Deogen: Eyes in the Fog

An artist’s depiction of the Deogen and it’s shadowy followers. Image: ObscUrban Legend.

Deogen is an evil spirit that is said to haunt the Sonian Forest in Belgium.

Description of Deogen

Deogen is described as a roughly human shaped figure made of green or white fog. It has no features except for it’s hollow black eye sockets.

The Deogen is often accompanied by several small shadow figures believed to be the spirits of murdered children.

If you are out in the Sonian Forest at night and hear the laughter or crying of children it is a sign that the Deogen is near.

The Legend of Deogen

The legend of the Deogen originated from a short story written in 1837 called De Kinderen van Het Bezeten Bos. The story told of a group of nuns who were exploring in the Sonian Forest when they uncovered the burned bodies of 80 murdered children.

Deogen Sightings

Despite being based on a supposedly fictional tale, many people believe they have seen the Deogen for themselves.

Visitors to the Sonian Forest have reported seeing small, ghostly figures darting in and out of the trees. Others have reported the feeling of being watched through the fog.

When driving through the forest, some visitors have reported seeing small handprints appear on their vehicle before quickly fading away.

Some drivers have been forced to veer off the road as the small figures jumped out in front of their vehicles.

Theories about Deogen

A video about the Deogen

The most boring theory as with most paranormal stories is that the legend of the Deogen is simply made up or a highly exaggerated version of events.

It is also possible that the murders of the children did in fact happen and the short story was losely based on the events. Perhaps the spirits of the children really do inhabit Sonian Forest.

Since many of the sightings of the Deogen have come about after the book was written it is possible that a tulpa has been created. A tulpa is a being that is created as a manifestation of belief. Some think that if enough people believe in a creature it can be manifested simply by them believing in it.

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