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Extraterrestrial DNA found in the bones of the world’s oldest human ancestor



The 400,000-year-old bones contain evidence of unknown species, which has led scientists to question everything they know about human evolution.

In November 2013, scientists extracted one of the world’s oldest human DNA from a 400,000-year-old femur, containing evidence of an unknown species on earth. The DNA of these hundreds of thousands of years old human ancestors shows a complex pattern of evolution in the origins of Neanderthals and modern humans.

The bone belongs to a human, but contains “Extraterrestrial DNA”. This remarkable discovery has led scientists to question everything they know about human evolution.

A 400,000-year-old hominin femur has been found to contain mitochondrial DNA for analysis.

The 400,000-year-old genetic material comes from bones that have been linked to Neanderthals in Spain, but its signature is most similar to that of another ancient human population from Siberia known as the Denisovans.

More than 6,000 human fossils, representing some 28 individuals, have been recovered from the site of Sima de los Huesos, a hard-to-reach cave, at a depth of about 30 meters in northern Spain. The fossils appeared unusually well-preserved, thanks in part to the constant cool temperature and high humidity in the pristine cave.

The skeleton from Sima de los Huesos Cave has been attributed to an early human species known as Homo heidelbergensis. However, researchers say the skeletal structure is similar to that of Neanderthals — so much so that some say the inhabitants of Sima de los Huesos were actually Neanderthals, not Homo heidelbergensis.

The researchers who conducted the analysis said their results show an “unexpected connection” between our two extinct related species. This discovery could unravel the mystery — not just for the first humans who lived in the cave complex known as the Sima de los Huesos (Spanish for “Pit of Bones”), but also for other enigmatic populations during the Pleistocene era.

Previous analysis of the bones from the cave led researchers to suggest that the Sima de los Huesos people were closely related to Neanderthals based on their skeletal features. But the mitochondrial DNA was much more like that of the Denisovans, an early human population thought to have split from the Neanderthals about 640,000 years ago.

A third type of people, called Denisovans, seems to have coexisted in Asia with Neanderthals and early modern humans. The last two are known from numerous fossils and artifacts. Denisovans have so far only been identified by DNA from one bone and two teeth, but this opens up a new twist in human history.

The scientists also found that 1 percent of the Denisovan genome came from another enigmatic relative, which scientists have dubbed “superarchaic man.” In turn, it is estimated that some modern humans may contain about 15 percent of these “superarchaic” gene regions. Thus, this study shows that the Sima de los Huesos people were closely related to Neanderthals, Denisovans, and an unknown population of early humans.

Who could be this unknown ancestor of man?

One potential contender could be Homo erectus, an extinct human ancestor that lived in Africa about 1 million years ago. The problem is, we’ve never found H. erectus DNA, so the most we can do right now is speculate.

On the other hand, some theorists have come up with some really intriguing hypotheses. They argue that the so-called 97 percent of the non-coding sequences in human DNA are nothing more than the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.

According to them, in the distant past, human DNA was purposefully designed by some highly developed extraterrestrial race; and the unknown “superarchaic” ancestor of the Sima de los Huesos people may be evidence of this artificial evolution.

An extraterrestrial connection or an unknown human species, whatever it is, the results only further complicate the evolutionary history of modern humans – perhaps even more populations could have been involved.

The answers to our true history are hidden in our DNA throughout our history, and it is there that we must look for the origins of the human race.

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Hillary Clinton Claims Global Warming Is Killing 500,000 People Per Year




Speaking at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in the
United Arab Emirates over the weekend, Hillary Clinton engaged in some
more climate change fearmongering.

She said extreme heat, due to global warming, kills 500,000 people
per year and that the majority of the victims are “women and girls.”

Without data to back her allegations, Clinton claimed: “We’re seeing and
beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are
related to climate and by far the biggest killer is extreme heat”

NOW – Hillary Clinton: “We’re seeing and beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are related to climate.”

— (@disclosetv) December 4, 2023

InfoWars reports: That’s right, she “knows” based on estimates that they “probably could” measure the number of deaths.

Clinton continued, “Even in Europe last summer, which has the ability to count and figure out what happened, they recorded 61,000 deaths because of the heat in Europe. We don’t have that kind of number yet from Africa, Asia, Latin America, but we know and estimate that we probably could measure about 500,000 deaths. And, the majority of those are women and girls, and particularly pregnant women.”

The failed presidential candidate’s comment is debatable at best and more than likely a flat-out lie.

A 2021 peer-reviewed study in the Lancet found deaths during cold weather were much more common than heat-related deaths throughout Australia for nearly two decades.

In 2022, the Lancet published another study finding cold weather deaths in England and Wales from 2000 to 2019 were astronomically higher than hot weather deaths.

“Each year in England and Wales, there were on average nearly 800 excess deaths associated with heat and over 60,500 associated with cold between 2000 and 2019,” The Lancet Planetary Health study stated.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also recently posted about cold weather killing more people than heat, calling the claim, “An inconvenient TRUTH for the Climate Cult.”

Eight times as many people die from cold temperatures than from hot ones. The best fix for all temperature related deaths is cheaper energy. And yes, that means burning more fossil fuels.

An inconvenient TRUTH for the Climate Cult.

— Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) December 3, 2023

More and more people are waking up to the globalist climate scam being used to roll out a dystopian technocracy enslaving humanity while the elite live in luxury.

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Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference “Literally Frozen On Runway”




world leaders spoke at a ‘global warming’ conference in Dubai, located
in the heart of the Arabian Desert, discussing the usual: banning gas
stoves, cow farts, and petrol-powered vehicles, a powerful snowstorm
grounded all flights at Munich Airport in Germany. 

“Private jets
in Munich on the way to Dubai global warming conference are literally
frozen on the runway, which has turned into a glacier,” said Ryan Maue, a
meteorologist and former NOAA chief scientist. 

jets in Munich on the way to Dubai global warming conference are
literally frozen on the runway, which has turned into a glacier.

— Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) December 2, 2023

All flights have been canceled at Munich Airport. 

Munich Airport traffic usually looks like on a Saturday afternoon
compared to today as the airport has closed due to heavy snowfall. MUC
is expected to reopen tomorrow at 0500 UTC.

Nearly 600 flights at MUC canceled today.

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 2, 2023

If not in years, Munich might have received the most significant snowfall on record. 

With 44 cm left on the ground this morning, Munich, Germany has officially experienced its biggest December snowstorm on record.

— Nahel Belgherze (@WxNB_) December 2, 2023

Another inconvenient truth… 

Europe hasn’t seen a snow cover like this since 2010—60% is blanketed in white! ❄️

— Xavi Ruiz (@xruiztru) December 1, 2023

world leaders actually believed in global warming, they would’ve not
flown private jets to the desert. Furthermore,  having a global warming
conference in an area where it snows is just bad optics for these
virtue-signaling elites. 

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