An artist’s depiction of Hachishaku-sama. Photo: villans-fandom.

Hachishaku-sama sometimes known as Eight-Feet-Tall is a Japanese Yokai or evil spirit. Hachishaku-sama takes the form of an incredibly tall, ghostly woman with a deep, masculine voice.

Description of Hachishaku-sama

Hachishaku-sama appears as a eight-feet tall woman with black hair. She wears a long white dress, a large white hat and either no shoes or sometimes white or black high heels.

Hachishaku-Sama has a deep, masculine voice. She repeats the word “po” over and over again.

Hachishaku-sama likes to attack children aged between 9 and 11 years old. She will stalk them for days or even months before taking them away from their families and then killing them.

Hachishaku-Sama is said to prefer children as victims as she is able to imitate their parents to lure them into a false sense of security before grabbing them.

How to Escape Hachishaku-sama

If you have been selected as one of Hachishaku-Sama’s victims all is not lost. According to legend you can get rid of Hachishaku-sama by following an elaborate ritual.

You must stay overnight in a sealed room with salt and a buddha statue. You must ignore all noises and voices and let no one into the room.

After this you must get into an 11-12 seater van with a driver, a holy person who knows a specific chant and 8 close relatives. Once the van begins moving you must keep your head down, eyes closed and hold a special charm. While the van is moving Hachishaku-sama will pound on the van. Once the pounding stops you will be safe.

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