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Quantum immortality: “I died, but woke up in an altered reality”



Have you had an unexplained accident where you should have died, but due to same random stroke of amazing luck, you managed to survive?

Were you ever so ill, you narrowly escaped death? Afterwards, did you remember events differently from those around you?

One possible explanation is that you may have indeed experienced death in another timeline, but your consciousness continued in an alternate reality.

Quantum immortality started as a thought experiment in the late 1980s, and later was more fully developed by physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark.

It suggests we may die many times throughout our lives. With each passing, our consciousness moves, slides, jumps or shifts to the closest timeline, very similar to the one where we died.

A Reddit user with the nickname “ConcertSufficient966” is sure that something very similiar happened to her recently, perhaps a glitch in the Matrix or getting into another reality.

“Two weeks ago, I was about to get ready for a party at six. Just before I started getting ready, one of my friends messaged me, super excited because a boy she’s had a crush on for the last four years finally asked her out, and he was coming with her to the party.

“While I was texting her back, my younger brother walked into my room and asked if I could drive him to his friend’s house, which I agreed to do. Then I went to the bathroom to have a shower and do my makeup.

“So I got in the shower, but when I went to wash my hair I realised that my conditioner was finished. I was pretty ticked off, because I’d only bought it a couple of days beforehand and it’s an expensive brand (my younger sister always uses up my things, so I knew she’d used it all). She’d also trashed the bathroom, leaving water everywhere and her dirty towel on the floor.

“I was pissed off and was about to get out of the shower in order to tell her off and get some more conditioner. But as I went to get out, I realised at the last second that she’d kicked the grippy mat we have at the bottom of our shower-tub up (our shower/tub is SUPER slippery without the grip mat).

“So as I went to step out, my foot slipped and I fell with my neck down onto the edge of my tub. Time seemed to slow down in my head, and I remember my last thought was “Wow, this is how I die? How stupid.”

“But here’s the thing- at the moment of “impact,” I woke up in a start, back in my bed. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy, like something from a dumb netflix show, but there’s literally no other way to describe what happened.

“I was lying in bed right before I got up to shower the “first” time, but I don’t remember falling asleep. And the thing is, I’ve been a lucid dreamer for the last five or so years, and if this was a dream, it was way more vivid than anything I’ve ever experienced.

“What weirded me out though, was that the exact same friend who texted me the first time messaged me after I woke up to tell me that the boy she had a crush on had asked another girl out, and she was pretty bummed about it and didn’t want to come to the party.

“I was weirded out that there was some similarity between that and the “dream,” but didn’t think much of it at first. As I went to reply, my younger brother came in to ask if I would take him to his friend’s house. All the blood drained from my face. He just stood in the doorway looking confused, and asked me what was wrong.

“I rushed into the bathroom, feeling like I was losing my fucking mind, and went to check the conditioner bottle. I know this sounds completely crazy, but the bottle was finished just like before. And the grip mat was kicked up.

“At that point I went to lie back down in bed and texted my friends to tell them that I wouldn’t be going to the party.”

Most people do not realize that they have jumped until later, unless the event is particularly traumatic. Sometimes, they can trace the shift back to a specific global tragedy or experience such as Redditor’s accident.

Small differences are sometimes noted, the result of earlier choices or decisions which manifest in the new reality. A dress may now be green instead of blue, or a friend goes by their middle name.

Quantum immortality theory states that if you “die,” things reset. The world in which you did die, everyone remembers you dying. But your consciousness isn’t done yet if that makes any sense. It jumps itself to a nearby timeline to protect itself. When your consciousness finally goes, it’s going to go when it’s supposed to.

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Experts Declare Experimental Cancer Vaccine Based On mRNA Technology Is ‘Safe and Effective’




A new cancer vaccine based on Covid mRNA vaccine technology
which has yet to be clinically tested has already been declared “safe
and effective” by the British government.

Known as ‘LungVax’,
the new vaccine is being developed by the University of Oxford, the
Francis Crick Institute and University College London, and is expected
to be the first of a huge range of new cancer vaccinations available in
the near future.

Research scientists developing the ‘groundbreaking’ lung cancer
vaccine claim it will be effective in preventing up to 90 per cent of
cases by training the immune system to locate and attack early signs of

Lung cancer cells look different from normal cells due to having ‘red
flag’ proteins called neoantigens. The LungVax vaccine will carry a strand of DNA which trains the immune system to recognize these neoantigens on abnormal lung cells.

It will then instruct the immune system to destroy these cells and stop lung cancer.

Professor Tim Elliot, lead researcher at the University of Oxford, said: ‘Cancer
is a disease of our own bodies and it’s hard for the immune system to
distinguish between what’s normal and what’s cancer. 

‘Getting the immune system to recognize and attack cancer is one of the biggest challenges in cancer research today.”

Elliot admitted the new vaccine is based on technology used to create the Covid vaccine.

‘This research could deliver an off-the-shelf vaccine based on
Oxford’s vaccine technology, which proved itself in the Covid pandemic.

Remarkably, given the disastrous health consequences for those
vaccinated with the experimental Covid vaccines, Eilliot praised the
mRNA roll out as a success.

‘If we can replicate the kind of success seen in trials during
the pandemic, we could save the lives of tens of thousands of people
every year in the UK alone.’

Researchers have been granted up to £1.7 million from Cancer Research UK and the CRIS Cancer Foundation.

The team will receive funding for the study over the next 2 years to
support lab research and initial manufacturing of 3,000 doses of the
vaccine at the Oxford Clinical BioManufacturing Facility.

If successful, the vaccine will move straight into a clinical trials,
involving those at biggest risk of disease, such as current and former
smokers who currently qualify for targeted lung health checks in some
parts of the UK.

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TV Host Demands Gov’t ‘Take Control’ of Elon Musk’s X To ‘Shut Down’ Conspiracy Theories




Elon Musk’s X must be “shut down” by government because dangerous “conspiracy theories” are spreading on the social media platform, according to British TV host Jeremy Vine.

“If there any argument to say, and this will sound crazy, but
China does it, we’ve got to now take control of Twitter and shut it down
for the time being,”
said Vine.

Vine made the comments earlier this week during a heated debate
regarding speculation surrounding the health and whereabouts of Kate
Middleton, the Princess of Wales.

‘We’ve now got to take control of Twitter’…..???????????? ⁦

— Right Said Fred (@TheFreds) March 20, 2024

Boomers have become obsessed with speculating that Middleton has died or is severely unwell and that the Royal Family is hiding it because she hasn’t been seen in months after an operation.

The manipulation of a series of photo of Middleton and her children also only served to fuel the rumors, as some sources close to the princess claimed she had been murdered by the royal family.

However, instead of dismissing the whole issue for what it is, a pointless distraction that will disappear once Middleton makes a public appearance around Easter, Vine called for draconian measures.

Modernity report:

Ah yes, the Communist dictatorship of China, which shuts down the Internet to clamp down on dissent and enhance its repression of undesirables.

That’s definitely who we should be mimicking, Jeremy.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, Vine’s show was a platform for some of the most vulgar, authoritarian drivel imaginable.

One show asked if children who are unvaccinated should be banned from schools or made to wear special badges.

Another asked, “Is it time to ban the unvaccinated from traveling?”

Vine has made a name for himself as being a dutiful amplifier of regime messaging, while his annoying side hobby of biking around London looking to film confrontations with motorists has also angered many.

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