Congressional UFO Hearing 2022

UFO enthusiasts have been waiting for years to the US Government to give up their secrets concerning unidentified objects observed in the sky over the last 50 years or more. A congressional hearing was held on Tuesday 17th May openly discussing sightings a records of unidentified aerial phenomena of UAP’s.

Previously the government presided over Project Blue Book, an effort to research and explain UAPs but this project was closed over 50 years ago. The project assumed UAP’s to be potential threats from other nations so sightings were cataloged and researched carefully. Once the threat of foreign interference was ruled out the project was closed but sightings of unknown phenomena continued eventually leading to this congressional hearing.

It was revealed in 2017 that the US Department of Defense had restarted a programme very similar to Project Blue Book. Congress dubbed this project the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group or AOIMSG. The 2022 congressional hearing was intended to shed light on this organisation to all members of congress and the general public.

It was explained to the Congressional Hearing that AOIMSG completes rigorous analysis on any unidentified aerial event and is able to come to conclusions for what is causing them in the vast majority of cases. For the rest of the cases it is the intent of AOIMSG to determine whether the objects are a threat to national security from another country or otherwise. The experts presenting at the hearing wanted to make it clear that they did not believe any of these unidentified cases to be extraterrestrial in origin. Following the hearing another classified meeting was held with lawmakers.


Several leading UAP experts have mixed reviews of the hearing. Some believe that the government beginning to be more open with the public about UAPs is a step in the right direction. Others are disappointed that government is not being more proactive to figure out the cause and origin of UAPs beyond determining that they are not a threat to national security. They want UAP experts and scientists to be brought into the fold to be able to research the phenomena thoroughly. Many are encouraged by the fact that the government seems to be taking UAPs more seriously and removing the stigma associated with researching them.

Believers suspect that the follow up meeting with lawmakers included more details about the potential for alien involvement with UAP phenomena. They insist that the US Government is hiding evidence of alien aircraft in order to prevent panic among the population and to avoid destabilising social cohesion by threatening the worldview of the Christian majority. Skeptics acknowledge the potential for aliens to be involved with UAP phenomena but believe it to be incredibly unlikely. The immense scale of the universe makes it very difficult for any other civilisation to make contact with us in the same way that we have difficulty reaching them. Given enough time however it is not impossible. Eventually whether it be within the next 100 or 1000 years we should be able to find other life out there in the universe.

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