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The finds testify to the existence of a high-tech civilization of the past



The traces of the use of high-tech equipment left by the ancients prove again that we do not know much about our past.

In many places on the planet, strange ancient holes in the form of a star are found. Their shape is so perfect that it leaves no doubt that they were made by some kind of tool, similar to a modern drill.

Even now we do not have so many tools capable of making an ideally shaped recess in solid rock. These holes are thousands of years old. Many such accurately carved depressions are found in Egypt, Peru and other sites of pyramids and megalithic structures.

At Karnak, which is a huge temple complex near Luxor, Egypt, many examples of ancient core drill holes, and one whose diameter is greater than a human hand. As you can see in the photograph the wall of the drill itself was thinner than 21st century examples, and even engineers and mining experts that have seen it cannot explain what material the drill would have been made of to maintain its shape and stability at being so thin.

However, no ancient tool, no manual craftsman is able to make such an even cylindrical hole in the depths of the stone. There are especially many questions about perfectly even recesses, into which even a hand cannot pass.

Star-shaped holes carved into stone have been discovered in Norway

This star-shaped hole (with seven sides) was found by contractors on Friday November 30, 2007 in Volda, Norway.

After removing surface vegetation and loose surface material, contractors started working on the massive mountain. Stars have a different number of rays: there are holes in the form of 7 and 11 final stars, for example.

Dimensions: the Norwegian 5 – kroner coin is 25 mm in diameter. The hole is approx 65 – 70 mm in diameter.

It was during this work inside the mountain, this hole was unveiled. The hole is peculiar, it looks like a seven-sided star. It penetrates into the mountain.

According to local people; contractors have reached four meters into the mountain, it is said that the hole continues horizontally inward in paralell to the Volda fjord in a north/western direction, the hole tilts slightly downward.

The diameter of the hole is approx 65 – 70 mm. Currently, nobody knows how far the hole extends, and how it was formed.

Interestingly, some star-shaped holes become simply cylindrical in depth. As if they were drilled to strengthen something in them. In other cases, the recess, which at the beginning had a cylindrical shape, at a certain level, on the contrary, took the form of a star.

However, researchers have not found any tools with which to do something similar. We can only assume that all the high-tech equipment of the past was destroyed, removed or found, but we simply do not understand what it is, because we do not understand the principle of operation. And we take ancient construction tools, for example, for musical or ritual ones.

Meanwhile, sound waves could be used by ancient builders to process stone, and this is now being widely studied.

Moreover, civilizations that can easily process stone were located all over the planet, or was it a single civilization? Now traces of advanced ancient builders have been found in Scandinavia, which is another confirmation of the existence of an ancient highly developed civilization in the north, perhaps that same Hyperborea.

Several local blacksmiths have revealed that star-shaped holes were quite common in the old days. They say that the hole in Volda most likely was drilled in the 1930s. However, many people doubt this explanation.

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Hillary Clinton Claims Global Warming Is Killing 500,000 People Per Year




Speaking at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in the
United Arab Emirates over the weekend, Hillary Clinton engaged in some
more climate change fearmongering.

She said extreme heat, due to global warming, kills 500,000 people
per year and that the majority of the victims are “women and girls.”

Without data to back her allegations, Clinton claimed: “We’re seeing and
beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are
related to climate and by far the biggest killer is extreme heat”

NOW – Hillary Clinton: “We’re seeing and beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are related to climate.”

— (@disclosetv) December 4, 2023

InfoWars reports: That’s right, she “knows” based on estimates that they “probably could” measure the number of deaths.

Clinton continued, “Even in Europe last summer, which has the ability to count and figure out what happened, they recorded 61,000 deaths because of the heat in Europe. We don’t have that kind of number yet from Africa, Asia, Latin America, but we know and estimate that we probably could measure about 500,000 deaths. And, the majority of those are women and girls, and particularly pregnant women.”

The failed presidential candidate’s comment is debatable at best and more than likely a flat-out lie.

A 2021 peer-reviewed study in the Lancet found deaths during cold weather were much more common than heat-related deaths throughout Australia for nearly two decades.

In 2022, the Lancet published another study finding cold weather deaths in England and Wales from 2000 to 2019 were astronomically higher than hot weather deaths.

“Each year in England and Wales, there were on average nearly 800 excess deaths associated with heat and over 60,500 associated with cold between 2000 and 2019,” The Lancet Planetary Health study stated.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also recently posted about cold weather killing more people than heat, calling the claim, “An inconvenient TRUTH for the Climate Cult.”

Eight times as many people die from cold temperatures than from hot ones. The best fix for all temperature related deaths is cheaper energy. And yes, that means burning more fossil fuels.

An inconvenient TRUTH for the Climate Cult.

— Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) December 3, 2023

More and more people are waking up to the globalist climate scam being used to roll out a dystopian technocracy enslaving humanity while the elite live in luxury.

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Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference “Literally Frozen On Runway”




world leaders spoke at a ‘global warming’ conference in Dubai, located
in the heart of the Arabian Desert, discussing the usual: banning gas
stoves, cow farts, and petrol-powered vehicles, a powerful snowstorm
grounded all flights at Munich Airport in Germany. 

“Private jets
in Munich on the way to Dubai global warming conference are literally
frozen on the runway, which has turned into a glacier,” said Ryan Maue, a
meteorologist and former NOAA chief scientist. 

jets in Munich on the way to Dubai global warming conference are
literally frozen on the runway, which has turned into a glacier.

— Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) December 2, 2023

All flights have been canceled at Munich Airport. 

Munich Airport traffic usually looks like on a Saturday afternoon
compared to today as the airport has closed due to heavy snowfall. MUC
is expected to reopen tomorrow at 0500 UTC.

Nearly 600 flights at MUC canceled today.

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 2, 2023

If not in years, Munich might have received the most significant snowfall on record. 

With 44 cm left on the ground this morning, Munich, Germany has officially experienced its biggest December snowstorm on record.

— Nahel Belgherze (@WxNB_) December 2, 2023

Another inconvenient truth… 

Europe hasn’t seen a snow cover like this since 2010—60% is blanketed in white! ❄️

— Xavi Ruiz (@xruiztru) December 1, 2023

world leaders actually believed in global warming, they would’ve not
flown private jets to the desert. Furthermore,  having a global warming
conference in an area where it snows is just bad optics for these
virtue-signaling elites. 

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