Mezhgorye – Russia’s Area 51

The sign at the entrance to Mezhgorye. Is this Russia’s version of Area 51? Photo: Wikipedia.

Nestled deep within the Ural Mountains in Russia lies a secret military base named Mezhgorye, believed by some to be Russia’s Area 51 and possible the home of captured alien technology.

What is Mezhgorye?

A map of Mezhgorye in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Photo: Google Maps.

Mezhgorye is a town with a population of 17,353 located in the Ural Mountains in Bashkortostan, Russia. Access to Mezhgorye is heavily restricted.

Mezhgorye was founded in 1979 but didn’t become an official town until 1995.

The people who live there are believed to all be working on some top secret project surrounding Mount Yamantau. The Russian government has been evasive when asked questions about Mezhgorye and the project at Mount Yamantau.

When pressed the Russian government claimed Mezhgorye was:

A bunker for high level officials

A food cache

A mining operation

So which is it?

An American politician named Curt Weldon became interested in what was hiding within Mezhgorye. He claimed:

“I went to Moscow and spoke with the deputy interior minister who was in charge of mining. I asked him if there was any mining activity there. He just shook his head and said he had never heard of it. So I mentioned the other name the Russians used for it: Mezhgorye. He said he hadn’t heard of that either. Then he sent an aide out to check. Twenty minutes later, the aide came back, visibly shaken. He said they couldn’t say anything about it.”

Are there alien’s at Mezhgorye?

A video of Mezhgorye from above

There are a lot of similarities between Mezhgorye and Area 51: the secrecy, the remoteness and the evasiveness of the government.

Rumors have persisted for years that there are captured extraterrestrial aircraft and even bodies stored at Area 51 which believers claim explains the extra secrecy and security surrounding it when compared to other military bases around the US.

It seems logical to think that if the US has encountered alien technology the Russians probably have too and would need somewhere secret to store it.

Perhaps its more likely that Mezhgorye is a nuclear bunker filled with missiles ready to go at the push of a button.

What do you think? Is Mezhgorye just a run of the mill secret military base or bunker or is something more sinister going on? Let us know in the comments.

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