1994 Muskegon UFO Sightings

Some mysterious bright lights in the sky, similar to the ones seen during the Muskegon UFO sightings in 1994. Photo: Miami New Times

One March evening in 1994 hundreds of people around Lake Michigan saw strange lights darting around the sky at impossible speeds. The incident was captured on radar by a meteorologist and has become one of the most well documented UFO sightings of all time.

The Muskegon UFO Sightings

On the evening of the 8th March 1994 emergency dispatchers were inundated by over 300 calls reporting bright lights behaving strangely in the sky.

Witnesses described the UFOs as five or six bright, flickering lights in the sky that as looked like Christmas lights.

The lights were said to be cylinder shaped with red, white, green and blue lights.

Sightings were reported all over Michigan, mainly in Muskegon, Berrien, Ottawa and Allegan counties.

The lights were said to dart around the sky at impossible speeds. They would fly away from each other then come back together to form one bright light.

Radar Evidence of the Muskegon UFOs

Video containing the recorded conversation between the police and the national weather service about the Muskegon UFO sightings

Police contacted the National Weather Service at Muskegon County Airport to see if they were able to see the lights on their radar equipment and possible help in identifying them.

Meteorologist Jack Bushong answered their call and was shocked to see the lights appearing on his radar.

Bushong followed one light as it traveled along at 100 miles an hour then suddenly shot up to 5,000ft and then 10,000 ft. There are no human aircraft capable of such maneuvers.

Bushong watched the lights on radar while speaking to police for over an hour.

Bushong has repeatedly come out stating he doesn’t know what he witnessed that night and that it may be extraterrestrial in origin. His employers at the National Weather Service threatened to fire him if he spoke publicly about what he saw but since retiring he has been willing to share his story.

Possible Explanations for the Muskegon UFOs

MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) investigated the sightings and interviewed dozens of people who saw the Michigan UFOs.

MUFON claims they were able to rule out most mundane explanations such as such as a small plane, gas, blimp, weather balloon, satellite, shooting star and military aircraft or debris.

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