“Sasquatch” Brutally Murders Three Men in Northern California

When Sasquatch or Bigfoot comes to mind it usually conjures up images of a giant, upright, timid ape hiding in the backwoods of America, doing it’s best to stay out of the way of humans. This account however adds darker undertones to the mythos of Sasquatch. Three immigrant workers were found brutally murdered, torn limb from limb, with their valuable marijuana crop left untouched. Could this brutal attack have been the work of an angry Bigfoot?

The attack is said to have occurred in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, a section of land including Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino Counties. This area is known for its untouched wilderness and ancient redwood trees with hidden marijuana farms scattered throughout. The area has been a hotbed for Sasquatch and Bigfoot sightings with the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Film being shot there. There is an unusually high number of missing persons reported in the area and some locals blame these on the presence of Sasquatch. They suspect that new comers to the area may unknowingly venture into Sasquatch territory and suffer harshly for their mistake.

Journalist David Holthouse claims he was staying on one of these marijuana farms in 1993 while visiting a friend who worked there. One evening while they were relaxing at home three panicked men from the neighboring farm came bursting into the house claiming that they had just come upon a grisly sight. They claimed to have found the bodies of three men torn limb from limb in the woods just outside their farm with huge footprints nearby in the mud. They were certain they had been killed by a Sasquatch.

The story persisted in the area for years as an urban legend serving as a warning to many not to venture too far into the woods in Emerald County. Due to the victims being undocumented immigrants the deaths were not reported to the police.

David Holthouse’s documentary “Sasquatch” delves deeply into this story to see if it even happened at all and if the deaths were in fact caused by some ominous cryptid. He interviewed many locals looking for anyone that had first hand knowledge of the deaths in 1993. What he found was possibly even more disturbing than Sasquatch. It turns out it the men who were killed had crossed one of the marijuana farmers who was fiercely protective of his land and his product. It is likely that they were murdered by a man rather than a monster.

Due to the uncertainty and secrecy surrounding this case we may never know for sure what happened to the three men. Regardless it pays to watch your back in the Emerald Triangle.

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