The Prime hook Swamp Creature

A map of the Prime Hook Wildlife Reserve where the Prime Hook creature was spotted. Photo:

A strange little creature described as being a cross between a maned wolf and a pug is said to lurk in the swamps of Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Description of the Prime Hook Swamp Creature

The Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Photo: visitdelaware.

Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge is a bird sanctuary in Delaware, US. It consists of a variety of habitats including salt and freshwater marshes, ponds, grasslands and woodlands. Over 267 different species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals call the refuge home.

One of the more obscure animals possibly living in the Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge is the Prime Hook Swamp monster. The Prime Hook swamp creature has been described as being about 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall with long lanky legs, a light brown body, a flat, pug-like face, small ears and a long tail. It is said to to be about 30 pounds.

Sightings of the Prime Hook Swamp Creature

A reddit user named Helen J. was driving in Broadkill Beach, Delaware around dusk one evening in July 2007. Suddenly on the side of the road in a swampy area a strange creature appeared. Helen and her daughter had never seen anything like it. It was a small, tan creature with long legs and a flat face.

Helen’s other daughter and her friend claimed to have seen a very similar creature run in front of their car in the same swampy area the year prior.

Helen asked around to see if anyone else had seen a similar creature. The owner of the Broadkill store claimed to have seen the creature while out dirt biking with her dad many years ago.

Possible Explanations for the Prime Hook Swamp Creature

Some believe the Prime Hook Swamp Creature is a deformed coyote or caracal cat. The deformity might explain the strange facial features and a lack of fur.

Perhaps it is a very rare creature that has simply not been captured and categorized yet. The Prime Hook Wildlife Reserve is a big area with plenty of spaces to hide.

Cryptid enthusiast Cole Herrold believes the Prime Hook Swamp Creature could be a devil monkey or some other form of undiscovered primate.

What do you think the Prime Hook Swamp Creature is? Let us know in the comments.

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