Central American Whintosser

An artist’s depiction of the Central American Whintosser. Photo: Monster.Fandom

The Central American Whintosser is an aggressive, man-eating creature from Californian lumberjack folklore.

Description of the Central American Whintosser

The Central American whintosser is described as a very aggressive creature the size of a lion. It’s body is roughly triangular in shape with long bristly fur.

The whintosser is said to have 3 pairs of legs positioned at odd angles on it’s body. These legs are useful for keeping itself steady during earthquakes which are frequent in the region. It is able to rotate its head and tail over 100 times a minute.

Whintossers live in groups and will attack humans on sight. They can kill humans with their sharp claws and teeth or even cause their victims to pull themselves apart.

According to legend, Whintossers are incredibly difficult to kill. People have tried to club, shoot or drown the Whintosser only to have it spin around incredibly fast and eventually escape.

The only way to kill a Whintosser is to place it inside a large pipe. When all of it’s feet are touching a solid surface it will attempt to run in three different directions and tear itself apart.

Encounters with the Central American Whintosser

A video about the Central American Whintosser

According to the book Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, a John Gray of Anadar, Trinity County, California knew where to find a pair of Whintossers near the Mad River.

The Jersey Journal Newspaper reported in 1920 that the Kitchen Gang in Hudson County managed to capture a whintosser. They tried to kill it using a sponge soaked with hooch but were unsuccessful.

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