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Indrid Cold – The Grinning Man



An artist’s impression of Indrid Cold – The Grinning Man

Around the same time as the Mothman sightings of West Virginia, before the collapse of the Silver Bridge, people also reported seeing a strange man named Indrid Cold. Indrid Cold had a large, unmoving grin and seemed to be able to speak telepathically.


Indrid Cold was described as being a strange looking man about 6 feet tall. He had dark tanned skin, small beady eyes set wide in his face and a very flat nose.

The most startling feature of his appearance was his large, almost unnaturally large grin. The smile never left his face and he seemed to be able to talk telepathically, without moving his mouth.

He was always seen wearing an eccentric, sparkly suit that was either green of blue, covered by a dark overcoat.

Indrid kept his arms folded and his hands tucked into his armpits.

Woody Derenberger’s First Sighting OF INDRID COLD

The most notable encounter with Indrid Cold was reported by Woodrow Derenberger of Mineral Wells, West Virginia.

Derenberger was a travelling sewing machine salesman. One November night in 1966 he was travelling home from a business trip in Ohio when he had to stop to adjust a sewing machine in the back of his car.

When he got back on the road he noticed some bright lights on the road ahead of him. He assumed it was a police officer so her pulled over his car when he go close to the lights.

As he got closer to the lights he realised they didn’t belong to a police car but to a strange vehicle like nothing he had seen before. It was shaped like a kerosene lamp chimney.

Just incase you are like me and didn’t know what a kerosene lamp chimney was. Photo: Google.

The man spoke to Derenberger saying that his name was Indrid Cold and that he came from a place less powerful than the United States.

When he spoke he didn’t move his mouth and seemed to be able to telepathically communicate with Derenberger.

The man assured Derenberger that he was a flesh and blood man, not special or spectacular in any way.

Indrid encouraged Derenberger to tell the authorities of their encounter and told him that he would be returning to see him again soon.

Derenberger told the Parkersburg police what he had seen and before long the whole town was in a frenzy. People gathered outside Derenberger’s home hoping to get a glimpse of Indrid Cold.

Derenberger was interviewed on live TV leading to a whole range of people also coming forward with similar stories.

TV interview wih Woody Derenberger who clams to have interacted with Indrid Cold on many occasions.

Other nearby residents claimed to have seen lights in the sky on the same night as Derenberger’s encounter. Others also claimed to have seen the vehicle on the road that night but were too afraid to pull over.

Other Sightings of Indrid Cold

On October 16 1966 when two boys named Martin “Mouse” Munov and James “Jimmy” Yanchitis were walking on Fourth Street in New Jersey when they saw a strange, tall man lurking by a fence.

As they got closer to the figure they realised he was a bald man wearing a metallic green suit. The man was staring at them intently with a huge grin on his face. After a few seconds the man began chasing the boys but they managed to escape.

During the same time period of Point Pleasant, West Virginia a young girl named Linda Lilly awoke to see a man standing over her bed. The man was very large and tall and all she could see of him in the dark was his large, wide grin.

Linda screamed and hid under the covers and when she reemerged the man was gone.


You can purchase Derenberger’s book Visitors from Lanulos on Amazon. (Affiliate link)

Woody Derenberger went on to write a book about his further encounters with Indrid Cold claiming that he told him he was an alien from the planet Lanulos. There’s a very big rabbit hole to go down on this one if you’re up for it!

A more down to Earth theory is that Indrid Cold was just a normal man with an eccentric sense of style and Derenberger was embellishing the details.

This theory is supported by a comment on the Indrid Cold Cryptid Wiki claiming that Indrid Cold was a relative of user SamWamm. SamWamm said they have a strange relative named Indrid Cold or Kindrid Caud who would travel around the Point Pleasant area in the 1960s.

SamWamm’s relative was affectionately known to the family as Uncle Kain or Grandpa Kain. They described him as being a cheeky, friendly fellow with a huge grin. He was a Canadian Inuit man with a large flat nose and wide set eyes. He liked to wear a sparkly blue-green zoot suit.

This explanation does seem plausible but it doesn’t explain the kerosene lamp aircraft, the strange lights in the sky or Woody Derenberger’s continued meetings with Indrid Cold.

We may never know for sure what the truth is.

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The Blue Man of Studham Common




An artist’s interpretation of the Blue Man of Studham Common. Image: NEN Gallery

Many think that over 50 years ago, aliens came to Studham, a peaceful village near Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK. This belief was sparked by a strange story told by six young boys in January 1967, who said they saw something very unusual.

Six Boys and the Blue Man of Studham

Studham Common, where the boys saw the strange blue man. Was it an alien?

The event occurred on January 28, 1967, around 1:45 p.m., right after lunch. It took place near the Whipsnade Park Zoo, at Studham Common in Bedfordshire, U.K. Five, six, or seven boys, all 10 and 11 years old – Alex Butler, Tony Banks, Terry Cahill, Colin Lonsdale, David Inglis – were involved. They were playing before school started again at 2:00 p.m. at Studham Lower School.

The sky was clear even though it had been raining earlier. The boys were near a footpath leading to a low valley called Dell. This area, full of bushes and trees next to Studham Common, was a great place for them to play hide-and-seek.

The boys were playing and having fun at Studham Common when suddenly a blue lightning bolt appeared nearby. A 10-year-old boy noticed a small blue figure standing about 20 yards away, next to some bushes.

The figure was said to be around three feet tall, and it had a hat or helmet that was about two feet tall. The hat looked like a bowler hat without a brim, with a rounded top. The figure’s body was a shiny dark blue-grey color, which made it hard to see the figure’s shape and details clearly. It had a large black belt that was hanging down, with a black box about 6 square inches in size attached at the front.

The figure’s face had two round eyes and a flat, triangular shape where the nose should be. It had a split blue or blueish beard, with the two parts running down each side of the chest. There seemed to be a line or edge of hair or something similar at the top of the helmet, just above the eyes. The figure’s arms were short and stayed by its sides without moving. Its legs and feet were barely visible.

When they tried to approach the figure, he vanished as if he disappeared into smoke. Interestingly, they spotted him again, standing another 20 yards away. Each time they tried to get closer, he disappeared and reappeared further away. Eventually, the boys decided to hide and watch him from behind the bushes.

The Flying Saucer Review, a publication that spoke to the children, said they started hearing voices that seemed like unintelligible chatter from somewhere near them in the bushes. The boys felt like the blue figure was communicating with others, even though he didn’t move.

This made them cautious, so they didn’t rush towards the figure anymore. They continued to watch from a distance until they saw him standing still in the same spot for the fourth and last time.

The boys ran to their classroom and told their teacher about it, who didn’t believe them, but the local media and people who believe in UFOs took it seriously.

Apparently, all the different stories about this event were gathered in a book titled The Little Blue Man On Studham Common, but we have not been able to track this down.

Possible Explanations for the Blue Man of Studham Common

Drone footage of Studham Common, where the strange blue man was reportedly seen.

Some have suggested that the story is probably a hoax, made up by the school boys to get attention. The boys involved however have never wavered from their stories.

If the story is not just a hoax perpetrated by the school boys perhaps it truly was an encounter with something extraterrestrial or paranormal. Many alien abductees report missing time or having memories that don’t make sense, like they were planted. Perhaps the “blue man” was a memory planted in all of the boys’ minds to cover up something more sinister.

What do you think really happened at Studham Common? Tell us your theories in the comments.

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The Green Whale of Bantam Lake




Picturesque Bantam Lake where the Green Whale UFO was spotted in 2012. Image: Wikipedia

Before dawn on April 10, 2012, a motorist and a state trooper ten miles apart reported witnessing a colossal, neon-green object plunging from the sky into Bantam Lake, Connecticut.

Sightings of the “Green Whale”

A map of the location of Bantam Lake in Connecticut

The Republican American newspaper first reported the story on a Thursday morning. They said a driver in Litchfield saw a green, glowing object as big as a whale fall from the sky into Bantam Lake around 2 a.m. on the previous Tuesday. At the same time, a police officer about 10 miles away in Warren told the police station he saw something fall from the sky near Bantam or Morris.

Firefighters from Morris went up and down the lake in a boat to see if a plane had crashed, but they didn’t find anything. The search was stopped, and the mystery was not solved.

People living in the area found the story interesting, and some businesses tried to use the story to attract customers. But some people wanted to know what really happened.

Robert LaBonne, who used to be the president of the Bantam Lake Protective Association, wrote an email to two local politicians, State Sen. Andrew Roraback and State Rep. Craig Miner. He told them he was getting emails from people as far away as Florida asking what was being done to figure out the mystery.

Bob Leigh, called The Litchfield County Times one late Thursday afternoon. He said that he and two of his friends saw the same thing at the same place about two years ago, around the same time.

Mr. Leigh said that the whole sky turned into a strange green light and then it was gone.

Leigh and his friends looked at each other and wondered what that thing was. He said it came from the sky like a green blob.

A new report covering the story of the Green Whale of Bantam Lake

Possible Mundane Explanations for the Green Whale

It is not known for sure what exactly fell from the sky on that fateful April monring and so far there have been no searches conducted in the lake.

Brian Koberlein, a space scientist and writer, told CT Insider that meteoroids and asteroids can look green when they burn up in our atmosphere because of the iron-nickel in them. He thinks a meteor might be responsible for what was seen.

He said that it’s hard to tell where something is and how big it is in the night sky. For example, the moon looks really big when it’s low in the sky, but it’s always the same size. The same thing can happen with meteors.

They might look big, bright, and close to the ground, but they’re usually higher up and just look like they’re near the horizon. Since this event happened during a meteor shower, and green meteors are not unusual, he thinks it was probably a meteor.

Have you ever seen anything like the Green Whale of Bantam Lake? Tell us about it in the comments.

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