Dropa Stones

A Chinese Bi Disk, very similar in appearance to the Dropa Stones. Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

The Dropa Stones were stone discs with hieroglyphics etched on to them found in China and estimated to be about 12,000 years old. The archeologist who found them claims they speak about an alien race that has been living in China for centuries. Were they just a hoax or is there something more to this story?

Discovery of the Dropa Stones

Tibets Bayan Har Mountains where it is claimed the Dropa Stones were found. Photo credit: Mysterious Tibet.

Some stories online claim that the Dropa stones were during an expedition by Beijing University’s archaeological team headed by Professor Chi Pu Tei.

The team was said to be working in the remote Bayan-Kara-Ula area in the Himalayas and came across a set of caves that had been tunneled into the mountains.

Inside the caves the team found the remains of several small skeletons that appeared to be adult. They were said to be about 4 feet in height with skulls that seemed too large in proportion with the rest of the bodies.

Also found inside the caves were hundreds of stone discs now dubbed The Dropa Stones. They were described as being about one foot in diameter. Each stone had a double spiral engraved pattern originating from the center. They were claimed to have tiny hieroglyphics etched in to them, so faded and small that you needed a magnifying glass to read some of them.

The caves were said to be decorated with drawings of stars, constellations, the sun and the moon.

Upon returning to Beijing Professor Chi Pu Tei published his findings only to be met with ridicule from his peers.

Tsum Um Nui and the Dropa Stones

After Professor Chi Pu Tei gave up on his investigations of the Dropa Stones the reigns of the investigation were taken up by Doctor Tsum Um Nui.

Tsum Um Nui gathered as many as 716 stones from the mountains for further study. He claimed that he had been able to decipher the hieroglyphs on the stones.

He concluded that the stones told the story of a space craft that had crash landed in the Bayan Har Mountains driven by the Dropa, an alien race.

The Dropa were unable to repair their ship and had to become accustomed to life on Earth. The stones also claimed that the Dropa were hunted down and killed by the Han Chinese.

Tsum Um Nui is said to have published his findings in an academic journal in 1962 only to be met with ridicule like his predecessor. He was said to have moved to Japan in a self imposed exile and died shortly afterwards.

The Drupa Stones in Russia

Russian scientists heard about the Dropa Stones and organised for some to be sent to Russia to be studied.

This research concluded that the stones contained a high concentration of cobalt and other unidentified metals. They also detected an oscillation coming from the stones and if they were placed on a turntable it seemed that an electrical current was passing through them.

Are the Dropa Stones a Hoax?

Despite making for a great story it does seem that the Dropa stones may be made up. No record of them has ever been found in any museums across the world. None of the names mentioned in the story have been able to be verified as being real people who have ever existed.

A few elements of the story do seem to be based in reality however.

The Dropa or Dropa are a real human tribe originating from Tibet. They are of normal size and stature.

The Dropa Stones bare resemblance to the Chinese Bi Stones. Bi are ancient Chinese discs carved from Jade containing text and imagery, usually relating to the sky. The discs are very similar in appearance to the Dropa Stones.

Do you think this was all a hoax or there’s some grand conspiracy to erase it from the history books? Let us know in the comments!

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