The Mysterious Disappearance of Vladimir Bastl

In 1999 during a cold winter in Krahulov, Czech Republic a man named Vladimir Bastl was walking to work when he disappeared without a trace. His footprints were found in they snow but they stopped suddenly with no other sign of the man left behind. What could have happened to him?

Four witnesses state that they saw Vladimir walking along the side of the road on the outskirts of Krahulov in the early hours of the morning. A few hours later Vladimir’s coworkers realised he hadn’t shown up for work and became concerned. The house he was supposed to be working on was deserted with its lights off and no sign of Vladimir having been there. The worker called his boss to let him know something wasn’t right. Vladimir’s boss then went to his house to see if he could find him and make sure he was ok since it was very out of character for him to not show up to work with no notice. Vladimir’s boss found an unfinished breakfast and coffee on his dining table. He then let Vladimir’s dog off of its leash in the hope that it would be able to lead him to Vladimir.

The dog lead Vladimir’s boss to a set of foot prints going from the house and down the road towards the place where he was supposed to be working. Vladimir’s boss followed the foot prints in the snow several miles down the road until they abruptly stopped. When they reached this point the dog became agitated, crying and growling and refused to leave the area of the road. Eventually Vladimir’s boss had to pick up the dog and carry it back to the village.

Once the sun came up the police were notified and an extensive search of the area was carried out. Police, firefighters, the army and residents from several surrounding villages came to look for any clue as to what may have happened to Vladimir but nothing was found. After a few weeks the search was called off until the spring once the snow had melted. Police combed the area including nearby forests and lakes in the hopes of finding Vladimir’s body but nothing was found.

Shortly after Vladimir was reported missing dogs all over the village began to bark non-stop. Locals said the barking sounded strange and that there was just something unnerving about it. Three days after Vladimir’s disappearance his dog also disappeared without a trace.

Vladimir’s family believe that something paranormal happened to him possibly even that he was abducted by aliens. His parents and cousins were deeply involved with alien theories and spiritism and think it is possible that he was abducted by aliens or possibly slipped into another time or dimension. Vladimir was the only member of his family who was a skeptic of all things paranormal and didn’t believe any of it was possible. Police speculate that he may have been hit by a car with his body then being taken and disposed of far away or on private property. Critics of this theory believe it is unlikely as there would be signs of something being amiss in the foot prints or evidence of blood on the road.

Whatever happened to poor Vladimir may never be known for sure. We hope that one day some answers to this mystery will be found to give some closure to the family he left behind.

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