem to care for Don’s signal fires, so it scattered the ashes with its arm. Don saw the robot’s hand in the light of the embers, describing it as looking like a medieval metal gauntlet. Then, the robot went over to Don’s tree, stood under it, and raised its hand to its mouth, causing a white vapor to come out and rise up through the tree to Don. Although the vapor had no smell, it knocked Don unconscious.

Don slumped over, but luckily he didn’t fall from the tree. When he came to, he felt nauseous and started to dry heave. The robot approached him and repeated the action that had caused him to pass out multiple times. Don interpreted this as an escalation and decided he needed to take action to defend himself.

Don decided to take action and aimed his bow at the robot. His arrow hit the center of the robot’s chest, causing it to recoil a few feet.

The arrow bounced off its chest, producing a bright light similar to an arc welder. The robot moved back about 10 to 20 feet, but eventually returned. Don fired his remaining arrows at the robot, and the same reaction occurred each time.

Don was exhausted. He’d fired arrows, thrown things, shaking the tree, been gassed unconscious over and over, and hadn’t gotten any sleep.

As the dawn approached, Don noticed the faint signs of daylight emerging, and wondered how much longer he could withstand the attack.

With the temperature dropping just above freezing, he had already burned most of his clothes and was left with limited options. Suddenly, he spotted two robots standing at the base of his tree, facing each other. He watched in amazement as bright white arcs of light flashed between them, appearing to share information in a plasma-like form.

Don was curious about what they were doing. It turned out that they were pooling their power to release a larger amount of knockout gas, which was colder and more potent this time. Don was knocked out completely for a long period, but fortunately, he had used his belt to secure himself to the tree which prevented him from falling out. When he eventually regained consciousness, he found himself alone, with the sun finally rising.

In the morning Don found his way back to his friends and told them what had happened. They were all understandably confused and afraid and decided to leave.

Donald Shrum is Interviewed by the Airforce

Wanting to get to the bottom of what had happened to him, Donald Shrum contacted the airforce and told them his story. They conducted an interview with Don and told him they though he was probably just pranked by teenagers. They took one of his arrows that had been bent after hitting the robot and sent it to the University of Colorado for analysis.

Two to three weeks following the encounter, Don returned to the site of the incident with his brother, Bill, Vincent Alvarez, and a friend named Bill Adams. Upon arriving, they discovered that the area had been thoroughly searched. All evidence of the encounter was gone, and they found cigarette butts and tire tracks leading to the site. The ground was littered with rake marks.

It seemed the Airforce was far more interested in the site of the incident than they conveyed to Donald.

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You can read more about Donald Shrum’s alien encounter at Cisco Grove in his book Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter by Noe Torres, Ruben Uriarte, and Donald R. Shrum.

What do you think really happened at Cisco Grove? Let us know in the comments.

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Stanford Professor’s Research Discovers Pattern of Brain Damage in Witnesses’ of UAPs




Garry Nolan’s studies have shown that many witnesses of UAP events have scarring in their brain that somewhat resembles ‘white spots’ caused by multiple sclerosis. Is this brain damage caused by the UAPs themselves or is it a preexisting condition that makes victims more susceptible to experiencing the phenomena?

Who is Professor Gary Nolan?

Professor Garry Nolan is a renowned scientist and professor in the field of microbiology and immunology. He is associated with Stanford University School of Medicine, where he holds the Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professorship. Professor Nolan is particularly well-known for his groundbreaking work in the fields of immunology, cell biology, and systems biology.

Throughout his career, Professor Nolan has made significant contributions to the understanding of the immune system and cellular processes. His research often involves the use of advanced technologies, such as flow cytometry and mass cytometry, to analyze and characterize individual cells with great precision. His expertise in these techniques has led to a deeper understanding of the immune response, cancer biology, and other related areas.

In addition to his research, Professor Garry Nolan is actively involved in teaching and mentoring students. He has played a pivotal role in training the next generation of scientists and has been recognized for his dedication to education.

Garry Nolan’s Research into the Brains of UAP Experiencers

In an interview with Vice, Garry Nolan explained that the brains of people who had witnessed UAP show signs of damage that appears on scans in a similar way to multiple sclerosis.

A normal brain scan verses a brain scan of someone with MS

When we use MRIs to look at the brains of people with certain conditions like multiple sclerosis, we can see something called white matter disease. This shows up as white blobs on the MRI, and it’s basically scarring or dead tissue. It happens because the immune system mistakenly attacks the brain.

Nolan noticed something interesting when studying the brain scans of UAP experiencers. Initially, they thought there was damage in a specific part of the brain that controls essential functions like movement. However, upon closer examination, they realized it couldn’t be damage because severe damage there would be fatal. Instead, they discovered these individuals had an excess of connections between certain brain structures.

In simpler terms, these people had too many connections between different parts of their brains, specifically the caudate and the putamen, which are crucial for higher brain functions and motor planning. This wasn’t something typically seen in the general population. Interestingly, some individuals had this unique brain pattern from an early age, as shown in MRIs from previous years. It seemed like they were born with this special feature.

The area of the brain with these extra connections is linked to intuition, the ability to make quick and clever decisions. Garry Nolan found that high-functioning individuals, like pilots and intelligence officers, often had this unique brain setup. The question remained whether this trait was caused by something they came into contact with or if it was an inherent characteristic.

Normally, people have a density level of 1x in this region, but many in the study had much higher levels—5x to 15x. They wondered if this higher density might be linked to how the neurons work. They specifically checked if people who claimed encounters, especially pilots, noticed any changes in their brain function.

Among the 100 patients studied, about a quarter died from their injuries, and most had symptoms similar to what’s now called Havana syndrome. The researchers believe some of these cases were the first instances of Havana syndrome. When it became a national security issue, access to files was restricted to prevent international incidents.

However, some individuals who saw Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) didn’t have Havana syndrome but had various other symptoms. The researchers are exploring how electromagnetic frequencies might be related to what happened. For instance, in one case on the Skinwalker Ranch, they could estimate the energy required for the electromagnetic wave that caused damage deep in the brain. They think this is unrelated to UAPs and likely involves a state actor connected to Havana syndrome.

Nolan’s Conclusions

In the analysis of the patients, apart from MRIs, a deep psychological evaluation was conducted to ensure the stability of the individuals and rule out any obvious delusions. The primary focus of the researcher’s role was using a device called CyTOF to analyze blood. However, the challenge was that many cases occurred years before obtaining the blood samples, making it difficult to draw conclusive results. Nolan emphasized the need for access to blood during the acute phase of the injury, typically within a few days or weeks.

Regarding potential causes of the observed brain impact, Nolan speculated that the only man-made scenario he could imagine was being near an electric transformer emitting intense energy, essentially causing internal burns.

When asked about the research goal—whether it’s documenting observations or seeking a cause—the researcher explained that scientific inquiry follows a natural progression: first cataloging, then organizing, and finally exploring causes with sufficient data.

The researcher emphasized the importance of avoiding premature conclusions, acknowledging the abundance of hypotheses that are not proof. While Nola has personal thoughts about the situation, they remain open to the possibility of being wrong, but often feel confident in his assessments based on accumulated data.

Garry Nolan discusses his research

What are your thoughts on this research? Tell us about it in the comments.

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The Newmill Green Blob UFO




An artist’s recreation of the Newmill Blob UFO

In September 1977 a young Cornish couple saw a strange glowing blob floating around the outside of their cottage. In the days afterwards the couple both became violently ill with an unexplained illness resembling radiation poisoning.

Caroline Bond and Peter Boulton See Something Unexplainable at Newmill

The driveway leading to the home of Caroline Bond and Peter Boulton

In The Cornishman newspaper on September 22, 1977 there was a report that suggested that there might have been unusual activity related to unidentified flying objects in the area of Newmill.

Newmill is a small settlement located about three kilometers north of Penzance in the UK. The surrounding region is known for having many ancient features like stone circles, tall standing stones, and ancient burial mounds. Of particular interest is the well-preserved ancient village of Chysauster, situated approximately one and a half kilometers to the northeast.

According to this report, a young couple named Caroline Bond and Peter Boulton saw a strange ball of light floating around their property for several minutes in September 1977. A few days after witnessing this strange phenomenon, Caroline and Peter both became very ill with symptoms resembling radiation sickness but their doctors were not able to determine a cause of their illness.

UFO investigator Terry Cox, the Bodmin representative of UFOIN, decided to interview the couple shortly after these events to try and get to the bottom of what happened. We have decided to summarize the interview here to give you a clear picture of his investigations.

Terry Cox Interviews Caroline Bond and Peter Boulton about the Newmill UFO

Caroline Bond and Peter Boulton were a young couple who own and are working on fixing up the old post office located near the road from Penzance to Treen on the north coast of Cornwall. Terry claimed that the couple seemed truthful when talking about what happened, and it seemed clear that they were well-educated and intelligent.

On the evening of Saturday, September 17, 1977, which was a calm and clear night, Caroline came downstairs from the road entrance to her house. She was heading out for the evening on her moped, which was parked by the door.

In her own words, Caroline recounted:

“It was about 9.30 p.m. when I went downstairs to get on my bike and go out for the evening. I had a feeling Pete had followed me down and was standing behind me, so I turned around and saw this kind of green-haze-thing no more than four metres away from me. I just could not believe it, so I walked up to the thing. It seemed about two metres away and coming closer. I was just staring at it in disbelief, then went to tell Pete.

When he came down it was moving away and up the barn steps and crossing in front of the barn. We watched it for about two minutes, then Pete went and fetched his spectacles to have a really good look at it.

Meanwhile I went around to the front of thehouse because there were some people using the telephone kiosk by our front door. I said: ‘Can you come and look at this? I have just seen this green-haze-thing, can you come and look?

They arrived just as Pete came downstairs with his spectacles. We could not spot the thing at first, but when we looked over towards the big tree on the edge of Mr. Stone’s property, there it was — sort of red and green and silver, flashing at a thirty degree angle above the tree. I did not really feel frightened at the time, I just felt interested.”

Terry then asked: “I understand you saw something like a pole or fin projected from it?”

Caroline: “I cannot really say, it seemed to have something below it, but I could not see clearly what

it was. It seemed as if it was on top of another thing. Quite narrow I think.”

Terry: “You say it was like a green haze. Do you think it was like a vapour?”

Caroline: “No, it was not vapour. It seemed quite solid. You could not see through it when it moved in

front of the barn. In fact it blotted out the stones. I could not hear any noise at all.”

Terry: “Were you upset in any way by the experience?”

Caroline: “No, I was quite interested in it, I wanted to go and look for it the next night. I was quite excited and told everyone else, it seemed like a kind of space-ship to me. When it was above the tree it appeared a bit elongated although it was oval when I first saw it in the yard. It did seem as if it was on a sort of pole. It did not look like a figure of any sort but I cannot be sure, it was not that clear. It glided in front of the barn about two metres above the ground and appeared about one metre wide and bright. But it was much brighter when it was up in the sky. I have never been interested in this sort of thing before, but I am now.”

Peter was able to add some other interesting details about the encounter:

Peter: “It lit up the corner stones of the barn when it moved across the front. I do not know why it moved that way. I would have expected it to move towards the field.”

Terry: “Then it came back across the front of the barn and went into the field?”

Peter: “Yes. I went upstairs for my spectacles and by that time it had returned across the front of the barn, because I saw it from the upstairs window and then it was over the trees. That was when Caroline returned with the people from the kiosk.”

Other Witnesses of the Newmill UFO

The path taken by the Newmill UFO as described by Caroline Bond

The people who came from the telephone booth turned out to be Bill and Sally Beard, from Birmingham. They were staying with Sally’s mom, Mrs. Gibbons.

Mrs. Gibbons’ property is just up the road from the old post office and almost right across from Mr. Stone, who shows up a little later.

Mrs. Gibbons works as someone in charge of a place for young mothers who aren’t married. She also saw the thing in the sky when it moved above the tree and agreed with what the other people said. They all saw a second thing that looked the same in the night sky toward the northwest.

All the people who saw these objects, including George Stone, who first saw one of them above a tree, agree that these things seemed to have red lights inside a clear green shape. They didn’t move in a straight line but seemed to wander around the sky, making small, zigzaggy movements. They looked like they were flying at the height where helicopters usually fly.

George Stone said that the object he saw up close stayed visible in the northern sky for about half an hour before disappearing. But the one to the northwest was still there when he went inside, and he watched it from his bedroom window with his sister until they went to bed, which was around 11:00 to 11:30 p.m.

The next day, Sunday, September 18, Peter, Caroline, a schoolteacher named Mr. Chiswell and his wife, along with a Mr. Rose and a Mr. Berry, all from the village, saw what seemed to be the same things, and maybe even a third one, in the night sky.

The Chiswell family looked at one of these things using an ex-military telescope, but they couldn’t see many extra details. Peter Boulton noticed that one of these objects was in the same spot in the sky as the one they first saw. There was also another one to the northwest. They moved strangely, just like before.

Then, on the night of the 18th, Mr. Anthony Laity, who works as a civil servant nearby in Crowlas, saw a saucer-shaped object while he was driving on the Redruth by-pass road. It showed up on the side of his car at about the height of the roof. The top part of it was glowing white, and the bottom part had a yellowish color. When he sped up, the saucer did too, staying alongside him until its light faded, and he couldn’t see it anymore.

A Mysterious Illness Affects Caroline and Peter

After the close encounter on September 17th, both Peter and Caroline got sick about a week later. Peter got so sick that he had to go to the hospital, and the doctors did lots of tests but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Later, he stayed with his sister, who’s a doctor, and even she couldn’t figure out what was making him throw up, have muscle pains, and headaches. They didn’t have any skin problems or clear signs of being exposed to radiation.

But Caroline had some similar symptoms, although not as bad as Peter’s. Doctors initially thought that she had appendicitis and removed her appendix. Once removed it turned out Caroline’s appendix was healthy. Peter and Caroline were disturbed by this outcome. To this day they still do not know the cause of their illness.

A video by Project Bluebook describing the connection between UFO encounters and Radiation Sickness

What do you think caused the UFO sighting at Newmill and the mysterious illness that affected Peter and Caroline Tell us your theories in the comments. If you liked this article you might be interested in other UFO encounters such as the Petrozavodsk Jellyfish UFO or Kristina Florence’s UFO Abduction.

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