How The Spirit of Teresita Basa Solved Her Own Murder Case

Teresita Basa was a Filipina immigrant to the United States who was found brutally murdered in her Chicago apartment in 1977. Her murder went unsolved for several months with police having no real leads. Five months after her murder one of Teresita’s coworkers claimed to have received information about the young woman’s death while in a trance. This information led to the police convicting Allan Showery of her murder in 1979.

In the 1960’s Teresita moved to the United States from the Philippines hoping to make a better life for herself. She came to study music but ended up becoming a respiratory therapist working at the Edgewater Hospital in Chicago. She was still passionate about music, pursuing a master’s degree and giving free piano lessons to children in her neighborhood.

On the day of her murder Teresita spoke to her friend Ruth on the phone for around 30 minutes. She told Ruth that she was expecting a friend to come around later but didn’t give her a name. Only one hour later firefighters were called to Teresita’s apartment after neighbours complained of smelling smoke. When they arrived they discovered Teresita’s naked body hidden under a mattress with a knife protruding from her chest. Despite appearances there was no evidence of sexual assault.

Six months after her murder, the Washington Post reported that a coworker of Teresita’s named Dr. Jose C. Chua Jr. (Joe) claimed his wife, Remy, was having “visions” about the murder. They reported that one night while Remy was taking a nap she suddenly began sleep talking in another voice. The voice said ‘Ako ‘y (I am) Teresita Basa’ and told Joe that Teresita had been killed by Allan Showery, their coworker, and urged Joe to go to the police. When Remy woke up she claimed to have no memory of this conversation. Joe decided, at first, not to go to the police.

Several days later the voice possessed Remy a second time, asking Joe why he had not told the police about Showery. Joe replied that he had no evidence against Showery. The voice then told Joe that Showery had taken some of Teresita’s jewelry and given it to his girlfriend after the murder. The police did not know whether to take this information seriously or not but decided to do a background check on Showery since they had no other significant leads. They found that Showery lived close to Teresita and had arranged to go to her apartment that night to repair her TV.

Detectives brought Showery in for questioning and he confirmed that he had gone to her apartment that night to repair the TV but left as he did not have the right tools. Skeptical the detectives asked Showery’s girlfriend if Showery had given her any jewelry recently. She said that he had and allowed Teresita’s friends and family inspect it. They confirmed that some of it had belonged to Teresita.

When confronted with this evidence Showery confessed to Teresita’s murder. He claimed that after he left her apartment he planned to return and rob her. When he returned Teresita let him back in and he attacked her, murdering her and removing her clothes to make it look like sexually motivated. He then hid her body under a mattress and set it on fire.

Showery initially tried to get the case against him dismissed because all the evidence was paranormal in origin. Police testified that the way Showery quietly came with them when arrested without protesting suggested his was tacitly admitting his guilt. Showery ultimately pleaded guilty to the murder on Feb. 23, 1979 and was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his crime.

Was it really Teresita’s spirit that led to the prosecution of her killer or did Remy have some secret knowledge of the case that she was afraid to share any other way? We may never know for sure.

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