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In search of alien life, astronomers focus on the Moon’s dark side



Scientists are preparing to use telescopes on the far side of the moon, which could help detect signs of alien life, if it really exists, reports

Astronomers have long fantasized about placing observatories on the surface of the Moon, but recently the idea has been back in the spotlight as people gear up for their next mission to the Moon. Various space organizations plan to install radio telescopes.

This dark and quiet place is ideal for receiving weak, very low frequency radio waves left over from the dark ages of the universe. This is because in this place they are protected from radio communications from Earth. Experts say that these conditions make it possible to find something “extraordinary”.

“This is something that has been around for a long time as an idea. For the first time, agencies are starting to take this very seriously. It becomes something that is considered trustworthy and important, and something that can actually happen. We could do some extraordinary science,” said James Carpenter of ESA’s Human and Robot Research Program.

This comes after the successful launch of NASA’s Artemis, which paved the way for humanity’s return to the Moon by the end of the decade.

“There is a huge interest in projects on the Moon, and for cosmology, this may allow us to reach some of the extreme limits that we dream of. The moon is the most radio-quiet sky in the inner solar system, ” explained Professor Joseph Silka from the Paris Astrophysical Institute.

Back in 2021, NASA announced a proposal for the Lunar Crater Radio Telescope, an ultra-longwave radio telescope on the far side of the Moon.

NASA has said it will be much more effective at learning about the Dark Ages of the universe than ground-based or orbiting telescopes. The dark ages of the universe refer to the period of its early history after the Big Bang, but before the appearance of the first stars.

The team behind the planned telescope is about to deploy space robots to build a half-mile (one kilometer) wide radio telescope in one of several proposed craters on the far side of the surface. The telescope itself will have a wire mesh that must withstand temperatures ranging from -173 degrees Celsius to 127 degrees.

“There is a whole region of the universe that we simply cannot see. The development of this concept can lead to significant breakthroughs, especially in the field of deployment technologies and the use of robots to build giant structures beyond the Earth.

“I am proud to work with this diverse team of experts who are inspiring the world to think about the big ideas that groundbreaking discoveries can make about the universe we live in,” the researchers explained.

But radio telescopes may not only provide clues to the origin of the universe, but also offer the potential to search for extraterrestrial life.

That’s because, if it’s really there, telescopes could detect regular and continuous pulses of energy from outside the universe that could point to alien technology.

Using a radio telescope on the far side of the Moon offers an advantage in this regard because radio signals are often limited by interference from signals on Earth.

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NASA Drops Bombshell; Admits Moon Landings Were Faked




Did you know NASA has finally revealed the truth about the fake moon landings?

Mainstream media barely reported on the astonishing revelations, so most people remain none the wiser about what NASA has admitted in the last 12 months. 

The truth of the matter is NASA has all but admitted the landings were fake, and anybody who works in the space industry or has any knowledge about rocket science has quietly accepted that the whole thing was a charade. So why the hell is nobody talking about this?

We literally didn’t go to the moon in 1969 and, to this day, no human being — American, Russian, Chinese or ancient Egyptian — has been past lower earth orbit which is about 1000 miles above sea level.

That’s right, no human being has ever been higher than 1000 miles above sea level… Except for those times we “went to the moon” which is 240,000 miles away. And guess what, we did that in 1969! When a computer with the computing power of a TI-89 graphing calculator was the size of a house. We didn’t even have the technology for VCRs yet. We didn’t even have microwaves.

Fast forward to today, over 50 years later, when an iPhone 12 has more computing power than every single computer on Earth in 1969 COMBINED.

And yet…. NASA claims that we can’t go back to the moon because we have “lost the technology” to go to the moon. Apparently it was “destroyed” but they won’t tell us how or why. 

Hmm… Seems legit.

But it gets even worse.

Tired of people asking to analyze the original moon landing tapes, NASA had to admit they had LOST them. Then the story changed and they claimed they had TAPED OVER THE ORIGINAL MOON LANDING TAPES because of budget cuts.

Apparently they have since found the original tapes in a suburban garden shed in Las Vegas. Conveniently for NASA, they weren’t found in a Hollywood basement used by Stanley Kubrick.

Because let’s face it, how likely is it that NASA would actually tape over the original footage of mankind’s greatest achievement? Because of budget cuts, really?

And the fact that the TV broadcast, watched by hundreds of millions, was not sent directly to TV stations but was rather a projection of the broadcast off a wall which was then recorded and sent out, doesn’t sound like NASA are covering their tracks or anything.

Let’s face facts. Everything that was done 50 years ago is a thousand times cheaper and easier to do today. Are we actually expected to believe that we went to the moon in this piece of shit 50 years ago? I’ve seen homeless encampments on Skid Row that have more insulation. I’ve seen Met Gala costumes that look sturdier than that.

It’s all so implausible. Who shot the event from outside the capsule? How is the American flag waving? Why do the shadows look like they are the result of multiple light sources? Why is the letter C visible on one of the rocks? (which happens to look like a prop on a film set)?

And don’t forget about the time NASA astronaut Alan Shepard supposedly sneaked a golf club and some balls onto Apollo 14 and played golf on the moon. Hold on, how do you sneak a golf club onto a space craft when every cubic inch and ounce is accounted for?

He sneaked it up his ass, obviously.

Really, let’s think about this rationally. In 1969 we sent a tiny homeless tent covered in aluminum foil 250,000 miles away to a precise location, when even being 1/10000 of an inch off in any part of the launch would have caused the ship to miss the moon by thousands of miles…. And yet, we landed it, we played golf… And now we can’t even get humans past 1000 miles above sea level.

Perhaps the final word should go to Buzz Aldrin. According to Buzz, we didn’t go to the moon at all! But he didn’t stop there. Listen to what he says about the hundreds of millions of people around the world who were affected by the moon landing. It’s call mass formation psychosis. The elite have been using this technique to brainwash the masses since 1969.

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from

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UFO in the form of a black cube was filmed over Texas




A video of a strange black object that appears to be a cube was filmed this week on Tuesday at an unspecified location in Texas, USA.

According to the unnamed author of the video, he and his wife looked up at the sky as a military plane that looked like an F-111 bomber flew west to east right over their house.

They regarded this incident as very unusual, since military aircraft had previously very rarely appeared in their area.

But they were even more confused when, literally “seconds later” after the bomber’s passage, a dark object appeared in the sky.

At first it seemed to them spherical, but then they considered that it was more like a cube. It is also possible that the object has changed its shape.

In the video, a man can be heard saying, “It’s so weird. A military plane flies by, and then THIS appears, whatever it is,” to which his wife replies, “I have no idea what it is.”

It is indicated that the man sent the video he shot to the UFO site MUFON. The eyewitness also admitted that the strange object could be something mundane, such as a baby balloon, but he thinks that this “air anomaly” emits some kind of glow, which is clearly not related to the properties of balloons.

In his opinion, this “glow” may be associated with the propulsion system of the aircraft.

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