The Black Knight

The Black Knight is a mysterious object that has been orbiting around the earth for thousands of years. It is believed by some to be evidence of extra-terrestrial activity.

The theory goes that the Black Knight has been orbiting earth since before humans existed. Theorists claim that strange radio signals detected by Nikola Tesla in his experiments with radio 1899 were communications from this extra terrestrial satellite. Tesla stated “The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause then known to me… The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.”

TIME magazine published a story in 1960 recounting that the US Navy had spotted an unidentified satellite that they feared may have been soviet spy technology. The US government later claimed the object was in fact a piece of space junk that had broken off of one of their reconnaissance satellites. Black Knight believers dispute this claim stating it to be a cover up attempting to through the public off the scent of extraterrestrial evidence.

In 1963 an Astronaut name  Gordon Cooper was orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station when he said he saw a glowing green light suddenly appear ahead of him. At the same time an unexpected object appeared on the radar of a tracking station in Australia which Cooper was orbiting above. The evening news in Australia reported on Cooper’s sighting, and the unknown object was referred to as the Black Knight Satellite.

NASA was quick to debunk Cooper’s UFO claims stating that there had been a malfunction in some equipment in Cooper’s space capsule which caused glowing light from escaping gases. NASA was insistent that Cooper had not seen a UFO but simply had a hallucination. Years later when Cooper had left NASA he claimed that he definitely saw a UFO on that fateful day and that NASA had forbid him from talking about it. Cooper continued to be very vocal about about what he had seen for the rest of his life. He often shared frustration that the U.S government continued to cover up evidence of alien contacts.

As for the picture of the Black Knight featured above? Theorists claim it is irrefutable evidence of the existence of the Black Knight. Representatives from NASA believe it is simply a thermal blanket gone astray. What do you think?

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