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The Sallie House: An Infamous Haunted House



A photo of the infamous Sallie House. Photo: US Ghost Adventures

The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas has a dark history of death and sorrow. Many claim to have experienced paranormal activity while in the house including receiving unexplained injuries and having objects melt for no reason.

The History of the Sallie House

A map of Atchison, Kansas where the Sallie House is located. Image: Wikipedia

The Sallie house is located at 508 N. 2nd Street, Atchison, Kansas.

Built in the mid-1800s, the Sallie House was commissioned by the Finney family and served as a residence for Dr. Charles Finney who utilized the lower floor as a medical office, with a designated room for examination and surgery.

The family occupied the upper floor until they eventually moved out due to insufficient space.

This historic house was listed for sale on Zillow at a price of $1 million in February 2016, later reducing to $499,000 in August of the same year, and eventually being removed from the market in November 2017. It seems likely the Sallie House’s reputation had something to do with this.

The Story of Sallie

The floor plan of the Sallie House. Photo: Astonishing Legends

The Sallie House got its name from the story of a young girl called Sallie who died in the house, according to the legend.

The Sallie House was once the residence of a physician from Atchison, Dr. Charles Finney. One fateful day, Sallie, a three year old girl with intense stomach pain, arrived at the house with her mother, seeking medical assistance.

Believing that Sallie was suffering from appendicitis, the doctor began operating on her without waiting for the anesthesia to take full effect. Sallie let out several pained screams before passing away on the operating table.

There is little evidence to back up the claim that a little girl called Sallie died in the Sallie house. Medical records were not kept as rigorously as they are nowadays. Being a doctor’s surgery however means that the house will have been filled with pain and suffering at various times and no doubt would have been a place where several people died.

Paranormal Encounters in the Sallie House

The Pickman Family’s Experience

The initial account of the haunting at the Sallie House was documented by a young couple named Deborah and Tony Pickman. In 1992, the newlywed couple, anticipating the arrival of their first child, decided to make the house their home on New Year’s Eve.

From the exterior, the white brick house with blue trim and a charming little porch seemed like the perfect place to start their new family. The house consisted of two stories and three bedrooms, one of which was converted into a nursery after they moved in.

Initially, they did not observe anything unusual, but gradually, strange occurrences began to take place. Light bulbs flickered and buzzed even when turned off, while the cordless phone intermittently lost and regained power.

After a few months, the Pickmans had almost forgotten about the strange occurrences until the birth of their son Taylor in June.

One evening, after visiting Tony’s family, they returned home to find something quite unexpected in the nursery. All the stuffed animals were arranged in a circle on the floor with their hands touching, leading them to assume that Tony’s sister-in-law had left the arrangement for them.

When they contacted her, she denied having left any such display, claiming she only went to the nursery to admire the decoration. She also confessed to sensing an eerie draft or cold breeze while in the house. As she climbed the stairs, something unsettling seemed to engulf her, prompting her to pull out her gun for protection.

After returning all the stuffed animals to their original positions and turning off the lights, they proceeded downstairs.

Upon reaching the ground floor, they noticed that the light in the nursery had been turned back on. They went back upstairs to investigate and discovered that one of the teddy bears was now on the floor, which unnerved them.

Despite searching all the rooms in the house, including upstairs, downstairs, and the basement, they were unable to find anything unusual.

They returned the bear to its original position on the chair by the door and turned off the lights. They then went back downstairs and waited to see if anything would happen. After around thirty minutes, Deborah went upstairs to use the bathroom, and to her dismay, she discovered that the teddy bear was on the floor once more in the nursery. Filled with fear, they decided to contact Tony’s brother, Larry.

Larry put the Pickman’s in touch with a psychic named Barbara who told them that the spirit was a little girl named Sallie who had died in the house. Barbara told them she meant no harm and not to be afraid of her.

The Pickman’s weren’t convinced and decided to leave the house for the night. On the way out to the car Tony Pickman felt a sharp pain on his back out of nowhere. He didn’t stop to look until later when Deborah lifted up his shirt to reveal 3 long scratch marks.

The Pickmans were terrified and decided to rent another home to live in until they could figure out what was going on in their home.

In 1994 a tv show called “Sightings” came to film the strange activity occurring in the Sallie House. During his interview, he was once again scratched on his stomach. The film crew continued to film him for nine straight minutes as the scratches materialized before their eyes without any apparent cause.

In another terrifying incident, Pickmans recalled not being able to find their TV remote in their rental property. They searched everywhere but were not able to find it. The next time they were in the Sallie house they found their tv remote sitting on the kitchen counter, covered in scorch marks and partially melted.

The Sallie House and Astonishing Legends

The infamous “File 10” DR60 recording from the Sallie House by Astonishing Legends podcast.

The Astonishing Legends team went to the Sallie House to investigate and do some research for their paranormal podcast.

While using a DR60 recorder to try and pick up EVPs, the team were astonished with what was picked up. The recording answered the crews questions with an unearthly growling sound. It sounded very aggressive and angry.

Scott, one of the podcast’s hosts was so unnerved by the recording that he claims it has been a milestone in his paranormal journey. Before the Sallie House he was quite skeptical about all things paranormal, but the DR60 recording made him a believer.

If you listen to the Sallie House podcast episodes by Astonishing Legends you might even catch a certain paranormal website writer as one of the listener segues. 🙂

Have you ever visited the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas? Let us know in the comments!

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Green Orbs Appearing in Photos?




Green orbs appearing in a photo

Have you been taking photos and discovered mysterious green orbs appearing? What could this mean?

Spiritual Meaning of Green Orbs

Green orbs are believed by many intuitive people to symbolize nature, love, and the heart. If you see one, it could suggest that you should be more open to love and enjoy the beauty of the world. It might also mean you need to focus on healing yourself or helping others with their physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. Green orbs could be a sign that a human spirit, like a ghost, is nearby and trying to communicate with people in the physical world.

Another green orb appearing in a photo unexpectedly.

Could a Green Orb Appearing in a Photo be a Spirit?

A green orb could mean that a spirit might be trying to tell you something. People think orbs are pure energy, possibly representing a spirit that has passed away or one that never had a physical body. If you spot a green spirit orb, it could be here to guide you or convey a message. This spirit could be someone you know or a stranger. Spirits might show up in meaningful places. Reflecting on why a location is important could help you understand who is trying to talk to you. Try meditating to connect with the spirit. If they want to communicate, they might reach out while you’re in a calm and thoughtful state.

Joey explains the significance of green orbs in photos

Possible Scientific Explanation for Green Orbs

When it comes to capturing unexplainable green orbs in photographs, the most logical explanation often lies in the behavior of light. These orbs can manifest due to a phenomenon called lens flare.

Lens flare occurs when light enters the camera lens and interacts with the internal components, causing artifacts such as orbs, streaks, or circles to appear in the resulting image.

Modern digital cameras, like the ones in our phones, have lenses coated with a thin film to reduce internal reflection and minimize lens flare. However, under certain conditions, intense sources of light—especially those emitting in the green spectrum—can still produce these compelling orbs.

This is especially true when the light source is positioned at an oblique angle relative to the camera lens, leading to internal reflections and refractions within the lens system.

Natural and artificial sources of bright light, such as the sun, street lamps, or flashlights, are common culprits leading to the appearance of green orbs in photographs. Even in low-light or night photography, the use of a camera flash can inadvertently cause the phenomenon.

As the flash interacts with particles in the air or small water droplets, it generates reflections and artifacts that materialize as vibrant green orbs in the final image. Therefore, while these green orbs may initially appear as mysterious or supernatural, they are sometimes the result of the complex interplay between light, lenses, and photographic technology.

Have you ever taken a photo with a mysterious green orb? Did it bring you comfort or cause fear? Tell us about it in the comments!

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The Pollock Twins




The Pollock Twins are thought to be one of the strongest cases in support of reincarnation.

In 1957, Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock lost their lives in a car accident. Their parents believe they were reincarnated the following year as their twin sisters.

The Tragic Death of Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock

In May 1957, in a small town called Hexham in England, two sisters, Joanna (11 years old) and Jacqueline (6 years old), along with their friend Anthony (9 years old), were going to church when a driver who was on drugs hit them. Sadly, the two sisters and Anthony died almost immediately.

The driver, a local woman, deliberately hit the children because she had been separated from her own kids. This incident became widely known in Britain, and the woman was later sent to a psychiatric hospital.

The Pollock Twins and Hints of Reincarnation

Armchair Investigator covers the case of the Pollock Twins

After Joanna and Jacqueline died, their mom and dad, Florence and John Pollock, were devastated. But when Florence got pregnant again, John had an unshakable belief the two girls would come back as twins.

Florence and John were Catholics and often fought about the idea of being born again. Florence didn’t agree with John’s thoughts, and it caused a lot of problems. It was even said that their whole marriage was in danger, and Florence almost wanted a divorce.

Neither parent’s family had a history of twins, and the doctor thought Florence would have only one baby. But surprisingly, on October 4, 1958, Florence gave birth to twin girls named Gillian and Jennifer.

Even though the twins looked the same, they had different marks on their bodies, which is uncommon. Jennifer had a small mark on her left hip, just like Jacqueline, and a mark on her forehead, similar to a scar Jacqueline had.

When the twins were three months old, the family moved to Whitley Bay, near Hexham. But as the girls grew up, they seemed to remember Hexham well, even though they didn’t grow up there.

When the family returned to Hexham when the twins were four, Gillian and Jennifer recognized and named places they had never seen, like the school Joanna and Jacqueline went to, the Hexham Abbey, and a playground their sisters used to love. They even seemed to know the way to the playground without ever having seen it before.

The twins could also recognize their late sisters’ toys and asked for them by name. Even though Florence had put away the toys, the twins remembered them as if they were their own. They knew the toys’ names, divided them exactly like their sisters did, and even mentioned that Santa Claus gave them the toys, which was true.

Florence and John noticed that the twins had similar personalities to their older sisters. Just like Joanna was protective of Jacqueline, Gillian took care of Jennifer and seemed more grown-up. The parents also observed that the twins liked the same games and foods as their sisters.

In the first few years, Florence didn’t believe John’s idea that the twins were “reincarnated.” But when she overheard them talking about the car accident that took their sisters’ lives, she changed her mind. Once, she heard the girls playing a game where they reenacted their sisters’ accident. Gillian was holding Jennifer’s head, saying, “The blood’s coming out of your eyes. That’s where the car hit you.”

Once, Gillian pointed to Jennifer’s forehead birthmark and said, “That’s the mark Jennifer got when she fell on a bucket.” It’s interesting that the twins also seemed scared of cars. When they were younger, they had bad dreams about getting hit by a car. Gillian and Jennifer would get scared and nervous around cars. When a car started in an alley, John remembered the girls holding onto each other, shouting, “The car is coming to get us!”

Around their fifth birthday, the memories of their ‘past lives’ slowly went away, and they started living normal lives. Even though they forgot about the accident, Gillian later remembered seeing herself playing in a sandbox at a house in Whickham. She had never been to Whickham, but she perfectly described the house and garden that matched where Joanna lived when she was four.

People often say the Pollock twins are “proof” of reincarnation, but some argue that their memories could have come from their four older brothers. John and Florence say they didn’t talk to the twins about their dead sisters until they were older, but it’s possible the twins heard about it from their brothers.

Do you think the case of the Pollock sisters is proof of reincarnation? Tell us your theories in the comments.

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