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Abductees And Beyond The Human Re-Abduction Scenario And The Quest For Psi-Tech



Abductees And Beyond The Human Re-Abduction Scenario And The Quest For Psi-Tech
Within and without the greater UFO studies community, one issue persists in provoking disbelief. This enigma is extraterrestrial ‘abduction.’ Even in light of ET research done for decades now, abduction eludes actual understanding.
Thousands of case studies bear out consistent patterns, where ‘experiencers’ perceive ETs. Yet, the very nature of abduction testimony is also consistent, as if to symbolize a paradox: the evidence refuses to engage us on a level we can relate to. Why?
Prominent abduction therapists serving the experiencers, have all documented these consistencies. Their reporting shows an evolving set of abduction data. It appears only to be ET, in its anonymous, but anomalous detail. And this has been repeatedly publicized in media. Our focus, or thread of continuity, in this article is the universal standard of anomalies common to most UFO data.
However, abduction therapist Yvonne Smith voices frustration over a recurring public perception of abduction. During her public appearances, Smith has been repeatedly asked whether a more logical cause for abduction is simply a human one: i.e., a covert military cause for the phenomenon? In his book Revelations, scientist Jacques Vallee also considers the same explanation.
Vallee asserts his analysis that many ET-abduction cases may be psy-op deceptions, perpetrated by U.S. Intelligence agencies. Why this question persists, has been neglected!
The human scale rationale for such a thesis is understandable. And this brings us back to the nature of UFO phenomena. Thus, humans, generally do not relate to anomalous, or paranormal evidence: we have been enculturated to perceive in this way. We have learned to find a rational bias for explaining all experience. Especially, as applied to any possible experiences not expected to occur in the reality modern people agree to live in.
This consensus worldview of ours, does not readily allow that paranormal UFO data can coexist within it. Yet, our skepticism is not usually defined, to explain precisely why the paranormal symbolizes a challenge to our reality itself. And for some, this anomaly factor evokes a phobia of sorts, towards ETs or any deductions supporting them – ‘the Others.’

In this way, abduction evades our understanding. But the perceptual limitations of our chosen vantage on reality includes the option for expanding our boundaries. Consciousness raising is needed to even begin finding a means for relating to reported paranormal ET-activities. And the first step is learning to appreciate the facts of parapsychological assets, within the realms of human potential.
In our combined research, my collaborator Melinda Leslie and I discovered a principle. It is a practical way to appreciate the basic human response to the apparent ET-presence. This is to say, the ET-presence is about technology and consciousness. In the data, amassed by greater ufology, mounting evidence supports a technologically unforeseen insight: if UFOs are a technology; and if contactee/abductee accounts are accurate, in their consistent observations of ET-telepathy — the conclusion deduced is potentially empowering. That is, ET-technology operates when ETs merge their consciousness with their technology.
A technology “sufficiently advanced” to this degree, humans cannot relate to. However, humans may be realizing that such vehicles are plausible, due to human/ET testimony. This is an extremely empowering inspiration to present to humans! Especially, those humans in a position to experiment with such futuristic advisement. Quoting futurist Arthur C. Clark, his third law of technological futurism says, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Such an interplay of mindful-techno operation portends unknown cultural changes. Since such mental-interfacing systems give new meaning to ‘mind over matter’: beyond the non-linear cybernetics at the speed of light, onto the faster speed — of thought!
Individual minds, empowered to interact with an extra sense of perception can only reproduce as a group, with collective consciousness: a return to a psychical group mindedness. Abductee testimonies point to a human future comprised of such ET behavior markers. Perhaps, this led to the air of disaffection voiced in Dr. David Jacobs’ abduction book, The Threat. Yet, digital technology already points in this direction, with or without ETs.
Thus, deep within ufology are found concepts, data, as if seeds of change stranger than sci-fi. Technologies that may require us to have ESP. Such a portent would provoke the proverbial ‘paradigm shift.’
In his book, The Gutenberg Galaxy, Marshall McLuhan identified the techno-revolution global culture, today, is still reconciling: “Now, in the electric age … Our extended faculties and senses now constitute a single field of experience which demands that they become collectively conscious.” How do we know ‘one step beyond’ is not this: a technology requiring its operators to be psychically perceptive; at-one-with their devices?! Why should studies into alleged UFO/ET encounters lead in such an ironic direction? This irony becomes even more palpable …
‘The Pattern’ at the Fringe of Ufology
First, we must revisit the above correlations with ‘abduction.’ The anti-thesis preferred by some researchers, is that abduction is largely perpetrated by a military contingent. For humans — who can’t readily identify with reported ET phenomena — the military/ET hoax scheme is sensible. But history shows military involvement in UFO studies is a given. So, the question, is how to discern a hypothesis that explains all the data.
And substantial evidence reveals this pattern: that certain abductee circumstances have become identifiable ET markers, in some post-abduction incidents. This could not be deemed a deceptive pattern if the military were ET impostors. Because the credibility of the pattern is that it identifies principles of empowering consciousness raising. And these principles would appear rooted in human potential, and not in ufology. They can also apply to day-to-day reality. The field of parapsychology terms these principles psi.
Yes, agents with military training, and mil-Intel itself, must be involved in human responses to an ET-presence. They would be in dereliction of duty, were they not involved. The issue, is why they are involved? In other words, how is their involvement related to the universal standard — the ET marker — re. abductee/ET interaction? This is telepathic communication, and varieties of ESP, or psi. Indeed, this is how investigator Raymond E. Fowler also reported it. In his classic abduction study, The Watchers (1990), Fowler states, “Almost always, communication with the aliens is accomplished by telepathy,” page xvii.
Among the thousands of abduction case histories, there are a growing subset of specialized experiencers. These fall into an increasingly apparent category. These witnesses are known for having human interference in their anonymous lives. This interference may vary from harassment only, to kidnapping and interrogation. Since the perpetrators of this involvement appear to be military agents, these cases are called ‘MILABs’ or ‘ReAbs.’ And the great variety of evidence for this, typically reveals clearly human procedures; i.e., pursuits and procedures humans can relate to. It is from these cases that the thesis of ‘military causing fake ET-abduction’ is derived.
However, the patterns of testimony among ReAbs also contradicts this thesis, of our military hoaxing ET-abductions. Victim testimonies consistently reveal a determined pursuit of specific information, by the agents, re. psi. And much of their interest pertains to understanding how an ET-craft would work, when its psychic operators mentally interface with it!? This particular issue is definitive to ReAbs. Why?
Reabduction procedures do include ‘mind control’ methods. These, done to enhance or erase victim memories. And yes, narco-hypnotic ‘mind control’ techniques are fully documented as fact. Yet, our focus here is how to reconcile our need to be logical — with — research evidence of an anomalous (un-humanlike) nature. Much of this unusual evidence reportedly has practical applications, as well. So, why does this pattern typifying ReAb cases point to ReAb agents, in their pursuit of understanding ET-parapsychology? This, as a prime objective of the ReAb process.
Fine Tuning Our Pattern Recognition
‘From the get go,’ ET encounter witnesses have consistently reported a paranormal form of ET activity/communication. However, the following may be why assertions are made, suggesting our military hoaxes ET-abduction. Two publications, specializing in selective abduction data, emphasize those human interference markers occurring in certain ET-ab cases.
These publications are The Controllers by Martin Cannon; and MILABs: military mind control and alien abduction, by Helmut and Marion Lammer. The distinction, is that these critiques never attempted to explain all abduction reports; and, they did not propose a hypothesis explaining the historical psi elements of human potential in ufology. In the sense, psi appears in paranormal UFO data, overall; this includes ReAb cases. We must have a coherent thesis that all data fits into.
Without close scrutiny, and thorough first hand investigation, it is easy to see how the above implications can be misconstrued. An example is a published comment by Dr. Steven Greer. During Dr. Greer’s 2000-2001 ET Disclosure campaign, he is known to have opined the following: “… I am not saying that every person who has ever had an alien encounter has been the victim of a military encounter.
But the ones [‘abductees’] you hear about, for the most part, are victims of military operations.” Dr. Greer’s opinion is meant to insist that all abductees (“the ones”), generally, were actually the equivalent to what we identify here as re-abducted ET-abductees: ReAbs or MILABs. Yet, discernment here shows only a small percentage of greater abduction cases reporting human involvement in their experiences. E.g., abductees clearly reporting being questioned about ET-psi activities, by humans only.

In March, 2001, Dr. Greer personally briefed this author as follows: “The things that are ‘Grays,’ are manufactured lifeforms that we are making. But that’s a long story I won’t bore you with …” Dr. Greer was persuaded that through ‘black budget’ covert military projects, the ET ‘Grays,’ he knew existed, are artificial biological lifeforms. He felt humans had already cloned, not only humans, but things that look extraterrestrial yet, are not.
To some, this perspective may seem a contradiction in terms. And our view is: we lack sufficient facts to know whether the ET ‘Grays,’ as reported, are cloned by humans, or not? However, given the profundity of the UFO/ET presence, ufology itself cannot be expected to be free from disinformation. I leave it to the reader, to discern whether these proposed military caused scenarios comport with our correlations below.
Can Psi Empowerment Create Fake ETs?
Crucial to our working hypothesis here, are evidence patterns. One uniquely appeared in Melinda Leslie’s own personal experience; a pattern definitive to the many similar cases she has formally studied. The pattern was also observed in the many more ReAb cases, identified by Joe Montaldo, in the American southeast (International Community for Alien Research, [email protected]). This pattern is common to both ET-abduction, and the secondary ReAb categories of experience. Uniquely crucial to the ReAb scenario, this pattern is one of ultimately empowering information.
In other words, this pattern indicates why personally empowering self-knowledge and abilities, may be in possession of these re-abducted experiencers. Thus, the fact of this knowledge also becomes empowering (or utilitarian) to those agents interrogating the ReAbs, about their alleged ET encounters. This empowerment is known as psi.
Obviously, this would appear (cosmetically) to be an oddly candid scheme for hoaxing ETs. For humans (Intel agents) to deceive people into believing the ‘Gray’ ETs were abducting them, by validating psi. That is, deceiving them by entraining, enhancing, imparting to, or empowering the ReAbs with an understanding of their own latent human psi potentials. Otherwise known as consciousness raising.
And the purpose is an area of human potential, with abilities that have applied value in the actual world!? Seemingly, an irreconcilable tactic, if done in a complex military setting of psyop deception(?). So, what’s the payoff? If total deception is what ReAbs are dealing with?
Basically, this empowering agenda pertains to our thesis re. ETs, technology, and consciousness. But before specifying how this data surfaces within the abductee/ReAb experience, I will cite a mere sampling of the historical record.
In Jan. 1981, UFO Sightings Magazine featured an article titled, ‘Alien Contactees, Why Are Some People Chosen?’ This now obscure report signifies a profound trend seen throughout decades of ufology. The object of this trend is an empowerment for some people in their (sixth) sense of human potential. And such a relatively obscure detail of evidence would seem a pattern quite detached from UFOs. The following five cases illustrating this pattern are condensed from the 1981 article:
“Gene Eagleton” of Indiana, “has also seen UFOs.” He has had “the sum total of three separate UFO encounters plus a myriad of other related events … Eagleton also claimed a degree of ESP ability,” etc. (1965, 1971).
“John Smith … of Toronto, Canada … describes the spaceman who visited him … and the [ET] man communicated through thought projection. Later, Smith found his level of comprehension greatly increased. He found himself responding to mental orders,” etc. (1959, 1980).
Judge Stanley Ingram’s “14 year old daughter Becky,” from Southern Tennessee. “Becky, incidentally, exhibits a high degree of ESP.” “The UFO contact began as a … voice in her head … it came in clearly as she sat in school.” “[T]he voice” occurred for a few days. Soon, Becky “found herself inside a bright indirectly lighted room.” Becky said ETs “examined her by moving something like a glove over her body,” etc. (1973 to 1976).
Rachel Baker, from southern Indiana. And John Grey, from central Indiana.
“Both … have above average ESP. Mrs. Baker’s [ESP] probably even surpasses Becky Ingram’s, due to her 56 … years of experience.”
In Nov. 1966 and Feb. 1967, Baker “was followed by a UFO,” experienced missing time, and had “episodes with little people who greatly resembled … Trolls … Her problem is that she is psychic — and has been chosen,” etc.
In 1966, John Grey said, “a disc hovered about 100 feet overhead after he had gone outside in response to a ‘mental urge’ … Grey found himself in a brightly lighted room … The occupant was shorter than Grey, with a large grayish-white head and … big slanted eyes … Mentally, he [ET] said: ‘I’m going to have to get you home … I don’t want anyone to miss you. I’ll get you home on time so don’t worry about it,’” etc.
This 1981 article concluded with, “Yes! It would appear that a large percentage of these persons have above average ESP. Both the quality and quantity of the sightings may be proportional to their psychic ability. [But], I’m not saying only psychic persons see UFOs.”
Another excellent case of human-ET telepathy is that of Valerie Ransone. Her detailed clairvoyance is verified by astronaut Gordon Cooper, Dr. Andrija Puharich and others; documented in Cooper’s autobiography Leap of Faith.
Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure
In ufology, this great emphasis on psychic phenomena above, holds true. Even if the above six anecdotes were fictitious. The primacy of ESP is preeminent in alleged ET encounter history. Why? If the international quantity of reported ‘abductee’ cases were a total ‘red herring’ — why would the complex logistics of the master’minders’ desire to persistently factor psi into their charade? Human psi does exist. Correct? Were humans skilled enough to clone ‘Gray’ ET biological lifeforms in 1966??
The historical plethora of paranormal evidence, within ufology, suggests the following: a set of circumstances, where the enigmatic ET-paraphysical is integral to the human psi, and thus, to the anomalous photogenic UFO sightings. This set of possibilities leads us to the logic of our next correlation. Witness testimony that independently describes recalled ET-behaviors. I.e., where ETs mentally (psychokinetically) interface the operation of their technology.
In our study of purported ReAbs, we have the possibility of a built-in control set. As if the scenario were an experiment, with objects to be tested; and controls for comparison.
Thus, we asked this question: within the ReAbduction testimonies, what are the identifiable markers for possible ET activity; separate from the human ReAb evidence? Keep in mind, that our criteria for recognizing probable ET activity are the psychic, telekinetic, paranormal data as routinely reported. Keep in mind also, a human social standard, perhaps even more crucial: our culture has been scientifically indoctrinated for generations, with an extremely skeptic, anti-psychic bias. Rational skepticism has advocated a total debunking of any psychic, paranormal, telekinetic, or clairvoyant human abilities whatsoever!

Therefore, if all people basically believed this anti-ESP worldview of ours — why then, would anyone seriously consider that the very nature of an ET-presence was paranormal ET activity; as repeatedly claimed for 60 years now? We already know ESP is actually just stage magic — don’t we? However, if psi is legitimate, why would ET-ab hoaxers be persuading abductees and ReAbs that both were psychic?
It is precisely this paranormal facet of ET-abduction that is uncomfortable to accept. Even for members of the UFO community. Thus, if mil-Intel were hoaxing ET-abductions, why would mil-Intel also be perpetrating all the telepathic, telekinetic, psi evidence as well? Unless — something else is going on …
In our ReAbducted ET experiencer studies, we find another unlikely pattern. When ReAbs are interrogated by the agents involved — a great interest is in the psi, telekinetic, remote-viewing operations of ET-craft (?). Melinda Leslie defines this factor as the ‘mental interface’ operation of the levitation disc craft. And the ReAbs do report that they recall having seen our own human levitation disc technology.
As Leslie explains, the objective of the ReAb interrogation focuses on issues quite awkward to resolve: “What the abductees have been questioned about — it’s the line of questioning that most strongly shows what they’re interested in: ‘why is the abduction happening to you; what are the aliens doing; what are their motives; what are their intentions; alien agendas; what do you know about their technology; how does it work; how does it function; how do you do it; how were you able to sit down and operate it; can you show us; can we duplicate what you are able to do; can we duplicate your mental control???’”
“And this is what we call ‘the reverse engineering of the abductees.’ It all gets down into, they’re trying to duplicate what it is about an abductee [even genetically] that enables us to do this? What makes us an abductee; what makes us able to do this telepathy; why do we have these experiences; why do we have this ongoing education?!”
Again, we observe a human paranormal, or altered-state-of-consciousness factor. This is the common thread, linking all these markers to the ESP nature, reported about ETs themselves. If abductions are a hoax — what is the point of fabricating a psi premise for ET being? One that directly applies to actual human psi? The Intel ‘mind control’ explanation is inadequate for these psiware/wetware data.
Back To The Nuts & Bolts
Years ago, Whitley Strieber opined that the best UFO book he had read was Unconventional Flying Objects (1995), by NASA scientist Paul Hill. In human technical terms, this praise of Hill’s UFO analysis is correct. Although, in Hill’s comprehensive mode of UFO analyzing encounter observations, a most definitive set was omitted: electrostatic ‘electrogravitics’; plus, ET-ESP behaviors. These two cofactors help broaden Hill’s fundamentals. Since Hill offered his thesis, as a continuance of the worldview, in which the paranormal (or occult) is academically excluded from our physical reality.
In his introduction, Hill says: “New facts and theories have to form a … logical package before they can be accepted … Otherwise, we are apt to be … dealing with the occult … look how members of occult groups have grabbed the ball and are sprinting with it … A prominent parapsychologist, in attempting to link the mind with UFOs, has suggested they are projected here by vast mental powers.”
Ironically, looking even beyond what Hill was apparently able to recognize — the actual crux of the matter, is that evolving ufology is going to be furthered, substantially, by parapsychologists who “link the mind with UFOs.”
The drama of cognition within ufology, may translate into a pursuit of mainstream acceptability, by us researchers. But the impediment to this goal is the vast paranormal UFO data. Dr. Thomas Kuhn, in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, says, “No part of the aim of normal science is to call forth new sorts of phenomena …” Our aim here, is to suggest that the paranormal is not new phenomena; it is something humans must re-cognize as a normal dimension of nature! So UFO/ET reality can be fully understood.
How would the hardware evidence for UFOs converge with psi data? For all the UFO inspired technologists (crashed saucers, implants, etc.), who figured ‘the secret of the saucers’ was an idea called ‘antigravity’ — not quite. Evidence now shows this is not even half the equation!
Comprehensive sources now reveal at least two operant settings may effect altered states of consciousness; when humans traverse outer space, and when using antigravity propulsion.

Coincidentally, it is our understanding of electrogravitics (antigravity) that requires we acknowledge ‘hyperdimensional’ field forces. And hyperdimensional energies are synonymous with paranormal forces. So the systems physics of a super-frequency pulsed force-field, time-dimensional (antigravity) craft could involve ESP energies. One source of correlation for this is from The Day After Roswell, by Col. Philip J. Corso (1997), p. 99: “we were looking at an entirely revolutionary concept of guided flight in which the pilot was the system.”(!)
For all practical purposes, how can the definitive ET marker (psi), in the abductee/ReAb experience, apply to our NASA space program? Thus far, we find that the consistent ET-psi marker is also an obstacle to our materialist approaches to ufology. Yet, this ET-psi phenomena appears as a link to humans through our own recessive human potential. And psi is already known to have applied to humans in space, as well.
Two personal testimonies given to this author, allow an insight into what outer space challenges humans to reconcile. Respected investigative journalist Jon Rappoport recounted his following experience to me. Rappoport had a conversation with an employee of the former Soviet space administration.
Rappoport was informed it was common knowledge, among Soviet space administrators, that psychic phenomena was a common occurrence during space flight. In other words, ESP was a well known fact, in the experience of cosmonauts in space. A
nd this was no secret among Soviet space program employees. Being in space brought about a pronounced or heightened ESP ability among cosmonauts. And Rappoport was informed that one of the most common forms of psychic communication in space, was: cosmonauts could communicate with their deceased relatives. This is the ‘continuity of consciousness’ that paranormal investigators are familiar with.
My second source of insight into human experience in space was provided personally, by renowned scientist Russell Targ. He was co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute psi phenomena testing program, 1972 to 1996. I spoke with Targ, 25 Feb. 2008, on the occasion of a conference we both attended. My objective with Targ was to secure authoritative insight into the account quoted above, by Jon Rappoport. Targ offered an affirmative response totally consistent with the above.
I described the details of what Rappoport had learned. Targ first responded, by saying he had just then completed his latest book; adding, that these accounts of cosmonauts routinely encountering ESP, upon entering space — this was worthy of inclusion in Targ’s book. And Russell Targ expressed confidence that ESP in space is quite valid. This, due to Targ’s own discussion with a Soviet cosmonaut. Targ recounted his opportunity to have dinner with a cosmonaut; who revealed that during a space flight, the cosmonaut also perceived ESP between himself and the pilot.
In their 1984 book, The Mind Race, Russell Targ and Keith Harary refer to “the NASA supported ESP teaching machine study carried out at SRI in 1974.” And consistent with these data, is the fact that astronaut Edgar Mitchell authored his book Psychic Exploration (1976) on the phenomena.
There are also many earlier documented correlations, specifically re. ESP enhancement by outer space. See Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (1970), by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. Russell Targ’s anecdote above is certainly validated by the Schroeder/Ostrander book! Their entire chapter seven specifies the implications psi has for Russian space programs; also to include obvious NASA applications.
On page 81 they say, “in 1967, Maritime News in Russia reported, ‘Cosmonauts, when in orbit, seem to be able to communicate telepathically more easily with each other than with people on earth. A psi-training system has been incorporated into the cosmonauts’ training program.’” Schroeder/Ostrander also said of official Soviet testing results, “Like everything military … data and results are classified.” No doubt, in the nearly 40 years since this Soviet-psi book came out, nothing has changed re. official disclosures.
Our next correlation begins to illustrate why space exploration, abductee/ReAbs, and psi-R&D point to an ET-presence.
The Actual Meaning of ‘Mind Control’
Here, we probe the post-WWII (pre-SRI) history of psi research. For over 20 years the SRI psi program took major steps towards our recognizing the Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing varieties of psi. However, the ground had to be broken to pave the way. Thus, 20 years prior to the onset of the SRI program, Dr. Henry K. (Andrija) Puharich, M.D., initiated such pursuits. Dr. Puharich began a decades long relationship with U.S. mil-Intel support for his uniquely pioneering psi experiments, (Project Penguin).
In April of 1949 Dr. Puharich was procuring funds and personnel for his formal psi lab experiments. And by December of 1952, Dr. Puharich was negotiating for lab funding with C. D. Leatherman, Chief, Research Branch, Office of the Psychological Warfare, Dept. of the U.S. Army. (This Army link to psi is itself a pattern: it was the Army that commandeered the Roswell incident; Col. Philip J. Corso’s Army Intel link to Roswell led him to being a psi research liaison to SRI; SRI Remote Viewing studies led to an Army R.V. corps; Dr. Puharich served as an Army Captain in the 1954 period, stationed at Headquarters Army Chemical Center, Maryland, as medical officer of the day).
Throughout his psi career, Dr. Puharich specialized in testing his most talented cases in a specially constructed device called the “Faraday Cage.” The units Puharich designed were of two types: uncharged, and electrically charged. A brief description of how Puharich used the Faraday Cage can be read in Leap of Faith, p. 221, by astronaut Gordon Cooper.
Suffice it to say that the Faraday Cage served in two capacities: (A) to insulate the psychic from interfering environmental energy fields; (B) to “amplify” the type of ESP being tested, plus to insulate the subject.
Ultimately, our emphasis here, is that the psi-Faraday Cage principle can be seen to apply to our premise of technology and consciousness. These co-factors, in turn, are consistent with data indicating ETs have introduced to humans a technology with which consciousness is merged!
To wit: In the Schroeder/Ostrander book, they credit sources re. psi being affected by environmental energies. The Russians experimented with psychics in “artificial fields” of energy. “‘We surround both sender and receiver with artificial magnetic fields before and during ESP tests,’ they said. ‘It gives them extra energy’ … Telepathy had greatly improved under the impact of these fields, they reported” …
“French physicist Dr. Jacques Bergier, revealed, ‘The Pavlov Institute in Moscow … researched the influence of high-frequency magnetic fields on telepathy…’” Dr. V. A. Kozak of the Pavlov Institute stated, ‘Clairvoyance and ESP are provoked by a field of forces, not necessarily electromagnetic.’
“In the United States, a Washington electronics engineer reported to the Parapsychology Foundation, ‘working with high-frequency machines, my colleagues and I have suddenly found that we are on occasion telepathic.’”
‘As Above, So Below’?
By continuing with these formative human psi discoveries, a simple model for new ufological understanding is perhaps condensing. We begin recognizing why ET/contactee accounts of telepathy make sense. And we will see how the sighted antigravity performance of UFOs converges with ESP (“anomalous intuition,” as labeled in military vernacular) phenomena.
Returning to the psi pioneering of Dr. Andrija Puharich, we find the following. From a private chronology Dr. Puharich wrote to outline his career, this author was able to access the following details. These data-points culminate on possible understanding of crucial levitation craft characteristics: those apparently used by ETs, and thus, our own.
From, “People Who Have Witnessed Experiments at the Round Table Foundation” of Dr. Henry K. Puharich, M.D., 1951-1957:
“Original experiments with the Faraday Cage and Electrical Envelope carried out by Dr. John Hays Hammond, Jr. and Dr. Puharich at the Hammond Research Laboratories, March 28, 1951, June 1, 1951 …
“Psychic Research Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology … This student organization sent six investigators to the Round Table Foundation … September 1956. The group witnessed successful telepathy experiments using the Faraday Cage …
“Dr. Harvey Savely, Chief, Aeromedical Division, Office of Scientific Research, United States Air Force … August 1957 … personally witnessed successful technology experiments, and thoroughly investigated the claims made for the Faraday Cage effect …
“Dr. William J. Fry, Biophysicist, Head, Bioacoustics Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois … accompanied Dr. Savely … and witnessed the same experiments.”
Then, from “Independent Experiments on Round Table Foundation Faraday Cage Effects,” Dr. Puharich made a remarkable entry: “Dr. Townsend Brown, physicist, Leesburg, Virginia.
“Dr. Puharich met Dr. Brown for the first time in Washington, D.C. on October 24, 1953. Dr. Brown stated that he had begun research on Faraday Cages shortly after World War II in his laboratory in Los Angeles, California. In 1951 he claimed that he had perfected a device which consisted of a double Faraday Cage whose electrical circuitry was identical to that independently discovered by Dr. Puharich. Dr. Brown had applied such a cage to the problem of plant growth in Hawaii, and to the problem of an anti-gravitational device. He claimed that his device showed a measurable anti-gravitational force, and he has applied for letters patent on this device to the United States Patent Office. He has never applied his device for its effect on human consciousness and the phenomena of extrasensory perception.
“The important point to note is that two independent inventors have created a device identical in constructional and technological features. Each has made an independent application of the device to unique and separate problems, i.e., electro-gravitics, and extrasensory perception.
“Dr. A. M. H. Bennett, Director, Aeromedical Research, Royal Air Force, Institute of Aviation Medicine … England … 1956 … the Royal Air Force has built a cage according to Dr. Puharich’s specifications, and confirmed many of the Round Table Foundation findings …
“Dr. Puharich applied for letters patent on the Faraday Cage Technique under the title ‘Apparatus for Altering States of Consciousness’ in 1952. In a ruling of April 27, 1957, the Patent Examiner allowed three basic claims on this application.”
Lastly, from a personal letter Dr. Puharich sent to Dr. Harvey E. Savely, Chief, Aeromedical Division, U.S. Air Force — Dr. Puharich wrote: 29 October 1957, “I am most keen to test a cage with 2,000,000 volts on it, and [Peter] Hurkos inside. I have checked the dimensional factors at Science Park in Boston, and can use a plastic sphere up to eight feet in diameter … All I have to do to it is to get it coated with copper …
“Both my experimental observations of the past six years, with my mathematical theory of the relation between ESP and the physics of the charged Faraday Cage led me to believe that ultra-high voltage on a Faraday Sphere will serve to amplify telepathy to a high degree” …
Reconstructing the Saucer Secret
With these correlations, we are pursuing the path towards the psi-tech of flight. Consistent with UFO sightings: we have the implications of an intelligently controlled levitation craft — that equals — the merging of technology and consciousness. But how?
Note the unforeseen citation above, re. Dr. Puharich meeting with T. Townsend Brown. In Electrogravitics Systems (1994), edited by Thomas Valone, it states, “Townsend Brown discovered that it is possible to create an artificial gravity field … By 1958, he had succeeded in developing a 15 inch diameter model saucer that could lift over 110 percent of its own weight.”
It is not ironic, then, that Brown should ultimately conceive a structured flying Faraday Cage. It could use electrogravitics principles for propulsion. And, for all practical purposes, Brown’s vehicle would also function as an electrified psi-Faraday Cage, as well. The psi effects being on the interior; and on the exterior of an optimally energized craft, the force field ionizes the air with a corona discharge illumination.
In these three unforeseen indicators we expand our practical perspective of probable ‘Flying Saucer’ principles: i.e., an electrified or electrogravitic/psi/Faraday Cage. One with a spherical or discoid geometry could otherwise be called a flying saucer/UFO. And these exterior/interior force-field effects agree with the electrified (“treated”) psi-Faraday Cage applications of Dr. Puharich.
Historically, these applications of the electrically charged Faraday Cage may have originally appeared to be different; between Brown and Puharich, respectively. But, in fact, they now may be seen as parts of a whole. And when assembled in the appropriate configuration, these facts converged in the following.
These field-effects design functions may not contradict other theories, re. the demands of antigravity operating systems. Such as, an artificial intelligence, s-mobius loop, autonomy breakdown theory.
Investigator Bill McDonald acknowledges this: where, an “integrated machine system, on a par with its organic system user, will become inherently unstable”; where, “attempts to contain self-aware A.I. within a single unit, results in an s-mobius loop in processing,” thus, failure (cyber-catatonia). “The problem may be solved, however. By having distributive processing,” in the form of multiple brain nodes (ETs), integrated into the craft operating system via ‘mental interface.’
The Bill Uhouse Connection
Not coincidentally — the above specifications all converge in the testimony of Bill Uhouse. He claims to be a career employee of classified military programs. These programs were to develop levitation craft.
In our book Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure, this author documents the lengthy testimony by Bill Uhouse. Not ironically, Mr. Uhouse describes an area of his expertise, that is entirely consistent with the tandem research of Brown and Puharich! Coincidence?
Uhouse claims to be a mechanical engineer. He disclosed having worked on the levitation flight simulators, with electrogravitic function. Such simulators were for training pilots of levitation craft.
In our book, Uhouse describes the following correlations: “… inside this craft, in all of them as a matter of fact, it built its own gravitational area or effect … It takes a while to acclimate … for example: the people that we put in there for start-up … it was 3-4 weeks before we could get accustomed to the effects of the gravity inside that ship. You could take a person, without giving him the training, put ’em in the ship and if you said ‘pick up that flashlight,’ he would see the flashlight. But it would be a long while before he’ll pick it up! It might take him two minutes, by the time he moved his arm over to pick it up; because of the effects of the gravity …
“Once you got inside you would identify very different feelings than … being in this room. As a matter of fact, you had to go to many, many sessions, like to psychologists. People that are identifying [for] the individual, you know, how you are going to feel when you’re in this particular craft … I’d like to explain the [feeling] that’s most prominent: when you go in … (you’d be sitting at one of the consoles) you’re going to feel pressure, all over your body; as a matter of fact it’d be difficult to move your head. Now, if you didn’t know that, it would take you quite awhile before you’d be able to raise your hand … You could, but some pressure was just pushing you. The reason for that, what it’s doing is [emanating a field-density of electrostatic charge from beneath the cabin, where banks of capacitors release a pulsed field] … used in oscillation of what they call a flex-plate …
“… So, at least the pilots could … get really comfortable with it; knowing all of the phenomena that’s going to happen to you inside that ship while you’re flying it.”
A Technology That Merges Your Consciousness With It
The point here, is that if you apply specific electric field-forces to certain containment housings, for transporting humans, you will:
(A) Affect the brain-wave states of the human consciousness within.
Or, (B) Alter gravitational forces outside the housing, plus, the operator’s consciousness inside. The total sum of effects will depend on the applied configuration of the housing.
Thus, the title T. Townsend Brown chose for two of his patents (1960, 1965) is, Electrokinetic Apparatus. The title Dr. Puharich chose for his 1952 patent application is Apparatus for Altering States of Consciousness.
To review – our model for analysis equates our human responsiveness to an ET-presence, with, technology and consciousness advancements. Thus far, our focus has been on consciousness. In other words, altering our brain-wave states of consciousness, so as to perform psi perceptions and actions; the same behaviors more adeptly performed by ETs, as reported in UFO accounts. So, where we say ‘consciousness’ we mean an adeptly controlled, altered state of mind; where we say ‘technology,’ we mean a flight innovation “sufficiently advanced” that its very propulsion affects an altered state of mental interface. And, in turn, the craft requires an altered state of mental navigation, by the operator.
Our thesis suggests that we can’t have it any other way, than the above set of psi and antigravity implications. The psychical research quoted above, indicates that, “Clairvoyance and ESP are provoked by a field of forces, not necessarily electromagnetic.” Therefore, an electrostatic electrogravitic force-field propulsion system would likely subject a crew to such phenomena. This human set of correlations helps us relate to super advanced (ET?) perfection of such psi principles – as reported by ET-abductees. Coincidence?
If the ‘ET’ component were a contrivance, but the ‘mental interface’ of technology and consciousness is imminent — what’s the payoff, for linking psi empowerment to fake ETs? How could so many abductees all have dreamed up such an unprecedented set of esoteric coincidences!? …
Revising Historical Revisionism …
We now must correlate these psi/antigravity factors, as they apply to our own NASA space program. Since the military-industrial contexts for all the above do not comport with the post-WWII history we have been taught.
This area of our revisionism is inspired by yet another persistent controversy. Like the persistent thesis above re. ‘the military impersonating ETs.’ And this added controversy is also long lived. In 1968, it appeared in an Italian publication by Renato Vesco. The English translation was titled, Intercept But Don’t Shoot. The basic intention of this book was to promote a non-extraterrestrial, or non-interplanetary perception of UFO phenomena, generally. I.e., it was congruent with ‘the military hoaxes ET-abductions’ thesis above.
The highly technical proposition of Vesco’s book, was admirably based on many declassified British Intelligence documents. They disclosed tech-specifications about Nazi unconventional aircraft programs. And certainly the conservative assumptions Vesco refrained, in his era, were understandable.
Yes, the Nazi experiments greatly detailed by Vesco could qualify for round U-F-Os. However, to be very sure about Vesco’s purpose, there was clearly a distinctive shortcoming in his perspective — Vesco’s worldview was the ‘mechanical model.’ Thus, the Nazi aeroforms, detailed by Vesco, did not actually conform to the historically consistent descriptions of anomalous UFO flight patterns (e.g., many, very large, or very small, silent, ‘luminous bodies,’ flying too slow to remain aloft). And there are still inaccurate presumptions being made in media, today, re. this controversy.
More specifically, the Nazi aeroforms evidenced by Vesco were admittedly powered by Nazi breakthroughs in circular aerodynamics with jet propulsion. The asset in Vesco’s accounting verifies war production facts. That the unconventional aeroform efforts he reported, were a “titanic industrial” outlay of Nazi resources. Vesco details the allied removal of all production means from the Italian underground, Nazi R&D facilities. This 1944 removal comprised 8 miles of railroad freight cars, to accommodate the equipment!
Renato Vesco successfully provoked interest in these unprecedented Nazi innovations. And many subsequent books were written on the most remarkable of the alleged Nazi programs: pursuit of Nazi levitation craft. Albeit, that Vesco himself reported no evidence for such craft.

Given the greater ramifications of the UFO issue — evidence for such a Nazi technology is yet debatable. And the standard measure for the applicability of such an assessment, is the fact that no one can actually describe or demonstrate the operating system parameters for levitation!! However, in terms of ufology, the questions are: to what degree is it absolutely verified that Nazi levitation was electrogravitic; to what degree was Nazi levitation perfected; how specific is the evidence that a Nazi levitation method was developed as an alternative to a method allegedly invented by German inventor Victor Schauberger; by what date is there declassified documentation verifying conclusively, such levitation craft were perfected or not; due to the historic dimensions of many other Nazi industrial programs, how many proven levitation craft were actually put into operation; and what influence is documented that these Nazi possibilities resulted in success of the S-4 (Nellis AFB) evidence for American levitation pursuits, today; to what degree of accuracy can these issues be known?? If these details are verifiable facts of history, then the psi-factors above also apply to Nazi antigravity methods.
The implications of these Nazi R&D data are important to ufology. Due to discoveries of Operation Paperclip evidence surfacing in Roswell UFO crash investigations. Operation Paperclip, being the U.S. mil-Intel recruitment of Nazi rocket scientists into our American space program.
Thus, with these background data, we have evidence for many contradictions, in terms of ufology. And these must be resolved.
E.g., levitation technology (electrogravitics) appears to be a universal state secret. So, public knowledge of successes in Nazi levitation should be classified. And this should be no different than public restrictions re. identical American pursuits, today. This, given the profound impact such an innovation would have on numerous issues of realization. We may be confident such pursuits have had some success — to what degree is entirely speculation. This view is based on the newly convergent indications, that antigravity, or electrogravitic pursuits also become pursuits in parapsychology!
We are speaking of a military-industrial R&D secret, unprecedented in all of history. Given that the public is ‘out of the loop’ on this history, it is unwise to presume any conclusions about it. That is, scenarios up to this point, limited to antigravity capabilities only. And the truth is, we do not have any absolute knowledge about how this genera of aeroform is actually operated by human pilots? Antigravity is a ‘nuts and bolts’ favorite of materialist ufology; yet, any psi component may be too metaphysical for ufology to reconcile.
This is the issue addressed with our new correlations here. Our intent is to find a hypothesis that explains all the basic data; not a hypothesis in which data is excluded, for not holding universal standing in our popular worldview.
Therefore, the above set of psi-tech applications to electrogravitics, would predictably be integral to any Nazi levitation craft viability. And psi-tech may well be the prerequisite for competent operation of electro-antigravity vehicles. Of course, these probabilities presume Nazi lev-craft are electrogravitic. As opposed to various allegations that Nazi disc craft used a vortex dynamics propulsion, invented by Victor Schauberger.
In other words, electrogravitic craft may exist. The question, is whether an even more insurmountable achievement has been made: perfecting effective psi training requirements. Perhaps, necessary to fly them in the first place? No one actually knows about this. But the evidence insists on these considerations. Because we have a seemingly odd coincidence. That, personal testimony common to ReAb abductees, specifically recognizes these very psi circumstances. Why?!
Emphasizing this psi-tech data pattern, is an Internet-disclosure by retired NASA veteran Clark McClelland. Albeit the following is minimal, this attribution to McClelland clearly infers the psi-tech pattern.
A bio of McClelland states he was an Aerospace Engineer and Technical Assistant to the Apollo Program Manager during the Apollo moon landings. McClelland is quoted saying that, “On many occasions I had the distinct privilege of speaking with Dr. Wernher von Braun … During the periodic MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) meetings … I was able to talk freely … with … Dr. von Braun.
“… I asked him a question concerning the Roswell Incident …
“Dr. von Braun explained how he and … associates had been taken to the crash site … He said … His inspection of the debris had even him puzzled … The interior of the craft was nearly bare of equipment, as if the creature and craft were part of a single unit.” Such descriptions of ET-craft interiors are a pattern of this type. Why?
For many, McClelland’s von Braun anecdote is apocryphal. Since von Braun is conveniently deceased. However, our point of emphasis is not verifiability; it is the pattern of consistency.
McClelland’s account, plus the following anecdote, illustrates the pattern of descriptive technicality re. the ahistorical accounts of crashed ET-crafts. If these apparently unrelated witnesses did not actually volunteer their alleged facts — why do the descriptions all match re. the craft interiors?
To wit: in a privately circulated “memo” authored by Dr. Harold Puthoff, we find the ‘Roswell’ craft described, again. Dated 8 Jan. 1993, Dr. Puthoff reported on his personal, face-to-face interview with a possible crashed saucer eyewitness, named Rennie Glen Belcker. The authenticity of this interview was verified personally with Dr. Puthoff, by investigator William McDonald.
Puthoff’s report quotes the purported witness, re. his firsthand witnessing of a crashed disc in “what eventually became known as the Roswell crash site,” 1947. Puthoff states: “Something which impressed him profoundly about the craft was its plainness on the inside. There was no food, no toilet, only a bench seat, and no buttons, levers, or instrumentation. There was however, part of the wall which jutted out like a smoothly-connected table which had a slight discoloration to it, and several simple symbols on it” … Thus, the alleged von Braun and Belcker (Puthoff) descriptions literally match Col. Philip J. Corso’s account! All three, providing a composite that renders a psi-tech form of navigation — why this unprecedented pattern?!
In our human research field of how to understand such a flight technology — there seems to be a presumption, that a levitation propulsion craft is essentially a fancy fighter jet. How do we know that the opposite is not the case? We do not know anything of the sort! For all we know, it may be harder to find competent pilots for such crafts than building the crafts in the first place.
Was Operation Paperclip an Occult Incursion?
In revising our American space program history, Americans must realize the role Nazi engineering played. Our Operation Paperclip was an invaluable personnel recruitment ploy. Even more provocative is the coincidence that there is no doubt the “inner circle” of Hitler’s “Death’s-Head S.S.” were occult practitioners.
Today, a current theory holds that Operation Paperclip also secreted Nazi knowledge of occult practices into NASA administrations. If so, the deductive reasoning for this theory is not clear: what would be the personal applications of any Nazi occult practices? More importantly, should we presume a relationship exists between the Nazi occult, and Nazi antigravity pursuits?
Metaphysically — it would matter little if such occult pursuits were a fact. Because we live in the world of matter, and those forces of paranormal energy. As if a cosmic artform — our realm is there to be transformed by the conscious or unconscious will. More and more of us realize this now, as human potential. Naziism lost the War didn’t it!
As noted above, the Nazi/antigravity/NASA thesis intends to explain a non-extraterrestrial source for the UFO phenomena. A corollary to this thesis: is that NASA has camouflaged a hidden-ground, levitation-craft-based space program. So, how do all these data become plausible parts of the big picture?
Obviously, any NASA use of lev-craft would be a logical extension of our more clearly apparent military-industrial antigravity projects, today. (See our S-4 site test photos, in our book). And the 1950s phase of this development was publicized in media. Thus, if NASA became subject to the Nazi occult, how would this impinge on the military-industrial antigravity interests, as well? This is all somehow plausible, if the basic purposes of occult practices are kept in perspective. The common link is consciousness itself.
Antigravity propulsion success may be the ultimate means for space flight. Yet, evidence suggests a credible paradox. Humans in space may be challenged with psychic effects forced upon them. The psi scenarios must be resolved, if ‘we’ are covertly planning an antigravity means to the stars; as itemized above. And perhaps not so coincidentally, these psi factors are perceived to be ET identity characteristics in ufology.
Some ET skepticism prefers rationalizing all UFOs as products of Nazi innovation. But skeptics neglect to include these two psi facets into their equation? As reported, the psi-Faraday Cage was an ‘energetic void,’ that also effectively amplified psychic abilities. This ‘energetic void’ would be a de facto simulation of outer space. In other words, the void of space, plus dense electrogravitic fields, may alter human consciousness. If Nazi occult practices were of any practical value, it would be for appreciating the altering of consciousness. This would make psi more utilitarian.
Services and Disservices
This section of our thesis is inspired by renowned researcher of occult symbology — Jordan Maxwell. As a proponent of such investigation, Maxwell inspires many to reconsider our mysteries of origin. Those indicators embedded in human traditions of cosmic awareness; those signs of ‘mystical intelligence,’ ‘from whom was derived religious, physical, and historical knowledge, under the veil of symbols.’ A security measure for preserving the cosmic awareness, during epochs of cognitive corruption, such as the Nazi era.
Occult practices are not evil because they are hidden and traditionally secret. They are occult because the practices are traditions of empowerment. And the greatest human tradition is our tragic history of abusing power. This is what the Nazis did with occult forces. Any un-biased student of occult traditions appreciates this. This is why occult ‘initiations’ are required.
If there is any accuracy in the thesis that ‘Paperclip’ Nazis were a Trojan Horse of occult knowledge within NASA — the most plausible explanation for this should conform with what our space environment and occult principles share in common. For all practical purposes, this is consciousness training, or altering of consciousness.
Author J. H. Brennan says this in his book on Nazi occultism, The Occult Reich (1974): in occult systems, the “exercises were aimed at developing the human consciousness …” In principle, all the contrarian mystique about Nazi occultism can be reduced to this simple fact.
In practical terms, any debate over an occult incursion into NASA is rather moot anyway. If the Nazi occult sympathizers needed to use NASA space programs to access astronomical ritual material — why wouldn’t they use their Nazi antigravity craft to obtain whatever they want? By occult definition, the issue can only be speculative; e.g., in terms of covert purposes, other than what the principles determine. In this article, the basic occult principles suffice. Because the practical data presented here, all reduce to the lowest common denominator of psi. Altering consciousness so as to empower people. In a NASA, or space technology setting, training modifications may have been derived from any number of mind-controlling techniques.
All these possibilities would be interrelated. But the paradox is: that the primary reason such concepts are even being perceived, results from the sociological response by people, to allegations that Earth is being visited by alien beings …
Not surprisingly, the proposition that ETs are here evokes a schism. This reaction resembles the revisionist history of occult Naziism.
Referring to a photo of Hitler in a parade, J. H. Brennan reflects, “It is a photograph not simply of another time, but of an alien dimension …
“There are dozens of histories of the period and not one gives a satisfactory answer. Orthodox historians suffer from paralysis of the imagination … They are faced with something so utterly unfamiliar that their minds reject it … so many histories of modern Germany seem to have been written by sleepwalkers.”
These poignant insights into what began unfolding with WWII, can be even further illuminated today. Brennan’s critique of the historians is appropriate. This is because WWII academics could not relate to the occult basis for the transformation of Hitler’s worldview, or paradigm, or cosmology. Hitler and his ‘Black Order’ (Thule and Ahnenerbe societies) no longer lived in the reality of Western Civilization. They empowered themselves with the darkest degrees of altered states, disciplines for altering states of consciousness. The transformative practices could have been invoked for constructive wills, instead of destructive.
But, altered states of mind (psi) have become systematically suppressed options of human potential. And unpredictably, humans are being challenged with the enigma of UFO phenomena, by having to consider that the enigma itself is the paranormal facet of themselves! The same enigma confronts the accuracy of Nazi history.
The paradox of our epoch is to resolve how we reconcile the parapsychology in both ufology and the Nazi occult. Perhaps we are being led to this, as if a ‘mental interface’ technology were inspiring us, as bait!? Since it is technology that camouflages the misperceived phenomenology of both issues.
In their landmark book on occult truths in history, The Morning of the Magicians (1960), the authors sum up the Nazi paradox. Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier realized that, “this truth was hidden from us by German technology, German science, and German organization … the great innovation of Nazi Germany was to mix magic with science and technology.”
Yet, their occult knowledge component would have been the ultimate state secret of empowerment, held by the Nazi hierarchy. So irrefutably controlling were Hitler and his — coven, you might say — that only those few would ever have the rites of experience. And all of these men either committed suicide, or a few like S.S. Col. Wolfram Sievers were convicted at Nuremburg. These select few were Hitler’s “New Order”; the hidden-ground to Mein Kampf. (With hindsight, the occult Nazi ambitions explain why Mein Kampf castigates all Freemasons as undesirables; a.k.a. eliminating the occult competition. And Hitler may have also held Masonry in contempt. For symbolizing “a system of initiation without power,” as J. H. Brennan explained it).
Pauwels and Bergier translated Hitler’s elite as, “the Black Order”: “The institution of the Black Order had no political or military significance; its raison d’être was purely magical.” Given this highly occult structure of the “inner circle,” degrees of access to knowledge of “the Order” was “according to their rank, to the sacred doctrine and owing allegiance to Thule, the Holy of Holies,” among the “Death’s-Heads” S.S. “Ordinary rank-and-file S.S.” men were excluded from this.
These structural nuances of occult Naziism are crucial. For deducing any practical insight, into whether actual ‘Black Order’ disciplines were (hypothetically) applied to NASA space program administrations?
The nature of ‘Black Order’ policies was extreme. It would be doctrinaire, therefore, that only Hitler and his occult mentor Gen. Karl Haushofer truly enacted the Nazi occult. Rudolf “Hess, the last survivor of the Thule Group, is said to have stated formally that Haushofer was the magician, the secret Master.” Haushofer committed suicide. Because, in our continuing epoch of egocentric self-aggrandizement, the canon of occult empowerments will tend towards totally destructive evocations.
Nazi sympathizers may have arrived in America to perfect their rocket science. But the rites of ‘Black Order’ cultists were possessed of their own metaphysical possession. To the ritualized degree of insuring their self-destruction, as keepers of their own fate.
For all practical purposes, anything salvaged from the ‘Black Order’ rites would have been limited to occult philosophical revisionism; not practices of adept mastery. Albeit, that some ‘Paperclip’ sympathizers with Nazi occultism may have realized that this ‘alternate reality’ actually existed. The occult Nazi opus was designed to die with the will of Karl Haushofer. Apparently, it did!
As described throughout, here, the thread of connectedness is any phenomenon validating the principles of psychical expression. If the merging of consciousness with technology was understood by some ‘Paperclip’ German engineer, then perhaps the occult principles may have engendered such awareness.
Critical Thinking
Given the above nature of Nazi occult expressions — any thesis re. post-WWII ambitions by Nazi occult sympathizers is largely speculative. A ‘reverse psychology’ facet may be the weak link, as regards the Nazi-antigravity part of the thesis. E.g., Hitler protected occult practices such that, in 1934, his policy was to purge Germany of all occult sources! It was the highest mil-Intel secret.
And mainstream historians thought the anti-occult acts meant Nazis were opposed to occultism. Only as a cover. In The Occult Reich, J. H. Brennan noted, “Perhaps secretary Bormann, who loathed astrologers and occultists (whom he considered politically unreliable), allowed prejudice to cloud accuracy” vis-a-vis historians. Thus, our ufological intention in this regard is to publicly voice critical thinking.
Questions about possible connections, or false positives, are needed. The obvious connection would be any anti-ET conclusions being made: such as, if there ever were any crashed flying saucers (Roswell, Aztec, etc.), they were crashes of Nazi saucers. And, that the data re. ETs has been contrived to disguise a continuing Nazi saucer agenda (?). But — how do we know the reverse (psychology) is not the case?
In unbiased response to such anti-ET rationalizations, we pose these questions:
If the anti-ET perception is accurate – “no aliens, just Nazis” – why is there so much paranormal/psi evidence, embedded in the historical fabric of UFO sightings and contact accounts? Why does this alleged ET-psi data coincide with actual human psi? Once again, the only consistent marker for plausible ET engagement is a range of paranormal/ESP phenomena.
Thus, we are now back to how much UFO evidence humans can relate to?
Question: is there a psi connection between Nazi-antigravity, and Hitler’s occult preoccupations? There is one primary deduction to be made of this: non-initiated chroniclers of Nazi occultism would be blind to a psi/antigravity relationship. Therefore, no documentation re. this and antigravity operation would be expected to be declassified, or reported.
Question: if crashed saucers were not ET, but Nazi, why plant evidence in the hands of ufologists, that saucers operate via ‘mental interface’ navigation? Compelling evidence plausibly specifies psi may be integral to perfected antigravity operation. If so, why publicize such an ultimate technical secret?
Here we have illustrated logical relationships between abductees, and ReAb testimonies; the ReAb claims of psi-tech capabilities; and the ‘mental interface’ evidence from crashed saucers investigations. We have, also, merely touched upon additional issues of validation for the psi-tech data pattern. This psi-tech compilation of UFO data would appear to be overly nuanced in favor of an ET explanation.
UFO data overall, is not nuanced enough for a Nazi/ET hoax solution to the phenomena. Especially, when there may be credible NASA evidence for ET activity on Mars and our Moon. Plus, the global quantity and variety of credible UFO sightings in the 1940s-1950s, was far beyond any industrial manufacturing/testing capability — if all UFOs were manmade.
The paradox today, is that we have arrived in an era, where ‘UFO’ can also mean an anomalous levitation craft made by man! Thus, we exceed the ‘is it real’ stage of ufology, while also confirming Arthur C. Clark’s second law: “The only way to discover the limits of the possible, is to go beyond them into the impossible.”
Yes — our learning curve of discernment in ufology is challenging. We must separate the disinforming contradictions from the many paradoxes ufology is fraught with. Aforementioned anti-ET author Renato Vesco ironically makes our closing point, by quoting our own DOD: “See the Department of Defense press release of April 27, 1949: ‘The possibility that these flying objects may be foreign aircraft was also taken into consideration, but the reported speeds are so much greater than those of any kind of airplane that we have technically approached to date that only an accidental discovery so new that it has only now been reached could sufficiently explain them.’”
© Randy Koppang, Oct. 2008. Source:

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Demonic face appears above surface of sun during biggest geomagnetic storm in almost 20 year




The sun appears to be angry; a massive coronal mass ejection unveils a striking image resembling a grimacing demonic face. Striking are the letters DV (DeVil?) standing out on the forehead of the figure. 

Obviously, the strange phenomenon captured by NASA’s solar satellite SOLO EUI HRI 174 on 2024/05/11 is an ordinary natural occurrence triggered by the eruption of solar material but a fact is that a huge CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on May 10th, leading up to the biggest geomagnetic storm in almost 20 year. 

And it is not yet over as forecasts predict additional coronal mass ejections to follow closely behind, prolonging the storm well into the weekend. Anticipation mounts for widespread auroras, promising captivating displays over regions like Europa and the United States. 

The storm has now reached level G5 which is the strongest level of geomagnetic storm, on a scale from G1 to G5. The solar storm could lead to disruption of satellite communication systems, low-frequency radio navigation systems such as GPS or even widespread power grid failures. 

This unique solar phenomenon emphasizes once more the importance of constant monitoring and readiness in response to solar disruptions in order to prevent another Carrington event which was the most intense geomagnetic storm in recorded history, peaking from 1–2 September 1859.

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GOD’S JUDGMENT WARNING? April solar eclipse to cast darkness across 7 U.S. towns named “Ninevah” from the Bible




In a recent broadcast, Mike Adams from Brighteon Broadcast News
discussed the upcoming solar eclipse set to pass through southwest Texas
on Monday, April 8th, 2024. The event is expected to draw large crowds
of people eager to witness the celestial phenomenon, with Dripping
Springs residents having a particularly great view.

As the Path of Totality extends across several states in the
United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois,
Indiana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, and
Maine, many counties have declared emergencies ahead of the event.
Officials from Travis County, Kendall County, and Bell County are among
those issuing disaster declarations in anticipation of large crowds,
increased traffic, and significant strain on first responders,
hospitals, and roads during the days leading up to and after the

County officials have advised residents to stock up on food,
water, and essential supplies for at least three days, as well as
filling their vehicles with gas. Hays County Director of the Office of
Emergency Services, Mike Jones, recommended visiting stores and gas
stations in advance to reduce traffic flow and manage expectations
regarding the influx of visitors to the county.

 Despite the potential for increased traffic and crowds during the
solar eclipse, it remains unclear how these factors would warrant
emergency preparations on such a large scale. Critics question whether
the recommendations to stock up on food and water are necessary or
proportionate to the event’s duration and impact.

Adams also pointed out that authorities rarely warn the public
about other potential dangers, such as financial collapse or an influx
of immigrants. They questioned why solar eclipses are considered more
threatening than these issues.

The Allais Effect that seems to alter the laws of physics during solar eclipses

Additionally, the interviewer brought up the “Allais Effect” – a
phenomenon that occurs during solar eclipses where strange occurrences
or changes in behavior may be observed. The eyewitness encouraged others
to look into this intriguing aspect of solar eclipses and not let
misplaced fears deter them from experiencing such an awe-inspiring

Adams further delved into the intriguing world of the Allais
Effect, a phenomenon that occurs during eclipses and has confounded
scientists for centuries. According to multiple confirmed experiments,
the Allais Effect causes pendulums to swing in a bizarre pattern,
reversing their precession during an eclipse.

The precession of a pendulum is typically explained by
traditional science as the rotation of the Earth underneath the
pendulum, causing it to trace a large circle on the ground. However,
during an eclipse, this precession mysteriously reverses itself, defying
conventional understanding of physics.

One paper from suggests that anisotropic dark flow
acceleration could explain the Allais Effect. This phenomenon occurs
when the moon someone alters the gravity effects of the sun, potentially
affecting the precession of pendulums.

However, other researchers disagree with this explanation and
argue that there is something else happening during eclipses. The
interviewer mentions reading papers on this topic that suggest the sun’s
gravity well aligning with the moon’s and Earth’s could create a unique
situation where gravity behaves in an unpredictable manner, affecting
the precession of pendulums.

The ally effect remains a mysterious phenomenon that scientists
have been unable to fully explain. As researchers continue to study this
enigmatic occurrence, one thing is certain: eclipses hold a unique
power over our understanding of physics and the natural world.

Could gravitational changes result in earthquakes that happen alongside solar eclipses?

This mysterious force has been observed and reproduced in various
laboratories throughout history, though its exact nature remains
unknown. Adams asked whether these changes in gravity could potentially
trigger fault lines, such as the New Madrid fault line in Missouri. If
tectonic plates are affected by shifts in gravity, it might cause
earthquakes. While Adams did not predict an imminent earthquake, he
pointed out that pendulums and other celestial bodies do exhibit strange
gravitational behavior during eclipses.

Many cultures have long feared eclipses due to their association
with earthquakes and other natural disasters. Adams suggested that this
connection could be more than just superstition, but rather a real
physical phenomenon still not understood by modern science. He
emphasized that gravity is not a force, but rather a curvature of
space-time, which might explain why we don’t feel its effects when
experiencing falling weightlessness.

In conclusion, the Allais Effect and its potential connection to
earthquakes during eclipses remains a fascinating and unexplained
phenomenon. As our understanding of gravity continues to evolve, so too
may our comprehension of these mysterious events that have captivated
humanity for centuries.

Might some government officials have knowledge of imminent events far more dangerous than an eclipse?

In the broadcast, Adams posited a theory that certain individuals
within the government may have been informed about anticipated major
disasters like earthquakes, leading to stockpiling of food, gas, water,
and other emergency supplies. This would make sense considering
hospitals would likely become overwhelmed, and high-rise buildings in
areas like Austin Travis County could collapse during such an event.

Adams stated that governments and continuity of government
operators might have received secret warnings about potential
earthquakes along the New Madrid fault line or elsewhere in the Midwest.

Was a New York National Guard helicoper shot down by drug cartels near the U.S.-Mexico border?

Continuing with the broadcast, Adams revealed concerns over the truth
behind a recent helicopter crash near the border that resulted in the
death of two New York National Guard soldiers and left another soldier
critically injured. The journalist shared insights from a source with
extensive experience as both a civilian pilot and former military pilot.

The source analyzed the crash of the UH-72A Lakota helicopter,
which struck the ground vertically or near vertically without any signs
of rotational damage. The most likely cause, according to the analysis,
is not a mechanical malfunction but rather a shoot down by an IR missile
warhead that would have taken out the engine and damaged the rotor
cyclic and collective controls, making an auto rotation impossible.

Auto rotation is a common maneuver for helicopter pilots when
they lose power, allowing them to descend safely by converting their
vertical descent into rotor speed. However, this requires sufficient
altitude, which may have been lacking in this case. The journalist’s
source believes that the most likely cause of the crash was a
ground-to-air missile or similar weapon, such as an RPG.

The journalist emphasized the importance of being prepared for
unusual events and called into question the honesty of government
officials regarding such incidents. With concerns about missing
ground-to-air missiles and potential cover-ups, it is crucial that the
public remains vigilant and demands transparency from those in power.

The State Department has expressed alarm over the potential use
of ground-to-air missiles by these criminal organizations, which could
pose a threat to commercial aircraft and US military assets in the

Chased in her vehicle by human traffickers near the U.S.-Mexico border

Adams also highlights the growing danger faced by residents of border
communities, such as those in Texas, where human trafficking operations
are preying on unsuspecting individuals. One harrowing account shared
in the broadcast describes a woman being chased by drug smugglers while
driving to her family’s ranch near the border. The incident underscores
the escalating violence and lawlessness that has taken hold in these
areas, with criminal organizations becoming increasingly bold and
aggressive in their activities.

The lack of action by the US government to secure the border has
allowed narcos to continue expanding their operations and acquiring more
powerful weapons systems. This includes potentially obtaining RPGs or
other missile-like devices that could be used to shoot down military
aircraft. As these criminal organizations become better equipped, the
danger to both border communities and US military assets in the region
will only grow.

As the situation along the US-Mexico border continues to
deteriorate, it is clear that more must be done by the US government to
address this growing crisis. The safety and security of both American
citizens living near the border and US military assets in the region are
at stake as these criminal organizations become increasingly emboldened
and better equipped.

In one incident described by Adams, a concerned Texas rancher
recounted the harrowing experience they faced when a group of suspected
smugglers trespassed on their property, putting their family’s lives at
risk. The rancher described the tense situation that unfolded as the
intruders attempted to roll their car and engage in high-speed chases on
their land.

The rancher’s account of the incident highlights the growing
concern among border state residents about the escalating violence and
criminal activity associated with the ongoing immigration crisis. As
smugglers and other criminals continue to exploit the porous US-Mexico
border, families living in affected areas are left feeling vulnerable
and unsafe in their own homes.

Fortunately, the rancher’s husband was able to intervene and
block the intruders from entering their property. However, this is not
always the case for other residents who have fallen victim to similar
incidents. The rancher emphasized that it is essential for people living
near the border to be prepared to defend themselves and their families
against potential threats.

In conclusion, the ongoing immigration crisis has created a
dangerous reality for many families living along the US-Mexico border.
As smugglers and other criminal elements continue to exploit weaknesses
in border security, it is crucial for residents to be prepared to
protect themselves and their loved ones from potential harm. The
rancher’s harrowing experience serves as a sobering reminder of the very
real dangers that exist in this increasingly hostile environment.

Suspicions rise over possible 15-minute city in Maui, following the burning down of Lahaina

In an exclusive interview, concerns have been raised regarding the
potential establishment of a 15-minute city project on the island of
Maui. Adams played a video featuring an advertisement for what appears
to be a 15-minute city project on Maui. The ad showcased paid actors
promoting walkable and bikable neighborhoods designed for people to
spend time together without owning cars. However, Adams pointed out that
the actors seemed unnatural and suggested they were reading from a

Further investigation into the website mentioned in the video,, revealed its connection to wildfire survivors on Maui.
The site provides housing resources for those affected by the recent
fires. However, the interviewee believes this recovery effort is
actually a cover for building a 15-minute city. The Hawaii Community
Foundation is mentioned as providing financial resources to support the
recovery efforts from the wildfires on Maui. Critics argue that this
recovery may be more about constructing a 15-minute city than assisting
those impacted by the fires.

Adams raised further concerns about the rebuilding efforts in
Lahaina, Hawaii following a devastating fire. The interviewee questioned
the motives behind the proposed “15 Minute Blue City” plan, expressing
skepticism over the involvement of globalist organizations and
government entities in the rebuilding process, suggesting that the focus
should be on rebuilding homes for surviving families rather than
creating a new utopian city.

The website of one of the collaborating organizations mentions
working with government builders, financiers, cultural and environmental
groups, and residents to design policies supporting housing
affordability. This raised suspicions of a liberal “Utopian” 15-minute
city being created under the guise of affordable living.

Adams also highlighted the stark contrast between the support
provided to other countries and the lack of assistance given to Lahaina
and US veterans. While billions of dollars are allocated to Ukraine and
Israel, very little is spent on rebuilding efforts in Lahaina or
addressing the US border crisis. Adams also noted the preferential
treatment given to illegal immigrants in cities like New York and
Chicago, who receive various benefits such as free housing, phones,
insurance, legal representation, and COVID stimulus checks.

Solar eclipse to pass through seven U.S. towns named “Nineveh”

Continuing with the broadcast, Adams discussed the significance of a
solar eclipse passing through seven towns in North America named
Nineveh, drawing parallels to the biblical story of Jonah and the city
of Nineveh. The towns, all bearing the name of the ancient Assyrian
capital, have been named after the biblical city known for its
repentance and divine intervention.

Adams explained that the town of Nineveh was known for its
wickedness but was ultimately spared from destruction after its
inhabitants repented upon hearing Jonah’s message. “Jonah was
essentially sent to Nineveh to preach to the people, but he didn’t want
to go because it was such a cesspool of filth and sin,” Adams said.

The people of Nineveh ultimately heeded Jonah’s warning and
repented en masse. “Every single one of them, it says from the King down
to the lowest peasant, they all repented,” Adams stated. “Everybody
fasted. That’ll never happen in America.”

Adams also mentioned that Nineveh was eventually destroyed, but
not by God. The city’s destruction came at the hands of its longtime
enemy, Israel. “Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria, which is the
the longtime enemy of Israel,” the interviewer said. “The geolocation of
Nineveh today is in Iraq.”

The solar eclipse’s path through seven towns named Nineveh has
raised questions about whether this event could be considered a divine
coincidence or a message from God. The journalist noted that if one
believes in coincidences, it would be an interesting occurrence for the
solar eclipse to pass through these specific towns.

In conclusion, Adams highlighted the importance of understanding
the significance of events like the solar eclipse and their connections
to historical stories such as Jonah and Nineveh. “If you think about the
fact that this this solar eclipse is going through seven towns in North
America that are named Nineveh that have been named, obviously, after
this biblical town,” the interviewer said, “and what an odd coincidence
it is, if you believe in coincidences, that this would traverse the path
of crossing all seven towns.”

Adams further pointed out that the number seven holds great
significance in the Bible, often representing God’s presence or
intervention. With this eclipse passing through seven towns named Niveh,
some are wondering if it could be a sign of judgment or a call for
Americans to change their ways.

The path of the solar eclipse will travel through Central Texas,
Arkansas, Southeastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Southern Indiana
in the United States before crossing into Canada. While these areas are
predominantly Christian, the interviewee argues that the message may be
intended for the entire nation, as this is a national event and the
next time such an occurrence will happen in North America is in the year

Some scientists and physicists might dismiss the idea of divine
intervention in the motion of celestial bodies; however, Adams poses the
question that if God has knowledge of these motions due to His
omniscience, and He is the one who set everything in motion, then could
this not be a sign from Him?

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, may simply be an astronomical
event or a fascinating coincidence. However, for some, it raises
questions about whether America is being judged or warned through the
celestial alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. As the nation awaits
this rare phenomenon, these discussions will continue to provoke thought
and reflection on the role of faith in understanding the world around

Is America ready to repent for its sins against children and God?

Many people believe that if America does not repent for its sins and
change its ways, it will face the wrath of God in the form of natural
disasters and other catastrophes. The interviewer asked whether America
is ready to repent and reject its evil ways, such as abortion and
transgenderism. Adams expressed skepticism, stating that most Americans
are not willing to change their ways or acknowledge God’s existence. He
believes that only a small portion of the country would be prepared to
repent, while the majority remains entrenched in evil and worships Satan
instead of Jesus Christ.

When asked how one could vote in a hypothetical cosmic poll
conducted by God on whether to unleash judgment against America or not,
Adams emphasized that even those who are devout Christians and follow
the teachings of Christ would be affected if God decides to judge the
nation. The consequences of such divine intervention would be
far-reaching and devastating for all Americans, regardless of their
personal beliefs or actions.

Adams reiterated a call to reflect on the potential consequences
of America’s continued refusal to repent and turn towards God. As the
country faces increasing signs of judgment, it remains unclear whether
any significant change will occur before it is too late. This epic
cosmic battle between good and evil will inevitably lead to collateral
damage, with innocent lives being lost due to the destructive nature of
the conflict.

Adams says that while they desire for God to ultimately defeat
Satan, he recognizes that this war may result in significant harm to
those who are not directly involved in the battle between good and evil.
He explained that innocent people could be caught in the line of fire
as a result of area effect weapons or other catastrophic events
unleashed by God during the conflict.

Despite acknowledging the potential for harm to come to innocent
individuals, God’s ultimate goal is to defeat evil and restore order to
the world. Those who find themselves in the path of destruction may
still be granted entry into heaven. However, Adams warned that when God
unleashes his wrath on a nation, it is not limited to specific targets
or individuals. Instead, the entire country may be affected by the
consequences of this cosmic battle. As a result, he advised Americans to
prepare for potential disasters by preparing to shelter in bunkers, or
other safe locations away from urban areas and blast zones. 

(Article by Mike Adams republished from )

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