Town Abandoned Due to Bigfoot Attacks

The once bustling cannery community of Portlock, Alaska now lies unoccupied on the Kenai Peninsula. Beginning in the 1940’s a number of mysterious disappearances and murders caused the population to flee en masse. The locals believe these deaths were caused by the Nantinaq, a bigfoot-like creature lurking on the outskirts of the village.

The Aluet people have inhabited the Kenai Peninsula for over a thousand years but the village of Portlock was only established in the 1780s. It is a wild and sparsely populated region known for its fishing and wilderness.

The first reports of something being amiss in Portlock come from a cannery camp that struggled to keep staff. Many men left because of “something” bothering the camp. The camp was filled with fear and uncertainty as unexplained occurrences happened everyday such as food going missing and equipment being destroyed.

Hunters and gold miners in the area began going missing at an unusually high rate. One man who was out chopping wood was found murdered by a single blow that would have been impossible for a human to inflict.

One group of hunters was stalking a deer when they noticed a huge set of footprints also following it. They continued tracking the deer and eventually caught up to a gruesome scene. They found huge amounts of blood surrounded by 18 inch footprints with no carcass to be found. The footprints continued into the foggy mountains.

One man was walking along the beach when he saw a huge hairy man destroying fishing wheels along the coast. He ran back to his house to get his gun and when he returned the giant man simply stared at him and walked off.

Bodies began washing up in the lagoon with strange wounds that no bear could inflict. The townspeople began to panic and started leaving in droves. In 1950 the post office closed and the last resident left Portlock.

To this day Portlock remains a ghost town no one dares to live in. Would you like to live there?

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