Bart Sibrel presents evidence claiming NASA faked the moon landings

Bart Sibrel, author of “Moon Man: The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List,” accused the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of faking the moon landing.

Sibrel, who spoke with Sean G. Turnbull at “SGT Report” about his book, shared some of the things he discussed in its pages, including solid evidence of the actual location of the Apollo 11 “moon landing” filmed in June 1968 – more than a year before the supposed moon landing.

He added that the book reveals the actual name of the military base where the event was filmed, the official Central Intelligence Agency code name for the project and a list of 15 people who witnessed it happening, some of whom are still alive.

All the information, he said, was given to him by the chief of security of the military base on his deathbed.

One proof that American astronauts were not able to land on the moon is seen through simple logic, Sibrel said. One photo from Apollo 11 showed shadows intersecting at 90 degrees from objects five feet apart from another, which looks a lot like electrical lighting.

He also shared that they discovered unedited footage of NASA faking a shot over and over again, creating an impression that they are halfway to the moon.

Another proof, according to Sibrel, is the level of reenactments that occur in moon landing documentaries. “It’s like 95 percent reenactments,” he said.

He also shared that videos about the moon landing have been pulled out and reduced to five percent of its screen size as the quality is very bad and considering that there is little to document. 

“Not only did they destroy the hardware, the blueprints, the electronic design that they spent $200 billion building, they [also] destroyed the telemetry data, which is basically where the spacecraft actually is, which is in Earth orbit the entire time,” he shared.

He also said that NASA destroyed all original data that showed the fake sets “because these were fake sets, and they were afraid high resolution might reveal too much information. All that is proof of the fraud.”

Others back up Sibrel’s claims

In 1976, a man named Bill Kaysing wrote a book theorizing that humans never set foot on the moon. The book, titled “We Never Went to the Moon,” discussed how NASA and the Defense Intelligence Agency worked together to fake the Apollo 11 moon landing by launching an empty Saturn V rocket, which fell back to Earth, out of public sight.

A lunar landscape was also said to be created in Area 51, as astronauts and mission control took part in a meticulously staged hoax that is designed to fool the public, especially the Russians, who the Americans are in competition with to launch humans in space and on the moon.

Fake photographs and film footage were taken and the astronauts’ return was staged by dropping a space capsule from a plane into the ocean.

Another author, Ralph Rene, believes that astronauts could not have made it to the moon, as the Apollo spacecraft would have needed at least an equivalent mass in lead of two meters of water shielding to prevent cosmic radiation from cooking the astronauts inside. (Related: How the moon landing showed our world that aliens are more than just science fiction.)

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