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The Terrifying True Story Of Poltergeist At Epworth Rectory



In the early 18th century, Epworth Rectory in Lincolnshire, England, was the site of daily poltergeist disruption. The Queen Mary gave over the rectory to the Reverend Samuel Wesley, but his family (especially his daughter Hetty) was not happy with the move into the faraway rural village.

The local townsfolk were not particularly welcoming to the stern and severe new clergyman either: They set fire to the rectory in 1709 and injured the pastor’s cattle.
However, Wesley decided to rebuild the rectory, and stay on. On December 1, 1716, poltergeist activity started at the Epworth Rectory, Dorcester, South Yorkshire. The children and servants brought their complaints to Reverend Samuel Wesley.
Samuel Wesley
Samuel Wesley
For several nights they had been heard mysterious groans and sounds in their rooms. In addition to those frightening manifestations, they also heard the sound of footsteps ascending and descending the stairs at all hours of the night.
The sounds of bottles smashing and pewter plates crashing could be heard in adjoining rooms; but when the rooms were checked, nothing had been disturbed. On at least one occasion, the bed of a daughter, Nancy, levitated with her on it.
Reverend Wesley was skeptical about the allegations that paranormal manifestations were occurring in his house. After a week of careful nocturnal surveillance throughout the rectory, Wesley had not even uncovered a stirring mouse. One night at dinner, he told his family that he been unable to detect any unusual noises in the rectory.
The Wesleys had four grown daughters who had begun to entertain beaus and suitors. One of the older daughters wished aloud that the ghost would come knocking at the door to their father’s study or bedchamber and give him a fright.
The girls were so peeved with their father that they stubbornly vowed to ignore the disturbances until they became so loud that even he would have to acknowledge them. The next night, nine loud knocks thudded on the walls of Wesley’s bed chamber.
In the morning, Wesley whispered to his wife that he would buy a large dog “big enough to gobble up any intruder.” First thing in the morning, the clergyman obtained a huge mastiff and took it into the rectory. Such a brute would be able to deal with any spook, he decreed.
Old Rectory, Epworth
Old Rectory, Epworth
That night, however, as the knocks began to sound, Wesley was startled to see his canine ghostbuster whimper and cower behind the frightened children. One of the older girls teased that the dog was more frightened than they were.
Two nights later, the sounds in the house seemed so aggressively violent that Wesley and his wife were forced out of bed to investigate. As they walked through the rectory, the unseen noisemakers seemed to follow them. Mysterious crashing sounds echoed in the darkness.
The sound of metal clinking seemed to surround them. The Wesleys somehow managed to maintain their courage and searched every chamber rectory for the source of the disruptions, but they found nothing.
Poltergeist activity became a nightly event, usually starting about 9:45 P.M. The impending commotion was always preceded by a “signal” that sounded something like the winding of a very large clock. The noises also appeared to follow a pattern that seldom altered. They would begin in the kitchen, then suddenly move up to visit one of the children’s rooms, where the ghost would knock on the foot and head of the bed.
Wesley demanded to know one night as the knockings in the nursery became especially explosive and challenged the ghost to meet him at his study room. As if in answer to Wesley’s challenge, a sharp knock sounded on the door of his study with such force that the cleric thought the boards would splinter.
Although there were no more disturbances that evening, Wesley soon found that his invitation not been ignored. While in his study one evening, “an invisible power” heavily pushed him up against his desk. On another occasion he was slammed into the door jamb of his study just as he was entering the room.
Wesley decided to obtain reinforcements for the struggle against the evil that had invaded his rectory. He sent for Mr. Hoole, the Vicar of Hoxley, and told him the whole story. Hoole listened patiently to his fellow cleric’s story and told Wesley that he would lead devotions that night. They would see if the thing would dare to manifest in his presence.
The ghost was not the least bit awed the Vicar of Hoxley. That night the ghost put on such a powerful demonstration of paranormal power that the clergyman fled in terror, leaving Wesley to combat the unseen demon as best he could.
The children had overcome their initial fear of the invisible entity in a most remarkable way. They had come to accept its supernatural antics as a welcome relief from the boredom of village life. They had begun to call their unseen guest “Old Jeffery,” and the ghost almost achieved the status of a pet.
Old Jeffery, it was observed, was a bit testy and temperamental. If any visitor slighted him by claiming that the rappings were due to natural causes, such as rats, birds, or wind, the phenomena would quickly intensify so that the doubter stood instantly corrected.
Some people believed the culprit to be the ghost of “Old Ferries,” which was the name of someone who had died in the rectory. No apparitions were ever seen, but some thought that a rabbit-like creature seen one night, and a badger spotted on another evening, were actually spirits in animal form. Also, no real communication was ever established with the poltergeist; it would repeat raps but would never use them to answer questions.
Once, Mrs. Wesley remembered an ancient remedy for riding a house of evil spirits. Old folklore and texts recommended that those afflicted by bothersome entities should obtain a large trumpet “and blow it mightily throughout every room in the house,” she told the family.
“The sounds of a loud horn are unpleasing to evil spirits.” Then she tried to scare the ghost away by blowing a loud horn throughout the house. The poltergeist responded by doubling its efforts to both day and night.
The children seemed to welcome the fact that Old Jeffery would be available during their playtime hours as well. Several witnesses swore that they saw a bed levitate to a considerable height while a number of the Wesley children squealed merrily from the floating mattress.
The only thing that seemed to disturb the children was the sound that Old Jeffery had begun to make. It sounded like a trailing robe was following them wherever they went.
One of the girls declared that she had seen the ghost of a man wearing a long, white robe that dragged on the floor. A number of the servants testified that they had seen the head of a creature that resembled a rodent peering out at them from a crack near the kitchen fireplace.
As suddenly as the poltergeist activity started, it abruptly stopped at the end of January 1720. While the entity never returned to harass Epworth Rectory with its mischief, the memory of its disruptive period of occupancy has remained to challenge both scholars of Christian history and the paranormal for more than two centuries.
Among the 19 children of the Reverend Samuel Wesley who witnessed the phenomena were John and Charles, the founders of Methodism and the authors of some of Christendom’s best loved hymns.
Paranormal experts suggest that the poltergeist phenomena were actually caused by the unleashing of pent-up psychokinetic activity, either on the part of the frustrated Mrs. Wesley (who was kept in an almost constant state of pregnancy19 births in 20 years, only five children of which lived past infancy), or of the daughter Hetty (who hated the rectory and was at that poltergeist-triggering age somewhere between 14 and 19 years old).
There is also the possibility that villagers who wanted to drive the rector and his family out of town perpetrated some of the activity.
Sources: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places by Brad Steiger; The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings by Tom Ogden


Hillary Clinton Claims Global Warming Is Killing 500,000 People Per Year




Speaking at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in the
United Arab Emirates over the weekend, Hillary Clinton engaged in some
more climate change fearmongering.

She said extreme heat, due to global warming, kills 500,000 people
per year and that the majority of the victims are “women and girls.”

Without data to back her allegations, Clinton claimed: “We’re seeing and
beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are
related to climate and by far the biggest killer is extreme heat”

NOW – Hillary Clinton: “We’re seeing and beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are related to climate.”

— (@disclosetv) December 4, 2023

InfoWars reports: That’s right, she “knows” based on estimates that they “probably could” measure the number of deaths.

Clinton continued, “Even in Europe last summer, which has the ability to count and figure out what happened, they recorded 61,000 deaths because of the heat in Europe. We don’t have that kind of number yet from Africa, Asia, Latin America, but we know and estimate that we probably could measure about 500,000 deaths. And, the majority of those are women and girls, and particularly pregnant women.”

The failed presidential candidate’s comment is debatable at best and more than likely a flat-out lie.

A 2021 peer-reviewed study in the Lancet found deaths during cold weather were much more common than heat-related deaths throughout Australia for nearly two decades.

In 2022, the Lancet published another study finding cold weather deaths in England and Wales from 2000 to 2019 were astronomically higher than hot weather deaths.

“Each year in England and Wales, there were on average nearly 800 excess deaths associated with heat and over 60,500 associated with cold between 2000 and 2019,” The Lancet Planetary Health study stated.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also recently posted about cold weather killing more people than heat, calling the claim, “An inconvenient TRUTH for the Climate Cult.”

Eight times as many people die from cold temperatures than from hot ones. The best fix for all temperature related deaths is cheaper energy. And yes, that means burning more fossil fuels.

An inconvenient TRUTH for the Climate Cult.

— Vivek Ramaswamy (@VivekGRamaswamy) December 3, 2023

More and more people are waking up to the globalist climate scam being used to roll out a dystopian technocracy enslaving humanity while the elite live in luxury.

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Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference “Literally Frozen On Runway”




world leaders spoke at a ‘global warming’ conference in Dubai, located
in the heart of the Arabian Desert, discussing the usual: banning gas
stoves, cow farts, and petrol-powered vehicles, a powerful snowstorm
grounded all flights at Munich Airport in Germany. 

“Private jets
in Munich on the way to Dubai global warming conference are literally
frozen on the runway, which has turned into a glacier,” said Ryan Maue, a
meteorologist and former NOAA chief scientist. 

jets in Munich on the way to Dubai global warming conference are
literally frozen on the runway, which has turned into a glacier.

— Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) December 2, 2023

All flights have been canceled at Munich Airport. 

Munich Airport traffic usually looks like on a Saturday afternoon
compared to today as the airport has closed due to heavy snowfall. MUC
is expected to reopen tomorrow at 0500 UTC.

Nearly 600 flights at MUC canceled today.

— Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) December 2, 2023

If not in years, Munich might have received the most significant snowfall on record. 

With 44 cm left on the ground this morning, Munich, Germany has officially experienced its biggest December snowstorm on record.

— Nahel Belgherze (@WxNB_) December 2, 2023

Another inconvenient truth… 

Europe hasn’t seen a snow cover like this since 2010—60% is blanketed in white! ❄️

— Xavi Ruiz (@xruiztru) December 1, 2023

world leaders actually believed in global warming, they would’ve not
flown private jets to the desert. Furthermore,  having a global warming
conference in an area where it snows is just bad optics for these
virtue-signaling elites. 

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