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A Skull Staring Back: The Unsolved Homicide Of Linda Sherman



Despite her death occurring five years prior, the story of the homicide of Linda Sue Sherman always begins on June 28, 1990. It’s on this date two flight attendants having lunch in a restaurant in the northern suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri noticed a human skull in the bushes outside their window.

It was positioned in such a way that it appeared to be staring directly at them.
Police were quickly summoned to the scene. The skull was yellowed and encrusted with dirt – indicative of being buried for quite some time.
Recalling a botched cemetery relocation project happening nearby and having no recent missing person cases to tie the remains to, investigators surmised the skull was not indicative of foul play. It was placed in evidence storage, becoming a curiosity pending further information.
Nearly 15 months later – on September 16 1991 – further information finally arrived. A letter sent to the neighboring Vinita Park police department, written in stamped purple ink, alerted them to the following:
Vinita Park investigators were familiar with the name. Linda Sherman was a married 27-year-old mother and resident of the small town who vanished on April 22 1985.
Initially skeptical of the letter, investigators quickly got in touch with the nearby Bridgeton police and confirmed there was indeed an unidentified human skull in their possession. A comparison between Linda Sherman’s dental records and the remains were arranged, and a positive match was made the following day.
Many questions had to be answered…
1) Why would someone take Linda’s skull and place it in plain view of the Casa Gallardo restaurant? Someone would have had to of gone to where Linda’s remains were buried and unearth them just to take the skull.
2) Why would someone write a letter informing the police that the skull was Linda’s?
Employed by the U.S. Government Records Center located in Spanish Lake, Missouri (now the National Personnel Records Center) Linda Sherman was by all accounts a reliable worker and devoted parent.
Her sudden disappearance reeked of foul play to police long before the startling appearance of her skull five years later.
These suspicions were amplified once police zeroed in on Linda’s husband, Donald Eugene Sherman, and began to piece together the true nature of the couple’s relationship in the months and years leading to Linda’s disappearance.
The couple met and married while still in high school after Linda became pregnant with their only daughter. Throughout the ten years they were together prior to her disappearance, Linda made several attempts to leave Don, citing his jealousy and anger issues.
They would breakup and makeup many times, culminating in Linda filing for divorce for the second time on April 11 1985, just 11 days before she went missing.
In the days following Linda’s disappearance, Don proposed more than one theory to police. The one he would ultimately stick to involved Linda leaving him for another man, but he also suggested the possibility that Linda had gotten involved in a cocaine trafficking ring and was killed by co-conspirators fearful she would testify against them.
Don later told police he caught a glimpse of his wife in the passenger seat of a truck after her disappearance, with a man he didn’t know, but claims she ducked and he lost the vehicle in traffic.
None of these stories sat right with investigators, seeming more like the words of someone trying to deflect suspicion off himself.
Then there was the matter of Don’s family history. In 1974 his mother shot and killed his father in the kitchen over “one of their arguments.”
Initially denying she pulled the trigger, Don’s mother eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served six months. It was a coincidence which only served to fuel the police focus on Don as the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife Linda.
When Linda’s skull was found, the coincidences only got stranger. Not only was the restaurant where the remains were discovered a favorite drinking spot for Don Sherman, he was there the day his wife’s skull appeared.
The sudden disappearance of Linda Sherman, the equally sudden appearance of her skull five years later, and the anonymous letter devoid of fingerprints or DNA pointing police in the right direction – what does it add up to?
Despite never having enough evidence for a successful arrest or prosecution, the prevailing theory put forward by investigators ties up the loose ends rather well:
It’s the belief of investigators that Don murdered his wife sometime on or around April 21, 1985 in reaction to learning she planned to finally go through with a divorce. He buried the body and reported her missing. Ironically, he realized years later that without proof she died, he wouldn’t be able to file for divorce and remarry.
At this point, Don hatched a plan to dig up her skull and plant it somewhere it would be easily found. The scheme worked perfectly – except for the fact the police incorrectly surmised the skull originated from the nearby cemetery relocation project and didn’t bother with an analysis.
After months of waiting for news of the discovered skull being connected to his missing wife and hearing nothing, Don decided to take further action.
He wrote the letter and sent it to police, at which point the connection between the discovered skull and Linda was finally made. She was declared dead, and Don was allowed to remarry.
It’s a compelling theory, but lacks any concrete evidence. More than three decades after her death, the homicide of Linda Sherman is unlikely to be solved without the discovery of the rest of her remains. Even then, the weight of time may be too much to overcome in the pursuit of justice for Linda.
By Taylor Leonard, source:
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Miners in Siberia dug up a strange statue of an angel with shield and sword in the permafrost




Miners of the Elga coal deposit (Yakut) in Siberia dug up a strange statue in the form of a woman with a sword and shield, and behind it there seem to be wings, like a fallen angel. The statue was unearthed by an excavator.

Miners show their emotions and enthusiasm when they are standing next to the statue. If the translation is right, they say that they cannot describe or tell what it is and that right now the special services will arrive by helicopter to pick up the statue to an unknown location. 
Further study and examination by experts may be required to determine the significance of this potentially valuable ancient artifact, but since the special services are involved, it remains to be seen whether we will hear anything about it in the future.


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Isaac Newton’s Predictions: The Apocalypse Will Come in 2060




Mankind has been waiting for the end of the world for a long time. The latest example is 2012. Many have stocked up on canned food and other necessities. But whether the Mayans were wrong or we misunderstood them, the world did not end. Nothing catastrophic on a global scale happened on December 21, 2012.

Is there anything to fear now? Are there prophecies that point to a specific date? And not dubious predictions from uneducated fraudsters, but from respected people – like the Mayans.

Every year we see the alleged predictions of Baba Vanga and Nostradamus. In most cases, the end of the world is always linked to them in one way or another. But seriously, we can hardly believe in any of them anymore.

Here’s another name that has been associated with doomsday predictions in recent decades – the famous scientist Isaac Newton. Based on information from his personal manuscripts, we know that he tried to calculate the exact year of the apocalypse – 2060. Here’s what we know.

The many interests of Isaac Newton

The fact that Isaac Newton indicated the date of Armageddon, experts learned at the end of 2002, when manuscripts with his notes were discovered.

They had been kept for many years in the National Library of Israel among the unorganized archives of the author of the First, Second and Third Laws and, of course, the Law of Universal Attraction.

After scientists discovered and read the previously unknown manuscripts of the genius, it turned out that in addition to mechanics, physics and mathematics, he also studied alchemy, occultism, astrology and theology.

After Newton’s death in 1727, thousands of pages dedicated to his “secret passions” were kept in a chest in the home of the Earl of Portsmouth for more than 200 years. In 1936, most of the manuscripts were purchased at auction by the Jewish scholar Abraham Yehuda.

As a result, they ended up in the National Library of Israel.

There is Newton’s manuscript with a prophecy about the end of the world in 2060. It was discovered by Harvard University Professor Stephen Snobelen, who began the initial research.

Newton’s previously inaccessible manuscripts testify to the fact that alchemy, theology and the occult came to the fore, and his serious discoveries were the result of this “obscurantism”.

For example, the law of universal attraction did not appear thanks to the famous apple, but thanks to the concept of the attraction of one element to another, which was proclaimed by alchemy. Another example is Newton’s famous physical theory of absolute space and time, which was based on the theological ideas of the genius of physics.

He believed that absolute space is the place inhabited by God, the form of existence of His universal spirit, and absolute time is the infinite duration of the divine presence.

In addition, Newton believed that due to the divine structure of the universe, any impact is immediately transmitted to each of its points without the participation of matter. Curiously, this theory is also considered by some modern physicists who study vacuum and quantum mechanisms.

Now let’s take a closer look at Newton’s actual predictions and the apocalypse.

Part of a 1704 letter to a friend in which Newton calculates the day of the Apocalypse using the Book of Daniel.

Bible Studies and Newton’s Predictions

Newton treated the Bible with a special mystical reverence – he studied it all his life. He believed it contained messages from higher powers about the future of the world. He dreamed of creating a system that would allow the Bible to be used to predict that future.

There is another well-known source that also attracted the attention of a genius – the Book of Daniel (Old Testament), in which the prophet accurately predicted the date of Christ’s coming to earth, the death of the Son of God, and His resurrection.

Newton believed that God had chosen the prophet Daniel to interpret the future. And to “see” it, the book must be deciphered – every word of it. What Newton did for many years-nearly 50, since he also considered himself chosen by God-to try to decipher it.

Mathematically calculating the date of the end of the world, he wrote 4,500 pages of words and formulas. The Book of Daniel itself is a collection of prophecies.

Newton interpreted them in an attempt to create an algorithm suitable for predicting future events. What happened in the end remains to be seen – the archive has not been fully studied. Only the mysterious date of the end of the world, 2060, was discovered.

After understanding the essence of Newton’s manuscripts, Professor Snobelen discovered that the scientist had deciphered the Bible’s references to certain periods of time. Newton defined one of these periods as 1260 years. He then calculated that this period began in 800 AD.

He added 1260 years and came up with 2060. Newton himself wrote that a world war would begin, then there would be a plague that would lead to the destruction of a significant portion of humanity. But after the end of the tribulation, the kingdom of the Messiah will come, and the world will see a new beginning.

In other words, it should be noted that when the prophet prophesied the end of the world, he still believed that after a time of trouble for mankind, an era of prosperity would come when God would live among people to dry their tears of suffering.

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