Mothman is a large, mysterious cryptid that has had numerous sightings, often before disastrous events occurred in the same areas. It is described as tall, with large moth or bat-like wings, no neck, and large red-glowing eyes. It is sometimes described as being shaped like a very tall human or sometimes shaped like a giant owl.

The first recorded sighting of Mothman occurred in November 1966 in Clendenin, West Virginia. Five graveyard workers claimed to see a frightening figure soaring just above the treetops in the cemetery. Several days later in nearby Point Pleasant, West Virginia, two couples both spotted a human sized creature with white wings and fiery red eyes shimmering in their car headlights. In the following days the couples reported burns on their eyes similar to what would be seen in welding accidents. Medical experts had no explanation for these injuries.

The Point Pleasant area continued to be plagued with sightings over the coming months. The trepidation and hysteria surrounding the mysterious sightings came to a head on the 15th of December 1967 with the tragic and unexpected collapse of the Silver Bridge. Forty six people drowned when the bridge collapsed during rush hour. The probable cause of the accident was discovered to be a dysfunctional eye bar in the suspension chain, but some locals felt that something supernatural was involved and that it might be connected to the recent reports of the mysterious creature.

Following the incident people began to theorise that the sightings of the mysterious creature and the silver bridge tragedy were somehow connected and that maybe Point Pleasant had connections to another realm or dimension. Other phenomena such as UFOs and unexplained lights were reported in the area. The public became fascinated with the idea of Mothman and debate began about whether the cryptid was responsible for the Silver Bridge Tragedy or if perhaps it was attempting to warn the people of Point Pleasant.

Other sightings began to emerge including one outside a mine in Freiburg, Germany. Miners reported a large black figure with red eyes and wings was standing in front of the entrance to the mine where they were supposed to be working. The miners were too scared to approach the creature and fled. Shortly afterwards there was a collapse at the mine 70 metres from the entrance.

Mothman was also reportedly seen by numerous witnesses on the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. There is even a photograph claimed to be of the mysterious creature. This sighting is dismissed by many as just an unusually large bird but without more photographic evidence it is hard to be sure. Believers are sure that wherever disaster is about to happen Mothman will be there whether he is seen by humans or not.

The locals of Point Pleasant have come to celebrate Mothman as a hometown hero holding a festival in its honour each year. Whether this is to appease it to prevent further tragedy or to thank it for its attempts to prevent tragedy is up for debate. A statue of Mothman has been erected in the middle of the town and people come from far and wide to see it and other Mothman related tourist attractions.

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