Canadian Man Claims he was Kidnapped by a Bigfoot

In the warm Canadian summer of 1924, woodsman Albert Osman was relaxing in the woods near Toba Inlet in British Columbia. He claims that while he was sleeping he was kidnapped by a group of Bigfoots and held hostage for 6 days. Could there be any truth to this bizarre story?

Albert was enjoying his summer vacation, sleeping under the stars in his sleeping bag. He had heard stories of giant man beasts roaming the area but didn’t believe there was any substance to them. For three nights in a row when he woke up he found his camp had been disturbed by some kind of animal. On the fourth night he climbed into his sleeping bag fully clothed with his rifle hoping to surprise the beast when it returned. He tried to feign sleep to deceive the beast but ended up falling asleep while waiting. He was abruptly awoken by something grabbing him and what felt like being tossed onto the back of a horse. An 8ft tall Sasquatch had picked him up in his sleeping bag, rucksack and all, and was carrying him off.

Ostman claims the bigfoot carried him for three hours across the wild terrain and eventually dropped him down in a clearing. Ostman found himself surrounded by four large ape-like creatures. He believed them to be a male, a female and two children. They refused to let him leave but did not harm him apparently viewing him as a form of entertainment. They fed him sweet tasting grass and water.

Ostman claims that the female Sasquatch spent her time washing and stacking leaves while the male left the camp to gather food. Ostman had a gun with him but didn’t want to harm the creatures as they hadn’t harmed him and he was not sure if he could overcome all four of them. He managed to escape after 6 days after the largest bigfoot stole some snuff from his knapsack and became violently ill.

Ostman kept the story to himself for over 24 years as he felt no one would believe him. When more sasquatch stories were being made public he felt more comfortable telling his story and told it to The Province, a local newspaper, in 1957.

Many people are skeptical of Ostman’s story due to a lack of evidence and the fact that he waited to long beofre telling anyone about it. Primatologist John Napier has stated that the story is unlikely due to the limited food resources available to feed such big creatures. In spite of this many experts are beginning to be more opened minded to the existence of bigfoot in general. The sheer number of sightings over such large areas and the complexity of footprints that are found points to something unexplained out there whether it is the bigfoot of legend or something else entirely.

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