What is Residual Energy?

A ghostly image representing residual energy. Photo: Unsplash

Residual Energy Definition

In the world of paranormal research, residual energy is defined as a sort of residue or imprint left by an intense situation or strong emotion. It is believed that everything that occurs in this world leaves behind residual energy like a footprint.

Sometimes if the event is significant, such as a death or a horrible crime, the event may repeat itself over and over again like an echo. This is called a residual haunting.

Some paranormal researchers claim that EVP technology can be used to determine if a haunting is an active spiritual presence or just residual energy. If you ask a question and an intelligible answer appears on an EVP then it is an active spiritual presence. If you don’t get an answer or you get an answer that seems disconnected to your question then it is probably just residual energy.

For more information about residual energy and the connection to hauntings check out our article on residual hauntings.

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