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Crybaby Bridge



Across America there are legends of bridges that are home to the mysterious crying of an unseen baby. Some say the cries are of unwanted babies who were murdered by their parents on the bridge.

There are several legends of crybaby bridges from around the US. Here are some of the most well known:

Ohio’s Screaming Bridge

The Screaming Bridge. Photo: CreepyCincinnati

On Maud Hughes Road in Liberty Township, Butler County, Ohio, lies an old bridge with an evil reputation.

The Maud Hughes Road Bridge is said to have been the site of dozens of suicides and horrific accidents.

The bridge stands 25 feet tall over a set of railroad tracks. At least 36 suicides have taken place on the bridge.

Locals have reported seeing unexplained lights, hooded figures, weird patches of mist and even a phantom train around the bridge. On some nights you can hear the frantic cries of a newborn baby from the bridge, but no babies can be found in the area.

One local legend goes that a man and a women were driving over the bridge when their car stalled at the top. The man left to go and get help while the woman stayed with the car.

When the man returned to his vehicle the girl was hanging by the neck from the side of the bride. The man is said to have mysteriously dropped dead on the spot from unexplained causes.

To this day people claim to hear a disembodied women’s scream followed by a mans scream while standing on the bridge.

Another story associated with this bridge is that of a woman who was being chased down the road near the bridge.

It was dark and the woman didn’t know the area well. She ran onto the bridge and assumed there would be water underneath for her to make her escape by swimming to safety. She jumped from the bridge and fell to her death on the train tracks. It is said on warm summer nights you can still hear echoes of the woman’s screams.

Another popular legend that is told about this bridge is the story of a mother who could no longer cope with being a parent. She threw her baby from the bridge and then hung herself off of the side.

Coordinates for the Screaming Bridge: 39.394551°N 84.410427°W

Egypt Road Crybaby Bridge

The Egypt Road Crybaby Bridge. Photo: Only in your state.

This crybaby bridge is off Egypt Road near Salem, Ohio on what used to be West Pine Lake Rd. The bridge now leads to a dead end.

According to legend the sound of a crying baby often heard on the bridge is the ghost of a child that fell in and drowned.

There are also stories associated with the bridge that claim a satanic cult uses it as a part of their evil rituals.

In 2010 an elderly woman was found strangled to death and burned up just off to the side of the bridge.

To this day the cries and screams of a baby can be heard day and night while standing on the bridge.

Some even say anyone that crosses over the bridge will disappear and never be seen again.

Coordinates for the Egypt Road Crybaby Bridge: 40.929744°N 80.829978°W

Van Sant Crybaby Bridge

The Van Sant Crybaby Bridge. Photo: AtlasObscura.

The Van Sant Crybaby Bridge was built in 1875 and spans the lovely Pidcock Creek. It has also been known as the Beaver Dam Bridge.

According to the legends a young woman became pregnant out of wedlock. Her family disowned her for this and she was incredibly upset.

The young woman eventually gave birth to a healthy child. The following evening she crept out under the cover of darkness to Van Sant bridge. She clambered to the top of the bridge then threw the baby off. Distraught at what she had done she then hung herself.

Locals claim that if you park your car on the bridge you can hear the cries of the poor lost baby. You may also hear the toes of it’s mother scrapping on your car roof.

As well as being associated with the hanging mother this cry baby bridge also was once used as a hanging place for horse thieves.

Van Sant Crybaby Bridge Coordinates: 40.3279, -74.9580

Kentucky’s Sleepy Hollow Crybaby Bridge

Sleepy Hollow Road Crybaby Bridge. Photo: wave3.

Near the border of Oldham and Jefferson counties in Kentucky on Sleepy Hollow Road lies another infamous crybaby bridge.

It is said that many mothers over the years have dropped their sick, deformed or unwanted babies over the side of the bridge to drown.

To this day the cries of babies and young children are heard from this bridge.

Rogue’s Hollow Crybaby Bridge

Another crybaby bridge is located in Doylsetown, Ohio in a place named Rogue’s Hollow. The bridge is located on Galehouse Rd and spans the Silver Creek.

The bridge is closed to traffic during the winter months and belongs to the Rogue’s Hollow historical society.

Coordinates: 40.94111°N 81.67528°W

Possible explanations for crybaby bridges

All of the bridges seem to be connected to horrific tales of the death of babies. Maybe the residual energy from such terrible events has caused a residual haunting in the form of a babies cries.

Aside from the paranormal explanation of ghostly babies, what else could it be?

There may be something about the structure of the bridges or the surrounding environment that causes wind whistling through the area to sound like a baby’s cry.

Perhaps there are animals or birds in the areas that happen to sound like a human baby. Some have suggested red foxes as one possible culprit.

Maybe the way the water hits certain parts of the bridge causes a sound that sounds like a human baby.

It’s hard to know for sure if the noises are truly paranormal in origin without ruling out all other explanations first.

Have you been to any of these crybaby bridges or know of any other ones? Let us know in the comments!

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Green Orbs Appearing in Photos?




Green orbs appearing in a photo

Have you been taking photos and discovered mysterious green orbs appearing? What could this mean?

Spiritual Meaning of Green Orbs

Green orbs are believed by many intuitive people to symbolize nature, love, and the heart. If you see one, it could suggest that you should be more open to love and enjoy the beauty of the world. It might also mean you need to focus on healing yourself or helping others with their physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. Green orbs could be a sign that a human spirit, like a ghost, is nearby and trying to communicate with people in the physical world.

Another green orb appearing in a photo unexpectedly.

Could a Green Orb Appearing in a Photo be a Spirit?

A green orb could mean that a spirit might be trying to tell you something. People think orbs are pure energy, possibly representing a spirit that has passed away or one that never had a physical body. If you spot a green spirit orb, it could be here to guide you or convey a message. This spirit could be someone you know or a stranger. Spirits might show up in meaningful places. Reflecting on why a location is important could help you understand who is trying to talk to you. Try meditating to connect with the spirit. If they want to communicate, they might reach out while you’re in a calm and thoughtful state.

Joey explains the significance of green orbs in photos

Possible Scientific Explanation for Green Orbs

When it comes to capturing unexplainable green orbs in photographs, the most logical explanation often lies in the behavior of light. These orbs can manifest due to a phenomenon called lens flare.

Lens flare occurs when light enters the camera lens and interacts with the internal components, causing artifacts such as orbs, streaks, or circles to appear in the resulting image.

Modern digital cameras, like the ones in our phones, have lenses coated with a thin film to reduce internal reflection and minimize lens flare. However, under certain conditions, intense sources of light—especially those emitting in the green spectrum—can still produce these compelling orbs.

This is especially true when the light source is positioned at an oblique angle relative to the camera lens, leading to internal reflections and refractions within the lens system.

Natural and artificial sources of bright light, such as the sun, street lamps, or flashlights, are common culprits leading to the appearance of green orbs in photographs. Even in low-light or night photography, the use of a camera flash can inadvertently cause the phenomenon.

As the flash interacts with particles in the air or small water droplets, it generates reflections and artifacts that materialize as vibrant green orbs in the final image. Therefore, while these green orbs may initially appear as mysterious or supernatural, they are sometimes the result of the complex interplay between light, lenses, and photographic technology.

Have you ever taken a photo with a mysterious green orb? Did it bring you comfort or cause fear? Tell us about it in the comments!

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The Pollock Twins




The Pollock Twins are thought to be one of the strongest cases in support of reincarnation.

In 1957, Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock lost their lives in a car accident. Their parents believe they were reincarnated the following year as their twin sisters.

The Tragic Death of Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock

In May 1957, in a small town called Hexham in England, two sisters, Joanna (11 years old) and Jacqueline (6 years old), along with their friend Anthony (9 years old), were going to church when a driver who was on drugs hit them. Sadly, the two sisters and Anthony died almost immediately.

The driver, a local woman, deliberately hit the children because she had been separated from her own kids. This incident became widely known in Britain, and the woman was later sent to a psychiatric hospital.

The Pollock Twins and Hints of Reincarnation

Armchair Investigator covers the case of the Pollock Twins

After Joanna and Jacqueline died, their mom and dad, Florence and John Pollock, were devastated. But when Florence got pregnant again, John had an unshakable belief the two girls would come back as twins.

Florence and John were Catholics and often fought about the idea of being born again. Florence didn’t agree with John’s thoughts, and it caused a lot of problems. It was even said that their whole marriage was in danger, and Florence almost wanted a divorce.

Neither parent’s family had a history of twins, and the doctor thought Florence would have only one baby. But surprisingly, on October 4, 1958, Florence gave birth to twin girls named Gillian and Jennifer.

Even though the twins looked the same, they had different marks on their bodies, which is uncommon. Jennifer had a small mark on her left hip, just like Jacqueline, and a mark on her forehead, similar to a scar Jacqueline had.

When the twins were three months old, the family moved to Whitley Bay, near Hexham. But as the girls grew up, they seemed to remember Hexham well, even though they didn’t grow up there.

When the family returned to Hexham when the twins were four, Gillian and Jennifer recognized and named places they had never seen, like the school Joanna and Jacqueline went to, the Hexham Abbey, and a playground their sisters used to love. They even seemed to know the way to the playground without ever having seen it before.

The twins could also recognize their late sisters’ toys and asked for them by name. Even though Florence had put away the toys, the twins remembered them as if they were their own. They knew the toys’ names, divided them exactly like their sisters did, and even mentioned that Santa Claus gave them the toys, which was true.

Florence and John noticed that the twins had similar personalities to their older sisters. Just like Joanna was protective of Jacqueline, Gillian took care of Jennifer and seemed more grown-up. The parents also observed that the twins liked the same games and foods as their sisters.

In the first few years, Florence didn’t believe John’s idea that the twins were “reincarnated.” But when she overheard them talking about the car accident that took their sisters’ lives, she changed her mind. Once, she heard the girls playing a game where they reenacted their sisters’ accident. Gillian was holding Jennifer’s head, saying, “The blood’s coming out of your eyes. That’s where the car hit you.”

Once, Gillian pointed to Jennifer’s forehead birthmark and said, “That’s the mark Jennifer got when she fell on a bucket.” It’s interesting that the twins also seemed scared of cars. When they were younger, they had bad dreams about getting hit by a car. Gillian and Jennifer would get scared and nervous around cars. When a car started in an alley, John remembered the girls holding onto each other, shouting, “The car is coming to get us!”

Around their fifth birthday, the memories of their ‘past lives’ slowly went away, and they started living normal lives. Even though they forgot about the accident, Gillian later remembered seeing herself playing in a sandbox at a house in Whickham. She had never been to Whickham, but she perfectly described the house and garden that matched where Joanna lived when she was four.

People often say the Pollock twins are “proof” of reincarnation, but some argue that their memories could have come from their four older brothers. John and Florence say they didn’t talk to the twins about their dead sisters until they were older, but it’s possible the twins heard about it from their brothers.

Do you think the case of the Pollock sisters is proof of reincarnation? Tell us your theories in the comments.

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